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Amazing Joanna...The heart removal, as I read your report...was absolutely essential given what I want to convey with my work, my life, my voice. Thank you thank you again. -- T.L. (Toronto, Canada)

I send you deep thanks for doing this work. As soon as it was scheduled, I started having experiences that showed some of my heart wall issues to me - most notably being defensive, bitter, and anxious. I feel lighter this morning. I wrote this shortly after waking "I experience this life like a surfer on the wave, arms outstretched for the joy." I have been moving in this direction and am so grateful for your help. -- A.B. (Summit, New York)

Wow, I really felt that one! And I feel great and light. -- J.P. (St. Augustine, FL)

This is a whole new kind of work isn't it ? What a really powerful and interesting session this is .. I 'knew ' about some of these very deep emotions/experiences that i seemed to be stuck with and unable to shift , try as i might. An awful childhood much suppressed. . . . The possibility of moving forward to freedom and love fills me with sweet hope .. to simply paint for the sheer hard work and pleasure of it would be such a joy....and truly meaningful. . . . Thank you so much Joanna , more than I can say ..:) this WAS a SPLENDID SESSION . -- D.B. (Australian Colonial Territory, Austrlia)

Amazing. I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Interestingly, I was at a group meditation as you were doing this and in the midst of that process was aware of some rather dramatic shifts happening! I had the awareness, "Joanna is at work!" so fun and grand! I certainly know those emotions and am ready to be released from their effects!! I'll be a much happy person for it for sure! Thank you…there feels to be a new level of peace and relief that is more ambient' … non-circum- stantial that is. Wow.
[and a week later:]
Since my heart wall clearing…I am feeling a whole new level of connection to life. More open, more tears (in a very good way), more compassion…wow. After- session feeling much lighter and 'not burdened'. Wonderful. -- J.H. (Fairfield, Iowa)

You have hit exact times and events. I wont take your time by listing them. parental stuff, precise too. -- J.C. (Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia)

This is just amazing, thank you! I wanted to know if there is a significance of the "ice" that the heart wall was made of? I must tell you that in college, someone had nicknamed me "Ice Princess" so this really hits home! I am so ready for a new way of living, thinking and interacting. - S.N. (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)

Thanks so much for today's session Joanna. It's funny I got a strong urge to take a nap at around 3:30pm today and work up 30min later to your email. I felt an energy flow into my heart and actually felt a little dizzy for a bit prior to getting up. I'm sure I'll be integrating this change for a bit. It's interesting to see the amount of emotions that made up the heartwall and the details on each. Paints an interesting picture for sure. As always I appreciate all you do and look forward to working with you again in the future. - M.E. (Sanibel, Florida)

Thank you so much for your good work for me. Yes, I have been feeling more heart-opening sine the first heart-wall removal session. I have been having more instant awareness as to see the egoic side and to transcend it. This higher level of consciousness has been assisting me in human relations too. Grateful to have you worked with me for this. - M.L. (Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Many thanks, this is quite a journey and the heart wall really deserve its name: a wall. Since you've started this series of sessions, i've really felt a fundamental change, a wall between myself and others has been literally lifted and i know there is more to come. i feel lighter, more present, peaceful, more spontaneous and with a stronger acceptance of myself as a whole: embracing all aspects, good ones, seeming flaws etc, in a less judgmental manner. it seems more is unfolding but i am not in a hurry and will let the process go at its own pace. a lot of relationship issues are being resolved (maybe dissolved is a better word) (with my partner in particular) and i know/can feel a lot of release from issues with my mother/family are being healed for everyone. thank you for your support and patient kindness. - S.F. (Paris, France)

I am so happy about today's session! I felt you working on my heart, such a pleasant feeling of release and grace. It only lasted about 5 seconds, but I have felt this before, and I can live there forever! You are spot-on with the emotions you pick up on in your session notes, especially today's session. You got me to a T. I am so glad my emotion code healing is complete and am looking forward to the changes I will be experiencing. I will update you on my progress. -- A.V. (Kirtland, Ohio)

Thank you so much. I once again fell into a deep sleep while you were working. I feel AMAZING now that I am awake. I have referred so many people and we are always amazed at the changes during the weeks, mos, even years after any of these modalities. And how dreams seem to be the method the energy chooses to align and clean things out. It's fantastic. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and removing the trapped emotions from my organs, etc!!!! Wow. These never cease to fascinate me. Especially since they always tie so closely to life events. Amazing.
[and, after the client's spouse's session:]
Thanks again Joanna. [The client's spouse] said "Wow." There are many issues with his mother and this is not surprising. Nor was the concrete [what his Heart-Wall was made of]. . . . Thanks again for your work, we've seen it work miracles in our family. -- R.T. (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Thank you for your amazingly insightful work! I am already feeling more mellow, understanding, and compassionate towards others. Even before I read your email this morning I was thinking about my issues with others and that I must be change I wish to see. I must lead by example rather than being angry at and blaming others. I'm very grateful for the insights the heartwall removal provided. Now I can work on "owning" my own issues rather than trying to "fix" others. -- K.G. (Monument, Colorado)

That is so fascinating, thank you! I look forward to things unfolding for the better! I have to admit I was laughing pretty hard when I read that my father's side of the family has been stubborn for the last 23 generations. I can see it! Thanks again! -- D.O. (Pasadena, California)

Thank You. There was an intense emotion attached from my heart to my right shoulder blade. The pain there has existed since the year of 2002. I could feel it being relieved as you were in session. There was also emotions from my heart to my throat that released. I have more energy now, and as time goes on, I am sure there will be more relief. -- K.S. (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Thank you so much for the VERY enlightening heart wall removal, part one. I am just amazed at the results on the work sheet. Not only did it confirm some of what I already suspected was holding me back from achieving any success in thriving in this life in virtually any area, it helped me let go of some of the guilt I realize I felt over "disappointing" God. I very much appreciate all the careful time you and Melora take to fully release each and every emotion through every lifetime involved. I am also gratified this releases my tribe and ancestors as well where pertinent, for I am aware one of my commitments in this lifetime is repairer of my family. The shape of the heart-wall being a small Indian pot was a surprise to me and a relief, I feared you may have found a tar pit or a black hole instead! - N.K. (Mattawan, Michigan)

Very many thanks for your work - it is quite remarkable - and already daily i feel stronger - more hopefull.
[and, weeks later:] I cant tell you how much improvement i have felt since the final heart wall session! Really it is quite mind blowing. Also i have so much compassion for myself - something sorely lacking in the past - over carrying these dreadful burdens for so long. It is a true and blessed release and i thank you and Melora from the depth of my heart soul and being! I thank you once again for all your work - my gratitude knows no bounds! -- C.D. (Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom)

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