Part II - Conference Call of 7/26/98

TERESA: And the 11:11 that we experienced when we were up on that highest rock? [Gude, Teresa & Jyoti arrived at the rock behind the central spire of Cathedral Rock exactly at 11:11a.m.]

MELORA: Well, the 11:11 is to remind you of the opening of a portal. So the 11:11, when it originally occurred--the opening of that tremendous energy of light and the anchoring of that light on the Earth--of the opening up of your own major portals of communication with the Great Beings who were present and then anchoring that light here. So there's a parallel with that in each person anchoring the light, as well as the major vortices anchoring the light to these prominent power points on the Earth, which is what Solar [NOT the same Solara as the dancer at our workshop] did in the 11:11 celebrations.

TERESA: And was there a significance in arriving back to Boulder at 11:11?

MELORA: Again, these are just triggering mechanisms because they're so exciting to you, because they make you so joyful. Just, again, to say: "Yes. You're supposed to pay attention to this.

TERESA: Was that part of that time warp?

MELORA: No, that was not part of the time warp, as you describe it. That was more for you personally, Teresa, in triggering you on the opening of the energy portal and your anchoring the light within you.

GUDE: You were just talking about these global meditations [like the 11:11] and there are more and more coming now. Today is one, and the next one is August 6, and then the next one is August 22. I do feel they have some effect, and that the energy really gets stronger and stronger. Is that your perception too?

MELORA: Yes. Absolutely. And our Jyoti keeps saying she keeps missing them all [the global meditations]. And so she never seems to be there when they're doing the group meditations, but that is okay, because she's actually joining in on other levels.

GUDE: That's what I feel is happening to me sometimes at night. I don't have any conscious memory, but there is so much more happening at night.

MELORA: Understand that these rituals do, indeed, create power and are received according to your intention and your love. But actually in your own Being-ness, as you shine your light forth, that also creates an exponential effect. And so there is the doing part, which reminds everybody, in consciousness, of their intentions. As you remember, your setting your intentions Saturday night and Sunday morning had great effect--just the three of you. Making commitment, setting intentions consciously, whether you're alone or with groups--these are very powerful.

GUDE: Recently the Sirius Connection came up again. Once you told me that I had incarnations on, or connections with, Sirius B. But later on, I got some more information that that wasn't my most ancient incarnation and that there was something about The Galactic Center.

MELORA: Well, "Galactic Center" resonates. But not everybody's most ancient Soul expression is physical. For example, the Lyran system is no longer physical.

GUDE: I don't mean physical incarnation or this body, now. It's a "larger" me.

MELORA: We're seeing a Cetacean. We're seeing a dolphin form actually pre-dating many of your incarnations as a humanoid. But the way that the dolphins are expressed on the Earth is different than this same Cetacean energy and form in Sirius. There's a resemblance--the way people resemble other primates, if you will. There's a similarity that would enable you to identify the cetaceans as being related in form, but their expression in their dimension in the Syrian planetary expression is different than the dolphin you see on Earth. They're actually much larger.

GUDE: According to that information I was at one point in time connected to a Council of Twelve. I don't get that it is The Council of 12 that we are talking about now [supporting our workshop], but I have a definite memory of sitting as part of a Council of Twelve.

MELORA: Yes. What we're seeing is that it wasn't as though there was a council of all the same kinds of beings, so you were representing your race, rather than it being a council of all your type. So it would be more of a Galactic-type council, where there would be many different types of beings in form.

TERESA: Speaking of councils, this week some very huge beings appeared to me, almost as if they are a council of some sort. They handed me a document, and I don't understand what this is about. It was all light. I tended to think that they were maybe from The Halls of Amenti.

MELORA: They're very pillar-like, aren't they? About 15-feet tall.

TERESA: Yes. Very large, very strong.

MELORA: But standing in a group?


MELORA. They're not from The Halls of Amenti. There are many councils, as you may know. This has to do with information coming in from the future, so that if it hadn't been for your recent, accelerated development, this would have been much farther in the future. And so they're setting up their presence and their communication with you much, much earlier--years earlier--than it would have happened, and you're merely clairvoyantly picking up their setting themselves in place energetically to create a structure to bring you the information they desire to communicate. This is information about you as a Soul. It is information about who they are and how you relate to them. And some of they would encourage you to translate some of that information into painting if you wish, although they're saying that you would have a difficult time in conveying the hugeness on the size canvases you're used to working with.

TERESA: I felt, too, that I was part of this council.


TERESA: And will they be sharing this information with me in this 3-D aspect?

MELORA: You are part of this council in the expression of you at their level. And so what's happening is that the expression of you at that level is desiring to connect with you here to bring you forth into consciousness merging.

TERESA: Is there anything I can do . . .?

MELORA: They are saying: "Just let it happen."

TERESA: And work with the paintings.

