In her role on The Council of 12, Isis represents divine re-creative power. Hers is the power to help us heal our deepest grief. Hers is the regenerative impulse of the Phoenix rising out of its own ashes . . . resurrection . . . Ascension.

Melora through Joanna Neff

MELORA Channeling:

We have said that the energy of Isis as it is expressed at the Melchizedek level is that expression on The Council of 12 and that her role is central because of the aspect of re-creation and resurrection (which you call Ascension). Let us do a new reading on this. We ask the exquisite Lady Isis to step forward so we can read her energy.

There is very much a pillar energy in Isis' presence. (In certain versions of the Isis/Osiris story, for example--accounts of Isis gathering the pieces of her husband back together and revivifying his body through the intensity of her grief and her longing. In one version he is actually disguised as a pillar, so that his evil brother Seth doesn't recognize him. Seth thinks it's just a carving, like a totem pole, with his brother's visage on it. And so there is this pillar-like motif that was captured in at least one hieroglyphic representation of this story. The artist, you see, picked up on the pillar energy that was expressed very intensely in these two beings.

As soon as we asked Isis to step forward we felt this pillar of light. It's like a shaft, like your central light channel. It's like the core life source and movement . . . as when you do all of your various chakra meditations: bring the light down from above your crown chakra, then third eye, and so on, all the way down through your feet and into the center of the Earth. It is that kind of core energy that we're feeling with Isis. Now, that shaft is your Ascension "elevator" [laughs]. It is your connecting light filaments to all above you in your vertical soul hierarchy. If you think of Isis as the central channel of life force, you will see why she is thought of as a Mother Goddess, Creator Goddess. This energy is what gives you life; it is what sustains your body. It is what connects you in consciousness to your Higher Self/Mother-Father/The Divine, and so forth. That pillar of light is the energy of Isis.



ISIS & MELCHIZEDEK "Conversation" - Boulder Workshop



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