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I tried this Prosperity Session out on myself first to see what would happen. An example from the results is that--in spite of all my resources and all the work I have done to heal and clear things for myself--I still found 42,005 false beliefs across lifetimes that having financial abundance is somehow "non-spiritual." In addition, I found 13,522 "programs" that were preventing me from receiving abundance in all its forms across lifetimes.

Here are some of the elements of this Prosperity Session:

  Neutralizing the harmful effects on clients' prosperity of the heritage, culture and religion of ancestors
  Neutralizing the harmful effects on clients' prosperity of negative karma
  Removing spirits of Poverty, Servitude, Co-dependence and Victimization
  Neutralizing archetypes preventing financial abundance, including "Martyr," "Slave/Puppet," "Mendicant/Beggar," "Wounded Child" and "Orphan"
  Neutralizing Doubt, Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness and False Beliefs that having financial abundance is non-"spiritual"
  Clearance of "contracts," obligations and agreements across lifetimes preventing clients from receiving abundance in all its forms
  Removal of "programs" blocking financial abundance across lifetimes
 Neutralizing clients' beliefs, thoughts & memories adversely affecting abundance.
  Reducing to zero clients' resistance to receiving and circulating abundance in all its forms.
  Breaking/rescinding karmic oaths of Poverty, Obedience, Silence, Servitude and Indenture
  Breaking/rescinding karmic vows preventing the personal use--and benefit--of spiritual healing (including allowance of self-healing)
 Adjusting body, home, and career/business to the frequency of Prosperity.

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