During the months when (in his radio talk show) Art Bell was intensively covering the comet Hale-Bopp and its Companion, Melora gave a reading on just what these celestial phenomena were about. In this article, she comments on what was really going on, updating our information on Hale-Bopp, the Companion to Hale-Bopp, and the Photon Band.

Melora through Joanna Neff

We are Melora, and we welcome you today. Here is the updated information that you have been guided to ask us about. It is our perception that your Sun, indeed, has been immersed in the Photon Band since May of [1998].

There are many simultaneous timelines "running" now. We previously described it as "two," just for simplicity of understanding. Those of you who are coming out of 3rd-dimensional consciousness and now are moving into 4th- and 5th-dimensional consciousness are living out many parallel timelines. The only point at which you feel you are sharing experiences is as you talk to each other in 3rd-dimensional telephone conversations and in person. Only in 3rd- and 4th-dimensional consciousness are you feeling that there's some kind of consistency in what's going on, but it is an illusion that there's any consistency whatsoever.

Joanna Neff

What is being sustained is holograms within holograms within holograms. If this were not so, you would have had the actualization of those predictions of what would happen when your entire solar system became immersed in the Photon Band. At immersion of the Sun in the Photon Band, you were supposed to have had three days of darkness, then light for 24 hours a day for a long period of time, and then the ceasing of the workings of electronic equipment, and so forth. Some people have interpreted that beings would come back and change the "dreadful" scenario of nuclear holocaust and total physical earth cataclysm--by changing the past and by changing the future, and so on. What really has happened is that certain higher beings--the Time Lords and others who sustain the holographic biosphere--have changed the timetable. Retained from the previous scenario were the effects of the Photon Band energetically and in consciousness. That has been allowed to take place unimpeded.

Because of the fact that so many are still sleeping, including "ground crew" and Starseed, the Lords of Time and The Council of Twelve decided to create this elaborate, complex system of holograms in which the infinite combinations of consciousness shifting would be accommodated also the multitudes of timelines that this requires as those of you who are still in 3rd-dimensional bodies need. What we're saying, essentially, is that, at this time, each individual person on the planet has his or her own holographic "world," and yet you are all merged together too so that you may still interact.

This ties in with Hale-Bopp and "The Companion," because the beings and equipment aboard enabled there to be a very precise calibration to every single entity on earth, including the animals where they are in their consciousness, and so on. It's as if you have your own personal tractor beam that's calibrated exactly to you, to where you are in your molecular structure and the reconnecting of your 12 strands of DNA; where you are in your consciousness, your soul merging and your incarnational merging, and your consciousness in connection with your Higher Self . . . ALL these. Hale-Bopp and the Companion (as complementary, twin influences)along with your Sun and the Photon Band are still, and will be, intricately intertwined in the work in consciousness that they're doing. The physical "comet" apparently passed out of your solar system, simulating a normal, predictable sort of orbit (for your convenience only) worked with the Companion to complete the process of merging with Higher Self that is required for Ascension.

Actually, Hale-Bopp and the Companion merely entered through a dimensional portal and were "detected" at a certain point pretty far out there by amateur and professional astronomers. The important thing to understand about Hale-Bopp, the Companion, and the Photon Band is that they're still working; they're still doing their thing . . . but apparently in the background, according to your 3-D experience. If you were to come out of your 3-D experience and look at your solar system from an energetic--and sacred geometrical--standpoint, you would see tremendously intricate and beautiful geometric/morphogenic structures being built as a result of the Photon Band.

You also have thought of the Photon Band as coming "toward" you in time and space, but in most sensing it is not. Neither was this vessel you call Hale-Bopp--this self-directed, self-sentient vessel. You could think of Hale-Bopp and The Companion as being like spiders, helping to build a web in relationship to your Sun and the Photon Band.


What Hale-Bopp and its "Companion" Really Are

At the time Hale-Bopp and the Companion visited your solar system they represented to the consciousness of humanity several of the monolithic concepts that you have understood as the merkabah, the photon band, and so on. And what they have in common is that they are consciousness-directed and that they are vehicles for "travel" through interdimensional portals. Hale-Bopp was on a mission, and the part of it that is organic and material was, indeed, created eons ago, as you would term it, and it traveled back because it was again time for that paradigm shift that happens in the Age of Aquarius.

