Melora through Joanna Neff

In her exalted form, the Being who incarnated as the Mother Mary is a radiant goddess--her face lifted up to the Source of Love. When I saw her clairvoyantly at the 1997 Wesak Festival in Mt. Shasta, she was about 15 feet tall! She wore a crown that had beautiful "spikes" of brilliant light, and she was dancing slowly in a circle. Sananda's Twin Flame, Mary is the quintessential High Priestess and representative of Divine energy as it expresses on the Earth. --Jyoti Alla-An

Mary is more often associated with motherhood, merely because of the very intense incarnation as the mother of Jeshua. As an exalted being, her role is not primarily that of Mother energetically. In actuality, her energy epitomizes feminine empowerment, being at perfect ease with one's own feminine energy (truly yin energy and yet not of the same quality as that of Quan Yin). As we feel it, Mary's energy is more all-embracing. It is more spherical. So if you have Isis as the central channel, you have Mary as the circumference with her enveloping kind of energy. In fact, when our Jyoti saw her at Wesak, Mary's arms were spread open at her sides and her face was lifted, and she was dancing in a very slow circle. This describes her energy.

And so, yes, you can interpret that as a mother enfolding her child and cradling a child in her arms--of protecting--but this is really more of a perception of this enfolding kind of energy. So Mary's role in karma is, as you say, as more of a protective, anchoring energies in a spherical way (circumference-like), on the outside of a sphere.


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