Melora through Joanna Neff


QUESTION: Jyoti would like more information on her traumatic life in China.

MELORA: Yes. There has been much resistance to remembering this because this is the severest case of sexual abuse and torture of any of her lifetimes, [gently] including this one. It resonates throughout her incarnational lives. This person, from the time she was a small child through later adult lifetime, was used virtually as a slave. It was ritualistic abuse—what, in China, would be the equivalent of sorcery. Even though her consciousness was that of an exalted being, what was done to her body . . . there was great "temptation," if you will, to renounce all of what she knew at the Soul level to be true of the Light because of the inability to accept what she had chosen to learn from this abuse in that lifetime. The temptation to renounce Creator. The wish to annihilate the Self. The agony of Spirit as well as body that she experienced in this lifetime was very great—the most intense of the lifetimes in which she has chosen to explore this issue.

In order to help her, we wish to impart the information . . . her question is "Why?" of course. "Why would one keep coming in and having this happen." "Why in the world would one do this?" "What is the lesson that I’m missing?" is her question. Her question still, oftentimes, is "Why do people have to suffer?"

The term we are hearing is "refinement of Spirit." This is a potential. In choosing the depth and intensity of this kind of experience, many have been launched on a spiritual path. Many have come to and maintained their vision of themselves as spiritual beings, whereas if things had been "comfortable" they would have been distracted by the physical, 3rd-dimensional comfort and not sought the spiritual refinement which was the intention.

The next question is, "How does this create spiritual refinement?" The spiritual refinement that is created is a result of being so keenly discerning of the finer gradations of things—first physically and then being able to discern fine patterns and distinctions of energetic movement and expression. Oftentimes people come in to incarnation as artists to explore this. What our Jyoti has found in lifetimes in which she has been an artist is that that didn’t work because she could not create in art what these discernments were. The particularities that are part of the Whole, that create the whole tapestry. The little red thread over here that is part of the vast, one tapestry. To be able to discern this.

And so, with the suffering there were times when she experienced the exquisite beauty of her Soul, and it got her through. Or as a result of the excruciating physical pain, she reached with her consciousness a sweet, beautiful core that otherwise she wouldn’t have known existed. It was for that one moment—at which the entire Soul lineage glimpsed and expanded into the awareness of the One—that she made this sacrifice for the good of the Whole. She is saying, "If Wendy is getting this, then I think I’m getting this too." And yet there is still the question: "Why is that the only way?"

QUESTION: That’s been the paradigm of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, played out by the archetype of The Crucifixion.

MELORA: Yes. And so now we are going to work with our Jyoti to release very quickly. We are sending our Jyoti back from now to this time . . . and the being that she was in this lifetime is incarcerated in a very cold cell without any comforts. She is shackled to a wall and forced to live like an animal. They just clean her up right before they want to use her. Total abuse. Total deprivation. And now she [Jyoti now] appears before herself [Jyoti then] as a spirit that in that milieu she would recognize as a good spirit and as a comforting spirit. She looks into her own eyes in that lifetime as she is shackled like an animal to the wall.

She [Jyoti now] lifts herself [Jyoti then] out of her body in that lifetime to be in that space with her [Jyoti now] where there’s no pain—where there is just very loving Creator energy. Lifts her out of her body to release her from that lifetime many years before it actually would have happened back then. We have now changed the timeline. Now we educate her Soul Being Essence about why and where she is now and who she is in the totality of the Collective Being she and Jyoti are part of. We see spirals forming—like DNA spirals—lifting them both up. Releasing the karmic patterns, releasing the separation from Creator, coming to full understanding of the purpose that has served ALL in the collective Soul Lineage.

Now "accordianizing" across those timelines and lifetimes, merging them, having the painful, the "negative," karma drop away. Being reinstated is only the consciousness of the One to free all in their work in the One. Now.


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