The "comet" is a sort of camouflage or screen," so that the "companion" to it can blip in and out. The remote viewers didn't pick up on the fact that it travels through interdimensional portals. It can appear in space because it's a combination of mineral and organic material. As it was seen and experienced organically and materially, it was in space, if you understand--in time and space at those intervals of perception (your ability to perceive it). But the other interesting thing is that it could be there all the time without being seen. You could term it as existing in hyperdimensional space. And so when the group consciousness that propels it wished for it to be seen (as in having Chuck Schramek photograph it), they merely changed calibrations on it, and it came into material expression temporarily, and then they phased it out again. So understand that even when it couldn't be recorded on film it was still there.

Components of Hale-Bopp are 5th-dimensional, and other components of it aren't. It's sort of a cluged vessel. It has to be able to span many dimensions in order to impart the information and do the correct genetic calibrations that awaken beings to the light and then help reconnect the twelve strands of DNA. (The twelve strands are associated with your physical body and your Light Body.)

And the scientific remote viewers' seeing a lot of "gizmos" aboard reflects the diversity in the combination of all it needs to be to span multidimensional consciousness. So it is continuously being designed and calibrated to address the needs of those who are of purely 3rd-dimensional consciousness, those who are of 3rd- and 4th-dimensional consciousness, those who are 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-, those who are 4th- and 5th-; purely 5th-, and 5th- and 6th-dimensional consciousness, and so on. A lot of what the remote viewers perceived as hallways and tables and people had to do with the perception of function at that level. So they interpreted the function as people sitting around tables, or having physical objects, hallways, and that sort of thing. And that addressed those who will be ascending with a consciousness that requires having to have tables and beings whom they can identify as humanoid.

Think of a multidimensional craft that is also a higher being that is also machinery (so a vessel, and a higher being with consciousness of itself, as the remote viewers intuitively gathered). Understand that what you think of as the merkabah vehicle is just such a vessel; it can exist in many levels at one time. If you think of your entire light structure all the way to the highest "dimension," you will understand the interplay that this represents.

The "Companion" to Hale-Bopp appeared and sort of "flirted" with people. It was not an accident that this amateur astronomer (and the others) got a photograph of it because, as the remote viewers picked up on, other governments knew full well that the Companion was there because of satellite imaging, the Hubble Space Telescope, and so on. The craft/being/ consciousness/photon light knew that "they" needed to appear for those who could get this information on the radio, up on the Internet, and so on.

You might have heard, or read, that one of the remote viewers described the Companion as having a diamond shape and another as having a rectangular shape and another as a circle, or a circle with a spiral around it. It is all of those, because it is all geometric structures, just as the merkabah is really all structures. How you perceive it depends on what angle you're looking at it from, and not only three-dimensionally, because it is spiraling at the same time. So you have a multidimensional diamond. If you think of only a three-dimensional diamond shape you know that it can also be seen as a cube. And so you also have the circle. It's all of that Flower of Life business, where you can have the circle inside the square and then the triangle inside the circle. But you have to go beyond third-dimensional understanding of how that works.

The most evolved way of traveling interdimensionally is by using morphogenic-geometric-energetic structures, some spiraling, some in place--all of those geometrical structures you think of as inherent in the entire thing. Regarding the ring that the remote viewers saw . . . if you look at the picture of the Photon Band in The Pleiadian Agenda you will see that oblong band with the hole in the center, which looks like the ring around Saturn. In the book there's a drawing of Alcyone or Maya in there in the center of the main stars of the Pleiades. Both the Companion to Hale-Bopp and the Photon Band have that spiral motion.

The scientific remote viewers talked about these "balls of energy" in the vehicle-consciousness-organic (they said "mineral") being. It's actually a combination of certain metals, some from Earth and some not, and a lot of crystalline structures, and then organic matter as well--all within thought. And that is what "you" are! So the interpretation of the Photon Band's having a center with nothing in it is the way people kept seeing it clairvoyantly because that which is within is not material, and it's not even visible to you clairvoyantly. Therefore, when the remote viewers and other people saw the Companion, even as it showed up in the photograph, there was much more than even they were seeing that couldn't be seen clairvoyantly, with the camera lens or the eyes.

