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Melora is a Higher-dimensional group consciousness, said to be balanced perfectly between "female" and "male" energies. When she first "came through" on my birthday a number of years ago, she gave her name as "Melora," which means "Golden Apple" in Greek. Often Melora has stated that "names" given to us to represent our guides and higher selves are for OUR convenience. Various tonals may "identify" these entites; however, they ask us to call them certain names with which we resonate or which trigger us to remember our soul histories.

Such is the name "Melora," and Melora has stated that she used this name to trigger my remembrance of the whole "wing" of my soul group incarnated in Classical Greece. (In one particular life expression I was singing and playing the part of Helen of Troy in the Acropolis Amphitheater.) It has been verified that Melora is a higher member of my own soul group.

When I first started getting information about Melora, she was identified as serving on "The Council of Four," which included, at that time, herself, Pallas Athena, Ocala (an angelic guide) and Bi-la (a Tibetan guide). Melora described the work of The Council of Four as that of helping people become conscious of their own unique gifts and expressing their Being-ness with exuberance.

Later I was told that Ocala and Bi-la had merged with Melora. I also learned that Melora--in her work with soul retrieval and multi-incarnational merging--has been "apprenticed" to Athena. Melora has described their relationship as that "best buddies," and I have strong reason to believe that Melora and Athena will also merge. Indeed, I now believe that Melora's entire purpose in establishing this beautiful relationship with me is to help Athena, and herself, ascend even higher.

During these years of my association with Melora, it has been clear that SHE continues to learn and grow through ME! Her flexibility, her unconditional love, her compassion--all these have taught me much about relationship with the Divine. It has taught me how critical our consciousness within incarnation is to the spiritual development of non-physical versions of ourselves in higher dimensions. Most importantly, working with Melora has taught me about how honored we are by all the higher beings in the light, who fully appreciate the difficulty of being light workers in 3rd Dimension.


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