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We call forth the magnificent Pallas Athena and read her energy purely. Athena's energy can be experienced as being very austere, and this is because she is so intense in her need, as a being, for Truth. It's not an "I'm right and you're wrong" kind of truth. Truth means: Is there any denial going on? Is there any self-deception going on? Is there any hypocrisy going on? Is there a double-standard? So Truth can mean: "I am truly a vicious person," but at least I admit I'm a vicious person, do you see? And so that's TRUE, and that's okay. As they say, it's "calling a spade a spade." That's what it is. Without judgment . . . that's what it is. So intense is Athena's need, on the spiritual level, for Truth that it drives everything else that she does--in her own growth and in her own service in the light.

Athena's intensity is one reason that she is interpreted as a warrior. Her energy can be very laser-like. She is more of a teacher type . . . she will challenge those who study with her. She'll goad them a bit. She transmits rather than reflects. If you think of Worf on "Star Trek," there's an intensity about him as a member of an entire warrior race . . . and an absolute belief in the importance and sacredness of what she is doing. She is asking an obvious question for us: What does she learn? She says, "All right. What do I learn, then? If I am so driven by this need for truth, is there any room to grow?" And she is laughing. Athena's growth depends on "spreading" that desire in consciousness in as many souls as possible--that desire for Truth and clarity in consciousness . . . the precision of language, the accuracy of art--not meaning that art has to be realistic and look like what it depicts, but art need to represent its subject truly. Energetically, somehow in the experience of it, you know it's true. This is what you experience in Teresa's paintings. Is it true, or are you doing this because this is what's in vogue? Have you really represented the truth?

As Athena is able, in her service in the Light, to "spread" in consciousness that same intensity of need for Truth, she helps liberate people from their own karma. In the clarity of consciousness they see: "Aha! I've been deluding myself lifetime after lifetime" or "I've avoided this" or "I am a vicious person." In that, the changes can take place in consciousness so that the person evolves. That is Athena's contribution to karmic work, and that is how Athena grows. Not everyone would have the courage, or the desire, to do it that way.


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