MELORA through Joanna Neff

MELORA DOES SOUL-RETRIEVAL with the Group, continued

And she is going to sort of gradually reacquaint you with your heritage, reacquaint you the reality of your home, so that it will take some of the jarring part out of it and only the joy will remain. This is what she's saying. So this doesn't feel so intense that it feels almost painful but, rather, you feel the expandedness of that joy. This is what she wishes to have you experiencing. She has a name that sounds very much like "Luna." She says, "Don't take it that literally as in, 'Moon', but the phosphorescent quality of their forms is like the moon--moonlight with some bluish all around. All right. Good. Good. She said that will do for now until we can get the other syllable. She said there are two syllables, not necessarily in that order, but for now "Luna" will do, she says. And we are so pleased, R., to be a part of your reunion with your star family. We thank you.

And, D.--a star being from way back. You are ancient, very ancient, of soul substance and star system. We are being asked to work with this lifetime. We are being guided to answer a question that you may or may not have actually stated, but in your thoughts you have thought it and that is: "What do I do next? What is standing in my way? What can I do to get where I am going a little faster?" Give us a moment. What we are receiving, D., is that you could actually leave about any time you chose to. Do you believe this?

D: Yes.

And so the next question would be, and of course this is rhetorical: "Why aren't you going then?"

D: Curiosity.

(Laughter) All right. There's a little more to this answer as well, right?

D: Probably.

Your love for your family . . .

D: My love for my big family.


D: The population of the world.

Right. Right. You know that there is much to do and still much that you could contribute, although you could ascend at any time and you know it. Why do you ask that question then? "What do I need to do to go faster? What is the next step in going to my ascension?"

D: It's more of a question of "I need more tools." I need to know that I am ready to do some soul work.

Ready where?

D: That I can handle it. I'm not ready to leave.

Ready to use the tools on Earth, to get more tools.

D: Can I handle it? I guess I consider my ego and my need to talk once in awhile. It's something I've been meaning to have totally under control. All these human sides . . . I need to have my human sides under control if I'm going to do soul travel work. And that's what I come from. I know that I'm on the verge. It's not too far off, but I'm constantly reevaluating every move I make to see that I don't poison the work I want to do.

What does "under control" mean in this?

D: I would say the very thing I just said--that with this would come a lot of power and a lot of ability to do a lot of things that I don't do at this time. And I want to make sure that I'm working in the purest way possible and, at the same time, carrying a little bit more.

And so you couldn't really see yourself popping out and suddenly revealing the true level of your power to your family and acquaintances?

D: Correct.

And so you live the Gemini way-splitly. And isn't that painful sometimes: to be split? Especially with the, "I gotta be me" theme that is so important to you?

D: Yes.

If you are expressing yourself fully as you, what would that look like to you? What do you imagine? Just give us an impression of how you would stand, what you would say, where you would be, and so forth. If you were fully out of the closet in terms of your power, what would that look like?

D: I'm a saint.

Ahh. And that is so frightening to everyone around you?

D: I think so.

Can you think of an example of a saint whom you have been acquainted with in this or another lifetime that you know is or was a saint?

D: No, not really.

How about just a reputed saint with whom you feel resonant, much as with K. and St. Francis?

D: I'm in the process of searching for that particular saint. I like to read about saints and it would be a saint that doesn't particularly have to always have a torturous life and die a torturous death . . . that can remain human and, at the same time, doesn't feel compelled to have self-inflicted wounds. When I read about some of the saints, you know, I wonder why they did this to themselves. And was this something that they did in the old days and can be different in the new days? More modern-aged, modern-day saints.

