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  • A noble lord of a castle in 1499 A.D. England who was murdered in a revenge killing at age 47.
  • A Roman slave in 475 B.C.E. who was killed while trying to flee from his master.
  • A high-born woman from 759 A.D. Greece whose jealous husband poisoned her.
  • An impoverished woman in 692 B.C.E. Spain who was strangled by a stranger she tried to help.
  • A bitter nobleman in 1475 A.D. Germany who never married.

Characters from Hollywood movies?
No: the SOURCE lifetimes for clients' current-life issues and afflictions.

I'm offering Akashic "Sleuthing" again. This session is based on very effective results I have had while accessing the Akashic Records when doing tailor-made sessions for clients. I'm very excited about this approach, as it has worked powerfully by detecting the other-lifetime source of current-life issues/ afflictions. Since everyone's karma seems literally to be "in our faces" now, this modality may become my favorite approach for what otherwise would remain unsolvable.

I have long known that my special gift is being able to put things together to help clients realize what they can become. Only recently, however, did I become aware of just how I've been doing this in my work. This came about when two clients recently asked me to tackle a problem unique to each. Having done other kinds of sessions with them, I realized that I needed to create a "free-form" kind of session in which I would diagnose the source of the affliction and then provide the remedy for it.

Since I can work with only two "Source" lifetimes in one session, I usually I ask clients to prioritize their most critical issues and/or afflictions and email a brief list of these. At the beginning of the session I then can determine what would be the most beneficial, and successful, of these to work with. (A source lifetime is that which is the earliest, first lifetime in which the issue and/or affliction became established as a karmic pattern--and then has afflicted the client for many lifetimes--not necessarily successive lifetimes.)

With the assistance of Melora and other high-spiritual "experts" who do this work through me, all is done remotely (from a distance). When I am finished, I email detailed worksheets that show the results.

The Akashic Sleuthing Session:

* In which lifetime did the issue/affliction originate?
* In that lifetime, what are the physical characteristics of the client?
* Geographical location: on Earth or "elsewhere"?
* Economic/Social status in the past lifetime?
   Case Clues
* In how many lifetimes has the client experienced the issue/affliction?
* What is the chronological age at which the client most intensly felt the issue/affliction in that lifetime?
* What are the primary emotions/mental beliefs/spiritual wounding experienced by the client as a result of the issue/affliction?
* What is the degree to which this issue/affliction has adversely impacted the client in his/her current lifetime?
    Resolving the Mystery
* What are the karmic lessons to be learned from the issue/affliction?
* What would most benefit the client regarding the issue/affliction? (could include a combination of remedies)
    Closing the Case
* Removal from the client's etheric/auric field all bullets, spears, daggers, hangman's nooses, etc.
* Removal of all traces of pain, trauma and scarring.
* Healing & sealing of wounds and scars.
* Merging the healed consciousness of past-lifetime expressions of client with client's current-life consciousness.


Psychics, seers and other "practitioners" access the Akashic Records clairvoyantly to access information about past (and even future) lifetimes and events. When most people refer to the Akashic Records, they describe these as containing everything we have ever thought, said, done or been in all our collective lifetimes. These records exist inter-dimensionally, and the reason they can be read is that all is connected. (Quantum Physics has proven this.)

I most resonate with Melora's articulation of her view of the Akashic Records:

Within your very DNA are "microchips," which are not static as they are in your three-dimensional form. In other words, their capacity continuously to store information as it is changing your experience is infinite. And so . . . DNA is not just the physical part that scientists have been able to track. DNA is actually multi- dimensional. And so you have there the Akashic Records of everything that you have ever been, said, done or thought, and everything that you can probably become is all there too.

HOW TO DO IT . . .
Over the centuries, many books have outlined how we can access the Akasha ourselves, but because (in the past) my clairvoyant episodes have been seemingly random--or only occurring while in session with Melora--I assumed that I was not gifted regarding "seeing" what is there. However, I almost constantly receive intuitive information by way of phrases and concepts directly from my spiritual guides, including--and most notably--Melora.

In almost every session with Melora over these past 15 years, we have helped clients resolve intense current-life problems by identifying difficult past lifetimes and then by merging clients in consciousness with themselves in those past lifetimes. Often these past lifetimes are very ancient. Always they are the "oldest" past-life, in Time, during which the intense issue or problem began.

During the Akashic Sleuthing session it becomes clear how clients have expressed, and suffered, specific issues and/or afflictions lifetime after lifetime. Melora and her "team of experts" connect clients consciously across these lifetimes, heal the wounds and scars, and resolve the karma.


I do all healing work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. And I do email the worksheets with my notes from your session.

Session Fee: $115.00 U.S.



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