Thank you thank you! Your sessions are amazing! Just reading the worksheets gave me a lot of emotional release. (I was in tears, but i didn't know exactly why...must have recognized everything on a deeper level). I would like to schedule the next DNA session with you.
[AND after a much-later session]: Joanna, I’m so glad that those DEEPLY hidden emotions came up! I can remember feeling a lot of these things even as a young child. It’s easy for me to see how these emotions shaped my relationships (especially when I wasn’t conscious they were even present). Tears were streaming down my face as I read the emotions. The more I release on my own and with your facilitation, the more glimpses I get at my divinity during meditation (these are amazing, but I feel like a baby away from his mother when they are not happening). I feel very ripe for this work and am so grateful to you for performing these for me. Hurray for the massive reharmonization! --B.M. (Wilmington, NC)

I am blown away with the incredible work you have done for me today. I cannot thai you enough.Have sent payment. You are just the most wonderful Soul in all the universe. Thank you. --R.O. (Port Alberni, BC, CANADA)

Wow, very accurate notes. Resonated with all of it and feel it all. The microcosmic orbit block has been felt during meditation for about 3 years now so I'm excited to see if I get better energy flow. . . . I'm definitely feeling the benefits of the clearings and know we're on the right track with the work that's being done. I've been so busy trying to heal others lately that it feels great to know great progress is being made personally in my own healing and enlightenment process as well. Thanks so much for today's session Joanna!
-- M.E. (Rockton, IL)

Thank you for doing this session for me. This is so spot on …. Exactly what I have been feeling for the better part of Nov/Dec… huge spiritual sadness , a lot of darkness and just plain depressed. I can not thank you enough for all you do and for wonderful results . I am already starting to feel my mood lift and my heart start to feel again. -- J.B. (... Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

Joanna, thank you for the lovely healing! I'm so excited that a gene was completely healed and the protocol 19 was installed! I feel like it's been a very pleasant gradually healing since beginning the DNA series. -- D.O. (Pasadena, CA)

Thank you for your great work. First of all I am smarter now than before. Secondly the last few sessions were quite powerful and effective; I feel more settled and less tense inside. -- R.S. (Shearwater, Tasmania, Australia)

I have been doing DNA programming with Joanna for about 8 months. It was something that my Higher Guidance told me that I needed to do. Since I had been working with Joanna on other things, I completely trusted her abilities. But this was new and a leap of faith.
About one week after our first session, I began to notice some things, like higher awareness, more balance, more understanding and joy in life. That was enough to make me want to continue with the DNA sessions. With each session, more amazing changes started to happen. Increasingly more of a sense of who I really was. Changes down to the core of my being. My frequency level changed to a higher one, bringing even more awareness. I was evolving into a new spiritual Human Being, as is our birthright.
The highlight for me was to be able to "merge" with my Higher Self. She is always with me and communication is instant. This was some pretty cool stuff!
Anyone who is ready for this growth should jump right in and hang on for the ride. It is a priceless, delightful ride to be on. I can't wait to see where it takes me next.
-- D.G. (Hyattsville, MD)

Just wanted to tell you that the last session was really amazing and I have had no time yet to write; it has made such a difference and I am glad that you did it; it was soooo worth it. -- R.H. (Graz, Austria)

my dear joanna. i am so grateful for your dedication, care and thorough approach....i truly feel you are an ally as i move forward toward ascension. you and your work is a real blessing. i have noticing some really lovely changes in strength, confidence and relief from a kind of 'nameless anxiety' ...changes that have been growing apace since our last session. interesting about the great place of vulnerability in this life....also changing as my vocal ability (singing/toning) and speaking seems to be just getting stronger, clearer and more fluid too. i so look forward to experiencing what these good changes will bring to my experience of this fascinating journey in this lifetime! -- J.H. (Fairfield, IA)

Wow ! Healing the "Vulnerability/without Protection" is making a HUGE difference to me. My heart is opening again, and I am so grateful to Melora and you. I have just had a session with a client as the new me, and really love
who I am now. I have been busy lately and more clients have been finding me. Something that has been missing is back. I am so happy. Thanks for everything.
-- P.H. (Queensland, Australia)

Thank you Joanna, that's fascinating! What insight ?? 200 lifetimes involved & physical wounding endured- no wonder the physical vehicle/body has struggled in this lifetime! -- C.B. (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

I had a sense of some sort of shift / clearing in the middle of the night, close to when you completed the work. I awoke abruptly around 4am and had to get up to go to the bathroom and I also had to eat something. Which is unusual for me. Sounds like it was an important session. Many thanks. -- J.C. ( Bondi, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA)

A lot of interesting dreams/energy since the reharmonization - feels good! Thanks so much! -- D.O. (Bellevue, WA)

Thank you so much -another valuable and interesting session . Very interesting re working on the higher helixes. I am pleased about that. Its also interesting that the same emotions/vulnerabilities keep coming up ....layers and layers I suppose. Thank you again for the brilliant and life enhancing work you do. -- J.B. (Queensland, Australia)

Just before the last DNA reprogramming session I was feeling like if I were inside a 'bottle', like 'numb' in a way. And right after the session I started feeling free! and more creative! So I can understand and I do believe when you mention the holographic blockage implanted. Thank you so much! -- E.B. (County Wexford, Ireland)

