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SOUL CLEARANCE (Entity Removal) with Joanna Neff

by Joanna Neff

". . . healing comes only from what leads the patient beyond himself and beyond his entanglement with the ego." (Carl Jung)

Almost everyone who has a troubled personality, and/or a great complexity of life problems, needs to be cleared regularly. Since negative entities express through the Ego/personality structure, we usually don't catch on to their presence, however, unless they've become deeply entrenched over years of possession. In other words, the person manifests worse and worse "symptoms" over time.

Since attached entities/possessions work through the ego/personality structure, they effectively can evade detection. The also lie, dissemble and distort for the sheer evil fun of it, and so when practitioners are trying to diagnose what's going on, the entities themselves give false information. However, when Higher Beings of the Light are doing the diagnosing, these entities have no more powers of camouflage and are exposed blatantly. Then they're dispatched very quickly out of our realm.

Soul clearance may be needed when a person feels "hounded" by negative thought forms (of their own or others' creation). The one-hour process of soul clearance (clearing your soul and body of negative entities) is different than that of soul retrieval (regarding one's work and general interaction with people). It is done remotely (from a distance)--not live. Working with Higher Beings, the facilitator first does an "examination" in which s/he requests, and receives, specific information about what is harming the client. Then, as a result of a very methodical series of requests, the soul clearance takes place.

Examples of the ways in which Soul Clearance (Entity Removal, Shielding and Healing) helps the client are removing--both in the current lifetime and in past lifetimes--negative entities and etheric implants, sealing open portal ways, removing negative shamanic or sorcery influences. In addition to removing all varieties and intensities of dark entities/energies, this session includes repairing tears in a person's Golden Web, sealing open portal ways, applying healing sequences for the damaged aura, and setting up etheric gold shielding.


Because virtually all the sessions I do work with clients across lifetimes, it has become apparent that in many, or most, cases of mental illness, there is very negative karma involved. As with all such karma, the individual MUST learn the
karmic lessons in order to be relieved of that karma. Although much can be cleared and healed in that person's behalf, those heavy karmic lessons still must be learned by the client. No work of the Light violates Soul intention.

Specifically with
schizophrenia, the person can be cleared of negative entities, but the person does not remain clear for long. The reason: the person does not have the conscious ability to have honest, clear self-awareness, and self-awareness is prerequisite to conscious growth and change.

PERMISSION: A person need not consciously know that the work is being done, although I always get permission from a person's High Self before proceeding.

Because Higher Beings do this work through me purely energetically, neatly bypassing the brain/ego/personality, the work is comfortable, swift and powerful. Most clients report that as the session goes on, they just feel more and more peaceful. There probably will be a time of integration, however, but, again, this is just the conscious mind becoming gradually aware of beneficial changes that already have taken place on other levels.

You need not be present during the soul clearance session, as I do all the work remotely. Nor do you need to change your routine in any way while the session is proceeding. However, I do email every client a detailed worksheet that shows what was found--and removed--during the session.

After a Soul Clearance Session in April 2009, a client emailed:

Thank you SO much! I can feel a huge relief already. As this was happening, I was literally dreaming it. . . . I saw some of them. . .those things. Some where octopus-like, some were mechanical-like, and some were bio-mechanical. MANY of them were attached to porn, or sexual thoughts, energy, etc. Ick!
They were being separated from me by an "iridescent hand of light" and were sealed off from me, much to their dismay. The Hand of Light handled all of this fast, and succinctly, before these other things even could react with any time to manipulate. It was great!
I woke up and said, wow, what was THAT? Oh, I wonder if Joanna is doing this energy work now? And there was the worksheet! Incredible! All I can say is, you do what you do VERY well! I got to see it in action. What you are doing and how you are doing it works!

-- S.C. (Sherman Oaks, CA)


The entity removal techniques I use are quite thorough and complex--and secret, for the protection of my clients and for my own protection. I do not believe that clients need to know ALL the why's and the wherefore's, as this is usually just for their intellectual understanding--or to convince them that they've gotten "their money's worth." I have streamlined the process of the clearances to make it take one hour: This represents enormous amounts of information, experience and expertise. Therefore, my belief is that what clients pay for is the actual clearances--not for complex explanations, which would take volumes and much time beyond the one-hour session.


It is interesting to note that clients with long-term addictions and addictive behaviors are interested in our soul clearance service in the light only if we can "guarantee" that we can remove their afflictions immediately and permanently. Accustomed to needing and wanting things now, they wish their problems also to be "fixed" now.

I have found that with addictions and mental illness, there is some sort of "karmic payback" going on. Usually this is the Soul's attempt to get the person to learn certain karmic lessons--usually regarding abuses of power in other lifetimes. It is important to realize this because there are certain afflictions that the Soul will not allow to be removed. The person simply must learn these lessons. However, so many afflictions can be removed that no session is ever "wasted."

After soul clearance, clients still will have their personality issues and growth issues to deal with. They still have to deal with their ego issues. Although they are cleared of negative entities, etc., they still must choose to work on themselves. In other words, a person can be cleared, but there is also a need for that person to take responsibility, as a being, for his/her own healing after that. That is a pattern of behavior--one of the toughest to overcome. Many therapeutic processes focus on changing this pattern. This requires consciousness and commitment. Therefore, you might not see much personality change after a soul clearance, unless the person starts to do his or her growth and consciousness development "work".

Since we choose free will in coming into body, and since the Great Beings honor that choice, intervention by other embodied light workers is often limited by what a client chooses. These choices usually involve mental and emotional patterns. Until the person consciously chooses to change patterns that keep creating disharmony in his/her life, we can only provide encouragement. However, soul clearance does "clean the slate" so that clients are not burdened with negative energies/entities from outside themselves. After soul clearance, these latter effects are immediate, although it may take the personality/Ego awhile to adjust to the changes.


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