Melora informed us that The Lady Nada would be the conduit for the energy of the entire Council of 12 as it came to the workshop group in Sedona, Arizona. She has been associated with Melchizedek "almost from the beginning of time," and she has served on many Light Councils.

Melora through Joanna Neff

We are hearing laughter, because "they're" making a pun on the word "nada" as nothing. And they're joking about that. But the image that we're being given is that light always emerges from darkness. Material reality always manifests from the Void. And so you can think of "nada," or nothingness, as a pun. She is the seed potential--the feminine potential for creating new life--as an act of love in consciousness. Here, in her expression or her energy, is a particular quality and movement. Think of The Lady Nada as an exquisite movement of energy--creative in its nature, in its quality . . . movement from Nothingness to Expression. Then there is a movement back from that. As a master of karma, what we are having is the creation of conscious experience and the dissolution of that.

So you have cycles running in the Akashic Records. If you tune in to the Akashic Records, you're tuning in only to the record at that moment. If we did a soul retrieval on you right after that, all of that information in the Akasha having to do with the lives with which we worked in the session would have been changed. So Lady Nada can, like the Greek Fates, unravel (they spin your fate; they cut the thread; you're "out of here"; they unravel the thread' it goes back from the loom to the spindle, etc.). And this is a very primordial role. This is something that, in the human mind, could almost be fearful unless you understand that it is pure energetic movement, done with love. This is how we read the energy, and this is very different than the way other information has been set down.

Lady Nada 


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