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Melora through Joanna Neff (from a 1/6/03 session)

S.: Jyoti asks: "When we choose an incarnational existence, do we choose the whole gestalt of it? Or do we choose particular aspects of that embodiment? The example is, when one chooses to come into incarnation with the 2nd chakra open--so that you can explore clairsentience--the trouble is, with the 2nd chakra open, it attracts sexual predation."


S.: Now, the choice was made to have the 2nd chakra open and then, in doing that, you put up with what comes with the package? Is that what you're saying?

MELORA: Give us a moment. There is a mixed answer to this. We would say that, for the most part, what is chosen is the gestalt of that physical incarnation, so it means: "What is the more generic setup and challenges and issues to be explored?" You come into incarnation with the 2nd chakra open, as an example, for clairsentience, and you will wish between embodiments is to learn how to master your life on Earth with abilities that are greater than those of most around you in terms of reading energies and even people's thoughts. And so the real challenge that you have chosen is to master the reality, do you see: to master physical incarnation with special gifts that are beyond most people's, which is understood by the entity incarnating to be even more difficult than is basic incarnation. That is what you have chosen.

So there is a sense, or an understanding, that harm may come to you as a result of this--harm in many different forms--but not a specific understanding that harm can come to you in the form of sexual abuse (or, in the case of Salem, for example, being burned as a witch, or whatever). There is almost a pure energetic understanding that harm may come to you, but you still choose to do that.

S.: Okay. Again, this goes back to my question of a long time ago: "Who's in charge?" Does the person who's incarnating design with High Self and Oversoul, or whatever, that in this emodiment the 2nd chakra will be open? And then it is so?

MELORA: Yes, and the trouble you may be having in understanding here is the now prevalent belief in the statement, for example, in Seth Speaks (Jane Roberts' book): "You create your own reality." We're not saying that this is not true; what we're saying is that (and even Seth talked about the many possible parallel selves that you have, depending on which turns in the road you take) the number of variables is enormous. In the flow of your life you pick variable number 60,235,000 and whatever . . . and then you turn in some direction that could not have been predicted before you came into incarnation. Do you understand why we just said this?

S.: So that's the free will? That's the part of the choices of being embodied?

MELORA: Right. And in the flow of time and circumstance, and in the interaction with other beings, there are so many variables that there's no way you would have known before you came into incarnation that in 1966, July 30th, at 2:37 p.m. you would fall off a cliff and break your leg.

S.: Um hmm. You know, one thing I was just thinking about: If this embodiment, if I chose (like Jyoti says in her question) to have my the 2nd chakra open, is it possible to have 6 other embodiments, parallel to this one, that are working on each of the other major chakras?

MELORA: We are seeing that this would be rather unusual. And also it wouldn't make much sense. For example, most incarnate beings are oriented around the 1st and 2nd chakras and up to the navel chakra. (The 1st chakra and the navel chakra hold fear-based energies. These are about your physical survival and perpetuation issues, etc.) The great difference between this Age and those of all past ages is that you are cultivating the heart chakra and the chakras above it. We are seeing that there would be more possibility of individuals trying to have all their chakras open and balanced than what you described.

S.: Okay.

MELORA: And did you have other questions besides the one Jyoti asked, regarding this subject?

S.: I thought your answer was interesting because the ideal would be that you decide to come in, and in this incarnation have your 2nd chakra open, and for whatever varying experience it happens to bring. Then you deal with what comes up in knowing that that's what you chose.

MELORA: Yes, but the other thing is that you could also turn into a person who just loves to have sex all the time and who really enjoys it. That doesn't always happen--that you come in being clairsentient and just enjoy physical life much more. So that's a possibility too.

S.: Thank you, Melora.

MELORA: It is our very great pleasure to serve you in the Light. And we are Melora.


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