Well we're receiving actually that you would resonate to one of the Hindu female saints like Mirabi. That might be worth looking into. Start with Mirabi. We will give you homework. Mirabi is not of this time. (You're thinking of Mother Meera, perhaps?) No, she is not of this time. You knew her in another lifetime. So that is your homework. Let us see how we can bring this to a sense of closure for you. What we are receiving is that in our bringing these issues forward for you to look at, you might realize that the times of discomfort are when you feel like you're not really being yourself. Is this fair to say? Although you do revel in the subtlety and finesse with which you're able to penetrate the darkness of other people's ignorance . . . those who are more in the 3-D consciousness or whatever. You do take tremendous delight in finding new and subtle ways, and gentle ways, to open the light up in them, do you not?

D: Correct.

And so you enjoy your many disguises. You enjoy your many masquerades, do you not? It is part of what makes you enjoy this world. It's a challenge. How to do it in spite of them in a way that is the least provocative to them, meaning to provoke--not to provoke them but to insinuate that opening. Do you see? To control that opening. You enjoy this very much. And in order to do that you have to change costumes. And we would suggest that to bring you to closure here that we help you become integrated in the notion that keeping, "I'd rather be me" in mind, those costumes are part of who you are. They are an expression of very unique talent . . . and so when you go into a masquerade, you are not becoming other than what you already are; you are only expressing this part for this moment of all that you are. Would you agree?

D: I do.

And so there is no question of that not being you. So you are being you, are you not? Have we opened any revelations for you in this time?

D: No, I just don't think I would ever be the word "saint." That is an ultimate challenge.

So you are a saint, a Master, and any number of other things that other people would never suspect.

D: I'm not so sure, but I would like to be at a point where I am that comfortable with God, that close with God, that I have absolutely no doubt as to the origins of my Being . . . and no fear of interactions.

That will come . . . and this is not fortune-telling. This is merely an energetic surety because it has nothing to do with time. It's not saying that you will become a saint on December 31, 2012. We are saying, "It will come." And we hope that is enough because we will say no more. All right. We thank you, D., for your honesty, for your presence, for your many gifts and your deep intelligence. We are honored to work with all of you.

And T., you are being very patient. We are being asked to go to K. next. This is like the semi-finals of the Miss America contest. They go back and say, "The third runner-up is . . . and the second runner-up is . . . " Give us a moment. K. What we're seeing is most interesting. We're sensing that in telling you about the image that we are just seeing, you will feel an immediate repulsion because it is a lifetime that seems so alien to you, yet it is a lifetime that is very powerful.

And you know the stereotypical witch doctor of the old movies? Out of people's ignorance, they represented people in grass skirts with black skin and white lips and red paint and bones through their noses and all this kind of thing? This is similar to the image that we just saw, and it would be whatever African version of Shaman, specific tribe being not the really tall Masai, but not the Pygmy either . . . somewhere in-between, sort of average height? Shorter than the average male, but you are a male character, we would guess about 5'6"- 5'7"? And you do have a lot of paint and bones through your ears and through your nose and that sort of thing.

You're a very powerful healer--very powerful at scaring away demons and that sort of thing, because in your understanding within your culture, what worked is scaring demons out of people. If people are sick, it means they have demons, and you have to think about it, is that true? And so you allow them to objectivize their own emotional blockages and turn them into things that you got rid of and it worked very nicely. There was an aspect of hypnosis. There was an aspect of scaring the living you-know-whats out of them--literally scaring those so-called demons out of them in their perception. You would consider this to be a very primitive belief system, a very primitive society, and so forth: thatched roofs, grass huts, the whole thing. And that's the first image that came to us. And so in your life now, the way you feel comfortable relating to your world, there's a real sense of being civilized, isn't there? Civilized behavior! You must carry yourself with dignity and you prefer that people relate to another in a civilized manner, is this not so?

K: This is true.

And there's a funny joke because the first impression we got is of this totally uncivilized character, and that's why we suggested that you might find it totally repulsive, and yet this was you, too. Now, the next question would be, "Why are you at the other end of the spectrum, and what does it mean that we saw you in this liftetime?" Give us a moment.