I always am excited when I receive your notes but this time I was REALLY excited .:)) Thank you so much for the work you are doing for me ...It is making a very positive difference to my life and sense of well being, purpose and happiness. The throat problem along with my left eye has been with me all my life despite which or because of which I have persisted in visual arts, creative education and so on . Hmmmm.... I was called 'fey' as a child, dabbled in all that stuff and was sure that I had been a seer, always very turned off anything to do with witch, wikka etc but interested always in healing as a natural therapy for myself and through my work. People say my paintings are healing works. Anyway..there has been a definite positive acceptance of life and spirit by both [the client's daughter] and myself at a subtle and profound level. She is moving through some blockage and is "living her life' and so am I... we are both able to be happy !!! Blessings as always on your wonderful work ...
and a few months later: [the client's daughter's] last session protocol #13 is showing some effects already.. She is clearing years of accumulated stuff out of her house and garden and has a little glow that I haven't seen for years.
and a few months later: I felt like crying when I read your email . . . from sadness and joy together. The uncovering of [the client's daughter's] most sad and difficult past and it's repercussions is such a gift for [the client's daughter] and for me . I feel that we had both had a most wonderful healing. It puts a lot into a new perspective and wonderfully gives me hope that her future is happier and open to trust and love spiritual growth. Are there words to say how special your work is ? My heartfelt thanks -- {Name Withheld) (Australian Colonial Territory, Australia)

As always thank you very much! How interesting too that I have felt pretty dreadful since Friday and then this afternoon I perked up no end and am whizzing around now even though I should be in bed! I suspect this session has something to do with it. -- F.K. (Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK)

Would like to give you the most recent update on the effect of the DNA session you did. On the day you finished the session, that night, I was verbally abused by my father while on a family vacation. I discovered several things with this experience: first, I am now more capable of controlling my emotions. In the past I would have gone down to his level but that time around I was able to restrain and control myself. The second thing I discovered as I become more conscious is that my family is clearly quite dysfunctional and I mean everyone not just my parents and I see how they suffer through their own free will choice, their endless frustrations etc. Lastly, I have decided not to spend vacations with them anymore, to further limit my interactions with them as much as possible. The point I would like to say is that the work you did is so magnificent that I get immediate feedback and the issues presented clearly for me to work on and allow me to make conscious decisions.
AND, after a session many months later]: Thank you again for the session you did. What I have noticed with these short sessions have to do with the shift in my perspectives and mind sets. There are things that used to attract my attention but not anymore after those short sessions we have had. For example I used to be so attracted to glitz and glamour and owning those luxurious sports cars like any typical male but nowadays ; in a span of a few weeks there has been a 360 degree change and I now see those as marketing illusions... In short am now clearer and more discerning to what is real from those that are pure illusions created to enslaved the senses. -- P.A. (The Philippines)

Yes! S. feels the effects of the session! Even his boss noticed that he was different today. S. said he has felt something akin to "bubble joy." -- D.P. (Bordentown, NJ)

Thank you once again....More release sadness, depression and lack of joy is a true blessing! I have to say I am feeling wonderful.....but looks like it just keeps getting better! I thank you for your wonderful work again! --L.M. (Queensland, Australia)

Regarding how things have been going with me since the last session: i have had a surprisingly smooth time of it. most everything that i am aware of as feeling "transformational" seems to be happening during dreaming - i have had a long series of very rich and often turbulent emotional dreams. the feelings in the dreams are not always pleasant, but there is something "new" about the depth and quality of the emotional experience itself. there is something beautiful about the emotions - even when they are not "positive/beautiful" emotions themselves. oddly, i look forward to night now, i look forward to having another dream! and, in waking, i do feel different. i do feel better and simpler. much less anger.
and i am very grateful that things have been "arranged" so that i can function well with all of these changes happening. it would have been a very big problem to be a visiting professor wrestling with emotional turmoil as my students watched!
--B.M. (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Protocol 15 has been a wonderful gift. A process of discovery of myself in a new way. I have shed so much tension and am for the main part calmer and more composed. The changes in frequency up until now had been quite stressful on my body and since this i have been I am much better. This is just wonderful work that you do and it has made a great difference to my life. Thank you !!! --D.B. (Australian Colonial Territory, Australia)

I'd like to share with you... I woke up again at 4:30am from a disturbing yet fascinating dream- all that I can pull upon was that my DNA was transforming & with that I was met with a negative/dark reaction from those around me. They could sense something was occurring & it was bringing out the worse in them. The transformation occurred in phases. It started in my physical body it was transforming visibly. I grew taller & stronger. My hearing, sight, & smell were acute. Total health & well being ensued. The emotional body was a clear pool for higher impression, the mental body was a platform for the higher mind to impress itself, so the Divine could fully imprint itself. I was a clear channel of light, communicating with EVERYTHING in the 3D world & beyond (not sure how beyond). I was EVERY SPECIE! I could see beyond the constraints of the 3D world & the troubles that affected anyone.
Upon waking what puzzles me is why were the people around me, who are me turning to the darkened way when this transformation was occurring? Therefore parts of me turned to the dark side?
After pondering some more those around me who were affected negatively by the transformation were they beings that the merging could not touch? Were they separate from oneness- though how could they be? Were they in fact parts of me that I didn't want to acknowledge?
--C.B. (Norwich, Norfolk, U.K.)


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