Some of you perceived the part of it that could be experienced from where your consciousness was, and so up to 5th-dimensional aspects of it could be seen at that time. That's why we explained that it is not a purely 5th-dimensional phenomenon; it is also a sort of state of being, and it's also a machine. It, itself, is not merely 5th-dimensional, but up to 5th-dimensional "components" are all that you would be able to see, because (while you're in the body) the consciousness generally can be 3rd-, 4th-, or 5th-, or 4th-and-5th, or, at some point, purely 5th-dimensional. (Some of you thought this might be a space ship and that you would all be taken up in it to take some crash course so that you could help other people "wake up." This was supposed to vary according to your starry origins and to your soul families. At some point you will go to the "alma mater" of your soul lineage, you see, but there will be great numbers of ships. Not just one huge ship.)

The Companion to Hale-Bopp was reconnecting light filaments, or what you think of as helping create new neural pathways and so on. This was totally dependent on people's free will. When the remote viewers referred to the fact that decoding the Companion's messages was essential, they didn't get that this was going to take place on a very individual basis. (They wouldn't necessarily have been able to read that.) Everything is encoded there for every person of every possible combination of consciousness, starry lineage . . . the works--even karmic past lives and combinations of those in an infinite way that you couldn't possibly fathom. When the effects of the Companion reached you, it was able to tune in to you, with your unique combination of traits: where you were in your light body (your light quotient), where you were in your Ascension process, where you were karmically, what your mission is here and what all of your other lives in multidimensions are doing. You ALL got the triggering and the training that you need.

Regarding the multidimensional structure of this Companion to Hale-Bopp, like the star tetrahedron, not only is the whole thing revolves and spins, and all of its components are also spinning. The movement also creates geometric patterns. What you perceive of their configurations depends on when you "tune in to" it. Remember how, in the amateur astronomer's photograph, the Companion looks like Saturn, and yet the remote viewers saw a diamond shape, then a rectangle, and all these other shapes, just as we have described to you. This was because the internal components are spinning and because the whole thing is spinning like a gyroscope.

Finally, we would call the Companion to Hale-Bopp a group consciousness, a composite being. So there is the same relationship as that which you have with your unseen Higher Self, of which you are a part. If you could look down on your own light body from the 11th chakra or from the 6th dimension you would see that we're all part of the same Oneness, so there's the same relationship between the "components" of the phenomenon. There are some organic beings there, and there are some organic aspects and mechanisms there, but then there are also what the remote viewers called "subspace" objects, consciousness, and so on. It is the same relationship that you have with your Higher Self, where your Higher Self is unseen.

Like Hale-Bopp, the Companion has a precise mission. It's not just a being expressing itself in time and space (but mostly not). There is a relationship between the Photon Band and this object because of your solar system's being immersed in the Photon Band. The Companion and the Photon Band operate in a similar way, especially since the Companion is much more immense than four times the size of this planet. You can think of it as almost like a miniature version of the Photon Band, only its mission is different. Its mission is actually more multiple than that of the Photon Band, as we described.

Like the Companion, the Photon Band also has sentience. It is directed, but it doesn't travel in space and time the way people think it does. In a point just past where your instruments could perceive it "coming," it can be said to exist in your time and space continuum. But it is not dependent on space or time to do what it does, so it's not as though it travels very slowly around the universe at a regular interval and then every 13,000 years comes into your solar system. It can be directed through dimensional portals. Because it has to affect you on a physical level, however, the Photon Band needs to be in the time continuum, "here," for a certain amount of "time." And so it comes through a dimensional portal; then it comes into a place in time and space where you can perceive it moving towards you so that you gradually can get used to the effects it has on you. (If it had appeared and suddenly immersed your solar system, everybody would have been fried . . . although it can do that.)

Within the next year many of you will be shifting quickly and suddenly into Light Body. You will be profoundly aware of your own shift and of the shifts in others. The effect that you have in this world is so much greater than you realize. A friend of [the channel's] made a beautiful, very accurate, simile that represents your impact in the light. "It's as though all of us in our world are in an aquarium, in which the pH balance is critical. One or two drops of acid or one drop of sodium can change the whole acidity of the aquarium. All of a sudden the gauge shifts from blue to red. This is what we're doing in this consensus reality also. We bring in different points of view, and the whole acidity of the consensus shifts to the 5th dimension." Those who are struggling, who are so disheartened at not seeing the impact of their light, need to understand that just those two or three "drops" . . . even your passively standing next to someone, have a great effect on the whole.

As always, it is our very great pleasure to work with you. We wish you great joy of the light, and we are Melora.


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