Heart-Spirit Connection

Melora through Joanna Neff

We are Melora, and we wish to speak of the importance of BEING what you've learned--BE it. For so many decades people have been studying "Metaphysics," and it is our impression that Metaphysics are purely mental. There is, indeed, a great deal of interesting information there, but until this is incorporated and comes into the wisdom factor, this knowledge is virtually useless. Let us explain this.

Real spiritual growth takes place when you come into heart work and the heart-spirit connection. You can memorize everything on the Internet that you can find about UFOs and "The Roswell Incident," and many other topics of interest at this time, but until your behavior reveals that you have "gotten" the several messages that we're about to explain, this information is valueless to you at the Soul level.

What Soul growth you allow for yourself in this life affects all of your other incarnational lives--past, concurrent and future (and you may interpret your Higher Self as a future life, you see, but all going on simultaneously). When you "get " something about your own divinity and you come into compassion and acceptance of other people in this life, it reverberates throughout your other lives and awakens you on all levels, up to the God Source. When you allow your mental faculty to run rampant over you (leaving tread marks, if you will), you impede the awakening of your other lives.

Behaving, and living, and being what you know . . . there you have something! Now, we are finding in the community that there are people who are intensely "spiritually competitive." (If that's not an oxymoron, we don't know what is!) It is really, literally, not spiritually competitive; it is really metaphysically and mentally competitive. Everyone's measuring where they are on some Ascension Scale. Everyone's measuring their workshops against someone else's workshops: "I know more than that other person about this subject, so take this class with me."

One of the things we emphasize most is free will. All beings of the Light who work with you as guides honor your free will, and so why wouldn't you honor each other's free will? That means that even if you're "bosom buddies," and your buddy isn't attracted to your workshop, then you say: "I understand. You have every right to go to that other workshop."

We felt that this was important to discuss because there are people coming to sessions and they're competing with themselves! They make great strides in their spiritual work, and they struggle and allow and achieve, and then they will come and be very upset and frustrated that there is still work to do. We tell them that God keeps changing too. Why wouldn't they? Yes--coast for awhile between these great efforts that you make to learn and grow, but understand that there is no cessation in growth at any level.

We wish you great Joy of the light!


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