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Part III

CHANNELING: Processes, Perks & Pitfalls

Melora through Joanna Neff AT LIGHTHOUSE BOOKSTORE IN SUPERIOR, CO (4/13/07), continued

Processes of Channeling
The process of channeling as we experience it with our Jyoti…and, again, remember that the wiring was set up years ago…is in synchrony and with total permissions. We have been persistent about her always giving permission. We have told our Jyoti: "If you want to say 'Who Are You?' a million times, we will say, 'We are Melora'. We don't have ego so that's fine. If you feel you want to smudge before you work with us--you know: light some white sage or light candles, or set up all the protections you feel you need--that's fine. We encourage that." We encourage that for all of you, as well, when you do this kind of work.

What we recommend for all of you if you open to channel is to find the highest Being of the Light who can communicate with you right now. Don't just say "the highest Being of the Light" because you might not even be able to synch-up with that being. "I am asking to connect with the Highest Being of the Light who can communicate with me right now." Usually you'll get a palpable feeling when that connection is made. This is going through your High Self by the way; it's not going "around" your High Self. It's going through the Soul Star about eight inches above your head and to your High Self. Your High Self then allows (or disallows) according to the parameters you have set.

Setting Parameters
The next step is setting parameters. For example, our Jyoti said to us: "Melora, I want you to be my gatekeeper. That means: No one is able to 'come through' and speak through me unless I know who it is and I give permission." We strongly recommend this. When she first started working with us she lived in South Boulder. She asked her best friend to be a kind of "guinea pig" so she could practice. This friend was most, most skeptical about this whole MelorA thing. [laughs]

This friend of now more than 20 years has been a long-time devotee of Yogananda, seriously into kryia yoga, and very devoted. Our Jyoti was sitting practically knee-to-knee with her friend (she likes to be in people's energy field when she does in-person sessions because she gets all this information), and here's what happened [laughs]. All of a sudden, Jyoti, at her right side, hears us say: "It's Yogananda." Understand that the following process took place in a nanosecond, but to our Jyoti it felt like it went on for a long time. Inside herself, she asked us: "THE Yogananda?" We replied: "Yes. The Yogananda." "Yogananda Paramahansa?" "Yes. Yogananda Paramahansa."

In the meantime, her friend was already crying because she recognized Yogananda's energy. Because of all the years she had been working with him, she knew it was he right away. Tears were streaming down her face, although our Jyoti didn't realize it because she has her eyes closed when she works with us. Yogananda then asked to take the hands of our Jyoti's friend. When she gave permission, Yogananda called her "Daughter" and gave her a private message. That is the only time Yogananda has come through our Jyoti. We had to reassure our Jyoti that it was really Yogananda because she didn't believe it! She could have said, "No. I don't want to deal with Yogananda," and it would have ended there.
We strongly suggest that you set up communications with a Higher Being whom you trust to be your gatekeeper. We want to tell you that there are beings called "Separates." When you're communicating with St. Germain, the Lady Master Quan Yin, or Archangel Michael, or with whomever, it's critical to be discerning, out of your free-will intention, to ask for "the real Archangel Michael." When the real Archangel Michael comes in, you ask: "Who are you?" You ask this every time until you're able to recognize his signature energy every time.

When we work with people and introduce them to their spiritual guides for the first time, we say: "Feel what this guide's energy is like." Oftentimes a name will be given that represents that Being's resonance. Use that name to call in that specific guide, and make sure you have that feeling that you know comes when you really are connecting with that guide. We will tell you that there are "separates" for all the beings you can name: There are St. Germain separates; there are Isis separates. There are all these beings who pretend they're these Ascended Masters, and so you have to be very careful that you're actually dealing with these real Ascended Masters. (Now, many of these separates kind of mean well. However, some of them do not mean well, and they can really harm you.)



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