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A client's personal guides participate in this powerful focusing on information that clients request so that they can move through issues that are holding them back. In the session, the facilitator channels her own high spiritual guide, who works with the recipients' guides to help them discover life-changing methods of dealing with current challenges, past-life issues, and questions about life mission. In these sessions the guides do NOT do fortune telling. Rather, they encourage--and answer--questions that deal with life path, with spiritual development and with making deep changes. Because of this focus, the sessions often bring back joy, a sense of wholeness, and new commitment to the spiritual journey. The work also helps clients more gracefully integrate their everyday lives with their spiritual development.

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Receiving a crystal healing is a subtle, but powerful, way to clear, balance and harmonize the body. The effects of crystal healing are similar to those of using flower essences. Crystal healing is vibrational. That is, it works electromagnetically to transmute areas of unhealthy frequency to higher light values. The effects of this process are a recharging of recipients' batteries, a sort of tuning up of their chakras, and an enhancement of their flow of life force.

Higher Beings direct the intricate placing of quartz crystals, gem stones and other healing stones. These beautiful layouts make the client highly receptive to the calibrations of energies necessary for balancing the chakras and bringing diseased areas to a healthy resonance. Healing takes place on all levels, for the subtle vibrations of these healing stones harmonize all bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and etheric.

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Many have described Magnified Healing energy as "soft yet powerful," "magnetic," "very yin" (or feminine) in its essence. Using the center line of the body and starting at the top of the head, practitioners place one hand in front of the body and the other behind the body. They then move their hands down the body (usually without touching the recipient), all the way to the feet until the entire body has been treated with Magnified Healing. Those who have experienced this beautiful energy feel uplifted, peaceful, connected to the Source Creator. Magnified Healing recipients often feel a pleasant tingling or pulsing in areas with which the healing facilitator is working. The recipient generally completes the treatment with great reduction of stress and pain.

Magnified Healing occurs through balancing the spiritual centers (the chakras). It fully integrates all modalities. From breath and sound to movement, the seeker is actively, consciously engaged in the process. The healer is merely a facilitator, allowing the participant to continue on the healing process without further assistance. (Unique to Magnified Healing are the release of Karma and preparation for Ascension.)

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Reiki is a very ancient, spiritually guided life force energy that is said to have been used by Gautama Buddha for healing. Rediscovered in the mid-1800s, Reiki is literally able to perform healing miracles. It can actually be seen by clairvoyants, and the Reiki "beam" of high-vibrational light has been captured in Kirlian photographs. Reiki not only reduces pain and stress but also has a profoundly positive effect on health problems, minor and serious. Reiki works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Applied through the hands of the practitioner on the client (or done at a distance), Reiki energy is more often experienced as heat. Practitioners also have reported a tingling or throbbing sensation in the hands, which is shared by the client as s/he feels these sensations in areas on which the practitioner's hands rest. Experience shows that hands-on Reiki releases endorphins, which partially explains the reduction of pain and relaxation clients usually feel within minutes of being treated with Reiki.

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REIKI RESEARCH: Scientific Experiments

Scientifically Measuring Healing Energy

Reiki for Animals

Animals are often more aware than we are of energetics--this includes their own energy field as well as the energy fields of other animals, people and places. When one of our companions is sick, injured, distressed or depressed we can often make excellent use of Reiki and other complementary modalities to assist with the healing process. In working with companion and other animals, we use Reiki, Magnified Healing, and Bach Flower Essences to support their healing process. We have observed that these natural supports have resulted in a lessening or elimination of pain, soothing of mental/ emotional distress, facilitation of healing of illnesses, and overall increase in energy level. If you know of an animal that needs assistance, please consider these modalities.

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Soul clearance may be needed when a person feels "hounded" by negative thought forms (of their own or others' creation); addictive, obsessive or self-destructive behaviors; chronic and complex health problems that conventional medicine may have dubbed as "psychosomatic illness"; chronic depression and panic attacks. In such cases, people need assistance to remove these harmful influences. Working with Higher Beings, the facilitator first does an "examination" in which s/he requests, and receives, information about what is harming the client. Then, as a result of a very methodical series of prayer requests, the soul clearance takes place. Finally, shielding is set up and the client is "sealed" to protect him or her from being influenced further by these harmful agents.

Examples of the ways in which Soul Clearance helps the client are removing negative entities and etheric implants, sealing open portal ways, healing the golden web, removing negative shamanic or sorcery influences, rescinding karmic oaths and obligations, and clearing the person's home of harmful geopathic and other negative electromagnetic effects. The session also focuses on removing these effects from a person's past-life associations. See the "Dark" Entities article--Melora through Joanna Neff.

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During profound stress, pain or other trauma, human beings often experience what is called "soul loss"--meaning, the loss of aspects of one's soul. Such events as loss of a loved one, automobile accident, surgery, addiction, combat trauma, abortion or miscarriage and physical abuse are the prime causes. People who have lost soul aspects may suffer chronic illnesses in childhood as a result of this reduced life force.

Upon the return of lost soul aspects most clients feel a sense of well-being and wholeness. Often there is a return of childlike joy, exuberance and vitality. For many there is also a dramatic shift in consciousness--a sense of personal power balanced in a new level of heart/spirit connection. After soul retrieval, abilities and talents that previously were inhibited, or blocked, begin to be expressed fully once more.

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When we are born, we breathe normally, deeply taking in life force. Over time--because of everyday stresses and trauma--our breathing becomes less regular, more shallow. Gradually this poor breathing begins to affect us not only physically but also emotionally. TransformBreathing focuses on assessing and correcting breathing patterns that are preventing vitality, health and joy. Among the benefits: an increase in energy and creativity, integration of suppressed emotions, increase in the body's efficiency, resolution of childhood trauma, improvement in mental clarity, reduction in stress, and rising above the limits of one's mind.

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Information in these pages is provided for educational purposes, and sessions are not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical diagnosis, advice or treatment obtained through a physician or other licensed health care provider.

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