CUTV News Radio spotlights Joanna Neff of The Light Expansion Center

-- including Emotion Coding Release for companion animals

(recorded December 11, 2017)


RESPONSES to Broadcast (so far . . .)

 How fun to hear you on the radio! You did a great great and sensitive job. You have a voice for radio, actually middle of the night radio when people need to calm it all down. Lovely. -- C.A. (Milwaukie, Oregon)

Just this minute finished listening to your interview. You are so very poised and articulate. I wondered as I lisry soothing quality of your voice. I realize you facilitate healing. I must say, though, that your voice'tened if the interviewer noticed the ves timbre must affect your client's receptiveness to your facilitation. Thanks for putting me in touch with your interview. -- G.J. (Meza, Arizona)

I listened to your interview yesterday. It was great! -- Q.C. (Berkeley, California)

I wanted to let you know that I had a pleasure of listening to your interview. I was tied up during the live broadcast, so I listened to the recording today. It was wonderful to finally hear your voice. You sounded so kind, clear, eloquent, collected and relaxed. If I were me doing the radio interview, I know, I would have been super nervous! : ) Also, I would like to say - You did such a great job explaining the concept of the emotional coding release in such a short time. I also appreciated the examples that you've used to demonstrate how the method works. It had to be tough to pack a lifetime-long experience into a 30-min summary. Altogether, great job!!! Congratulations! You must feel very proud! I am proud of you and very honored to be one of your clients! -- V.N. (Newtown, Pennsylvania)

[Listened] to your radio show. It was awesome and also nice to hear your voice.
-- M.E.S. (Brooklyn, New York)

It was lovely hearing you on radio and you were so articulate and reassuring. -- R.S.I.

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