There's a lot of red, black and white paint. Very dark skin. Spear-chucker (definitely a spear in your left hand). We are seeing you just standing there, and do you know what you are actually doing? You're actually doing a standing meditation. Anyone looking at you would just think you're closing your eyes for a moment to rest your eyes, or whatever. You're totally alone in this vast expanse of grasses . . . and they're turning a brownish color. It's not a season in which things are flourishing. And we're finding that you are very connected to everything in your surroundings, and that you are very connected and very clear that there is a Creator Source that empowers you. There is a Creator Source who works through you and speaks through you and does this work.

And so in that lifetime, it would never have occurred to you that you are a Light Being. That was not in your vocabulary. That was not in your perception of what you were doing. You were in a state of pure being until you moved into your work, which was helping other people get rid of these demons or whatever it was they wished to objectivize these misqualified energies and disharmonies into.

Now we're being asked to tell you that you can use this life, the consciousness of this life, the talents of this lifetime. And we would ask permission to have you join with this very, what you judge as "uncivilized," version of yourself if you permit it, because in doing so, you bring not only a merging of your consciousness, one more step toward ascension, but you have now conscious access to all the wisdom of the experience and all the methods that are in the consciousness of this version of you. And he, in the simultaneity of your many lives, is projected into a vision of the future that allows him a greater union with this Creator--and that allows you, through him, a union with your Creator that you have never experienced. Through him you experience this union, do you understand?

K: Yes.

Is this something you would want?

K: Yes.

Give us a moment. We would like you to join him, to teleport there, not in your body, but just say your light body. You might feel a little safer since he has this spear in his hand, you know? And he's going to experience this as a vision, a vision of a beautiful Being. There is no reference point in his experience for this, but he recognizes you as a spirit. All right? And realize that whatever words you speak transcend language, that you could be speaking angelic tonals. Whatever it is that you're speaking (English or whatever it is), he's going to get what it is you're saying as though you're speaking his language. All right? So we'll have this understanding.

Now as you appear before him, take a really good look at him and tell us what you see. You will freeze time in that moment so that there will be no delay of his perception, so that you can peer right into his nostrils if you wish. Take a really good look at him and tell us what you see.

K: Well he's very dark. He has short hair. It's straight and coarse and wirey and tight, in tight little curls.

The expression on his face . . . with his eyes open. What is the expression in his eyes?

K: I just hear him.

He said something that interests you?

K: Yes. Something that is familiar to me. It's very . . . . what's in his eyes is very clear. He has great, great, great clarity. There's no confusion in there.

Is this from the simplicity of his life, do you suppose?

K: I do.

Now fast-forward the film a couple of frames to where he sees you, and then freeze that frame and look again at the expression in his eyes and tell us what you see.

K: Well, I'm just getting a great big old grin. It's like I'm seeing someone….We know each other.

Yes, you do because you are the same person, the same Soul. And he knows who you are, doesn't he? And so as primitive as one might judge him to be, there is this great clarity and this great recognition. His powers of clarity give him that ability to know who you are--that you and he are the same. Now advance the film a couple of more frames and, through his eyes, look at you as you stand as this vision before him. Through his eyes, look at you, and see what you see in your eyes now.

K: It's really the same expression.

Isn't it though!?

K: It's just the light.

Yes. And so in spite of what seem to be superficial differences, at the soul level you know that you are the same. What we would like you to do now is to turn around--you as the vision--back into him, so that you're actually entering his body. The two of you are actually merging at the soul level. Now look out through his eyes at his world and tell us your impression--not just what is in it, but what is your consciousness? What is your relationship to everything?

K: Well, what's happening is there's sort of an overlying richness passing over what used to be his perception. The colors are becoming a little bit brighter. Everything's a little bit sharper. There's a new depth or richness to his world.

Good, good. Now have him look out through your eyes at your own world and tell us what he experiences.

K: It seems like maybe there's a sharpening.

What we are going to do now is just move you along in this merging with him. What you would term "past life" now is very important, so that you will have consciousness access, both of you, to your incarnational reality--from his time to your time and so forth--as one, because what he's going to bring you is a greater sense of your physical strength, a greater sense of physical health and well-being instead of your feeling not so strong physically. All right?

