Joanna Neff
With 1,000 clients in 45 American states and in 47 countries abroad, Joanna Neff has been doing energy healing for more than 20 years. Author of Soul Retrieval: Return to Wholeness, first published in 2003, Joanna is a developed channel of angels and other Higher- Dimensional Beings of the Light, who do these healings through her.

An experienced editor, writer and college educator, Joanna began her development as a channel in January 1994 when she took a channeling workshop with Jonette Crowley. While Joanna was working with another channel, she began to bring forth information from Melora. (Melora is a personal guide who links Joanna with her Higher Self.)

In addition to channeling, Joanna is a Teaching Reiki Master and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing (from the Lady Master Quan Yin). Between conducting a series of public channelings in 1995 and 1996, she published The Light Expansion "Times," a tabloid-size New Age publication. Out of the L.E.T. evolved a nonprofit consortium of alternative healing facilitators called The Light Expansion Center, which Jyoti headed up in Boulder, Colorado.

Joanna created the "Melora: Channelings for the New Millennium" website in September 1997, when she also published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence an article that has become Melora's signature piece: "Soul Retrieval: The Return to Harmonic Resonance." Other articles Joanna published in The Sedona Journal include "Reincarnation as Multidimensional Expression" (November 1997), "Soul Groups: Your Soul Niche" (February 1998) and "Etheric Body Crystals" (April 1998). Joanna presented her Soul Retrieval workshop in Sedona, Arizona (July 10-12, 1998), and in Boulder, Colorado (October 24-25, 1998).

In the Fall of 1994, Melora had performed soul retrieval for Joanna. Thus began Joanna's and Melora's elegant collaboration in Higher- Dimensional Soul Retrieval® and multi-incarnational merging.

Joanna currently conducts a wide variety of Distant Healing sessions from her home in Largo, Florida.


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