Melora through Joanna Neff

MELORA Channeling (6/15/98):

As we have said, Portia is not her name on The Council of 12. Our Jyoti has picked up the word "Justice" as being the true representation of Portia's role. We will ask for the lovely Lady Portia to individuate now so that we can discern her energies. Do you know that Justice is shy and elusive? The fineness of distinction required for true Justice to occur is a very rare occurrence. More than any of us, the Lady Portia represents the fluidity, the flow of variables in any given moment in discerning, in the complexity of your associations with each other, what is fair at that moment. What is just. What is righteous. And so if you would think of just two people and all the variables in some argument that they're having. One of them feels that he's put upon; the other feels that he's been wronged and wants revenge, or whatever. If you think of just two people, and all of the variables of their perceptions, all the variables in their lives just in this lifetime, all the variables of their past lives, and then try to figure out what's right. THAT is her master.

Portia has the ability to see the whole picture, not in a static way but as it is flowing right at this moment, and to discern the just movement of energy. You would consider this making a decision, for now, about what is righteous. Her great contribution as a Lady Master of Karma is what people are going to be working with: soul retrieval, multi-incarnational merging. There will be people in the same soul group, and you will have their many, multiple expressions and interactions with each other in the workshop and in their lives in this lifetime. This is all going to be resolved during the weekend! [laughs]

Portia is a being of enormous sensitivity and discernment. None of the rest of us would even consider [laughs] tackling this ability that Portia has. Her mastery is such that she combines what Athena does with what The Lady Master Mary does . . . but not what Isis does. We're seeing that Portia has mastered the encompassing field-view but also the ability to look at minutia, to make fine discernments rather than judgments--not whether something is "bad" or "good" but whether it is just . . . in this moment, with these variables, with these beings. Not just human beings but all beings.

And so we are being told that part of her work is also with what you would term beings of the "dark." She is able to discern where they are, what can be brought to them to calibrate them, to offer to them the possibility of taking on a greater light quotient, re-igniting their God spark, and so on. Thus, the purpose of her ability to discern so minutely is in her ability to perfectly balance (in her approach, in her offerings to people's consciousness) what can bring them to the light, if they so desire. You can see how critical this is in working with karma and in negotiating with people who have negative entity attachments. This is focused through the "prism" of what is just, what is righteous. She is not the dispeller of negative entities; she is the being who can discern exactly what combinations exist for each person. She, then, can be a spokes-being to the other members in her ability to perceive what is required. Then the rest of the group can contribute their unique gifts to carrying this out.


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