Melora through Joanna Neff

MELORA Channeling:

Quan Yin's very substance is the softest, most gentle, intrinsically placid energy. So you could think of her as not even as fast-moving as water in a fountain. We have a sense of her energy very slowly existing in a sort of a central, very quiet core, yet flowing. She is an essence of sensitivity that does not reflect her self . . . sensitivity meaning receptivity without changing her. This receptivity is what allows her to express compassion, and what she really does is to reflect compassion to people, because she is stable in her core. It's not as though she's having empathy; it is not as though she's putting herself in other people's place. It is not that kind of compassion. The compassion of Quan Yin is that there is no judgment and that she is able to reflect love back to even the most wretched soul.

Therefore, much of her power is reflective, yet, instead of reflecting back what others judge as wretchedness about any being, she reflects back only love and compassion without absorbing anything from the person she's reflecting that to. In other words, she doesn't receive the feeling of that wretchedness and say "Oh, you poor thing." There is no such process. It's not as though she is seeing a person who is in wretchedness (we keep receiving that term); it's not as though she pulls that energy in, processes it and shows compassion. She finds the tiniest spot of love inside that person, magnifies and reflects it back in its totality. That's why she is so healing, and this is why we wish to articulate this very carefully. This is the way Quan Yin's energy movement occurs in this interpretation of her as the Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Grace. It is a very active thing that she does.


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