What you bring to him is an acceleration of perception that he knows in much simpler terms, and about some place to be going, some place to be growing that he wouldn't have been aware of before. What he brings to you is knowledge and processes of working with people in your work with Therapeutic Touch, and so forth, that go beyond what you ought to be able to access through that work. They go far beyond that. You will start clairvoyantly to see things in people that need to be removed . . . and with your hands and your energies working together as one, removing those energies from people--not just calming them down, not just their having a temporary sense of harmony in the body and having some implant be there, having some negative energy be attached to it or whatever. He is going to help you exorcise negative energies and objects from people as you do your Therapeutic Touch. He will be scanning people through your hands. You will be seeing things clairvoyantly and, through merging with him, you will be removing them from people. Is there a question?

K: Yes. It feels like just a little question. I wondered if this is related to the fact that I can't find my pendulum.

We do not see that there is a connection.

K: Thank you.

Mmm-hmm. In the next two to three days, there should be a total core merging. Within the next three to three-and-a-half weeks, your process of integration will be complete. We thank you.

And T., we thank you for your patience. Give us a moment. Again, as we have mentioned in the past, the first thing that comes forward is a sense of male energy being counter-balanced, as though you are the one polarity and then you must have the other polarity to balance you. We don't know why this keeps coming up. But we wish to tell you that there are so many different, infinite ways that these are balanced and out of which the Creative forces work. As we told J., they balance quite nicely until one out of Consciousness says, "my male half" or "my female half" or "I need more male energy to balance this" or whatever. Do you see that in actually naming that or pinpointing it, you pull it away from a nonseparated framework? And the very source of your creative expression and energy to translate these impossibly complex and ever-changing energies is when you're balanced naturally, without thinking about it--balanced between your "male" and "female" selves. Do you understand?

T: Yes.

Wwe are going to take you back to age five now, and we want you to select a very dominant male presence in your life and tell us who that is.

T: My Dad.

All right. We would ask you to guess, T., what connection there might be between him and this dynamic that we've been describing?

T: He's sometimes very distant and out of balance.

He is out of balance, all right? And aren't you very comfortable if your male energies are expressed otherwise?

T: Yes.

But not this one aspect. Not this negative expression of it. And so, did you in some way emotionally send him away or put up a barrier in his presence? Separate that part of his expression from your association with him as in, "I know he is my father, but this part of him I'm going to separate and put over here somewhere"?

T: Yes.

So the part of him that remains after you've sent off this other part . . . what does that look like? Once you've removed that other part that you're so uncomfortable with, what is left? Is there anything left?

T: Weakness.

M: Isn't that interesting? That's polarized, isn't it?

T: Yes. He looks like a shard of glass.

Would you be willing to help change this, since you're such a fabulous artist--to mold, to change the shape of that sharp shard of glass for him that has separated him in this way? To soften that? How would you do that? Can you do it with energy, or do you want to polish it or…

T: I would work with heat.

So is this going to be to him?

T: No.

Does it look like him or does it look like a shard of glass?

T: I can see his face. I can see . . .

How can you change this with heat so you can still see his face?

[Unfortunately, the sound quality disintegrates through the rest of this work, which was quite extensive.]



Melora: We are now going to close the weekend. We thank you for your patience, for your cooperation, for your courage, for your great heart, and for allowing all of the Great Lady Masters of Karma to work with you, as well as the Great Lord Melchizedek and all of your personal Guides. And we will, for our Jyoti, now say "Good-bye" to all the Great Ascended Beings and their energies for supporting us in our work. Again, we wish you to take the energies of this structure that you have created together, these filaments of light, these beautiful forms that are so elaborate that you would want to photograph them to keep them forever. And they'll keep intersecting with other light structures of other Beings until you at last feel that Oneness again, that vast experience of Consciousness of Oneness again. And we are Melora. We wish you great joy of the Light.


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