ASCENSION: Telescoping Time

Excerpts from a group channeling with Melora.

Melora through Joanna Neff

QUESTIONER 1: I am most interested in what you have referred to as "the telescoping of time." Could you speak to that this evening?

MELORA: Yes. The sense of telescoping of time is to skip over what would have been much more cataclysmic events for all of you.

QUESTIONER 1: Does that mean, then, that the different people who are receiving the information are seeing that there will be major shifts in the land in the United States is not going to occur?

MELORA: We wish to talk about this in the following way: First we have said that any information that has been channeled before very recently is already out of date. The scenario for Ascension changes moment by moment--not just hour by hour or day by day. And so in looking at the Lori Toye information (the I Am America map), and so on, channeled from St. Germain at that time, understand that that was accurate at that time. So this is the way we have explained this recently. This is how we have explained it to people who are having a hard time with the 3rd-dimensional brain understanding how certain people (and many and most people) will be ascending as the Earth ascends and asking how this fits in with the cataclysms, the physical earthquakes, tidal waves, and so forth.

According to the shaman, "Speaking Wind," with whom our Jyoti worked last year, this is the 12th Earth. (Note the number "12.") This is the 12th Being that has manifested as the planet Earth, and this is the planet you have lived on. Now, when she ascends, another being will take her place in 3rd-dimensional reality--almost like reincarnating into a body--but she is not reincarnating. Another being is going to become the Earth. Do you see?

And when you've had forecasts of pre-history civilizations before Atlantis and so on, they were not living on the same Earth as you are. You are now, at this point, in 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-dimensional consciousness, as the Earth is. And at some point you will withdraw your focus from 3rd-dimensional reality, be briefly in 4th dimension. Then you will withdraw your consciousness from 4th dimension and be totally be focused in 5th dimension. This is how the Earth will Ascend as well. But for the moment you are in a consciousness in which you are focused on 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension, just as the Earth is.

All right. So when the Great Beings saw that there was a possibility of many more people ascending than was hoped for . . . and again that increases exponentially every day because of the Light factor and because consciousness is so accelerated . . . the scenario for "rescue" began to be discussed (in that way that we could be said to "discuss" these things in Higher Dimensions). And so the "rescue plan," if you will, started setting up a holographic biosphere somewhere around 1974 because there was an operative scenario of total catastrophe at that time. There is a holographic biosphere in place now. In this way, Higher Beings are able to make very minute changes or great changes over a period of time holographically for you, which is really what your reality is anyway: holographic experience. Three-dimensional holograms.

And so the telescoping is just this sort of process. Instead of going for the Doomsday kind of scenario, the Time Lords have helped "skip over" time, so when you were in 1996, you were really forward of that a few years. This becomes an exponential increase. So you're really accelerated beyond the current "year."


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