MELORA: They are most pleased that you have had such a clear vision of their presence. That means that the communication web is working very well indeed.

TERESA: Is there any particular group, whether it be Soul Group or the dimensional group that I need to be aware of in this?

MELORA: Give us a moment. They're saying that much more of this sort of experience is going to be coming to all of you in ways that are appropriate to you, in ways that you've been stuck that are now opening up, especially. You would look to the freeing of ways that you've been stuck. You would look to the requests that you have made to experience your being-ness in specific ways and see how that is being answered for each of you. For example, for our Jyoti, it is: "Let me fee joy. Let me feel this exuberance about my life. Let me express myself. I'm an expressive being. That's what brings me happiness and have that bring joy to others." And so if you look at the secret desires of your heart, those repetitive ones that, over the years, you have kept saying "Why can't I have this? Why can't I do that?" If you look to those, you will see them being answered more and more now. Is this happening already for you?

TERESA: Yes. Absolutely. My intention, of course, is "Let me experience Oneness" in moving out of the 3-D and into the inter-dimensional, and indeed it's happening.

MELORA: Right. And they're also saying, "Is it possible for you, Teresa, to experience these visitations without having your mind need to be satisfied and ask questions?"

TERESA: Well, you know I'm a Gemini . . . [laughter] so I do get into the mental a little bit. Yes, it's possible through the painting to get out of the mental.

MELORA: All right. So what they're saying is: "These are to be enjoyed and experienced in Being-ness and not so much examined and scrutinized."

TERESA: Thank you, Melora. And thank you, Beings!

MELORA: And, Gude . . . about your shifts. Are you finding, also, that certain requests that you've been making or questions you've been asking are now being answered? The changes that have taken place in you . . . do these reflect secret wishes of your heart over past years?

GUDE: Yes. Absolutely.

MELORA: Would you mind sharing that with us?

GUDE: I feel great joy and lightness and what I call my "inner smile," and I'm really happy most of the time. Outer circumstances haven't really changed, but I just feel totally different, and my energies are high. I feel sometimes that other people can't take it. [laughter] I feel I'm not affected by others' opinions or belief systems, especially their opinions of me. I just feel that it's their stuff. I'm feeling very empowered and much more powerful. And who knows what's going to happen in the 3-D world, and I have to say that whatever happens I know I'll be able to handle it.

MELORA: Yes, and all of you will be able to handle it. It's harder for Teresa because she has a family. And so she keeps getting anchored in 3-D because of her love for her family. When it comes to that moment when you have to make a decision whether to "go" or to "stay," we wish to tell you that each Soul must go alone. And so when you're provided that opportunity to step into that "tractor beam" (or whatever that's going to look like to you), you must not hesitate. You'll have only about 15 seconds. And if you're worried about what's going to happen to those you leave behind, you will not Ascend. Do you see? That understanding that each Soul is responsible, ultimately, for its own path and its own journey will be the deciding and critical factor for those who have families. Even for our Jyoti, asking "What's going to happen to Pearl and Roscoe [her two cats] if suddenly I'm supposed to take off?"

GUDE: Melora, I'm not really seeing the changing as "leaving" or going somewhere. I think that when the Earth changes, we are going to change with her. Ascending, to me, does not mean leaving the planet.

MELORA: You will be leaving the 3rd-Dimensional version of the Earth. It is the same as that "chasm" that Athena described. There's going to be this vast separation between those of the spiritual Light and those who are not . . . between those in fear and those in love. And if you're standing at the edge, you still have to make a choice. There is still a moment of consciousness (honoring free will) in which you can change your mind and say, "I don't think I can handle this after all." Many have done that in many lifetimes. Athena described this in her talk: You have come to the critical juncture and you have turned back. And so it's not as though you made a decision 10 years ago to ascend and it's going to happen automatically. Every step of the way you make a choice. And so in full consciousness, in full free will, in willingness at that moment, you can step away from 3rd-Dimensional Earth or you can say, "Never mind." Do you see? So in that sense the perception is sudden . . . or in the perception of those you "leave behind," it is going to appear to be sudden. But you make a choice every moment, and a commitment every moment, to the next step.

And this brings us back to your climb back down Cathedral Rock, where, for example, our Jyoti saw only each next step . . . and said, "Okay. Now you have to sit down and go sideways and then curl your body over the rock and softly land here. Trust me. It's going to be okay. Just the next step . . . each next step." That is the way it's going to seem more and more as you get closer and closer to having your consciousness totally detach from 3rd Dimension.

TERESA: And that is so beautiful because I had such a wonderful example of that, and I appreciate the lesson in that, of experiencing that 3-D consciousness--in the interdimensionality--of just taking the next step. That was a very profound experience in that sense.

GUDE: And what about preparing for the next workshop?

MELORA: We cannot guarantee that we won't change your understanding of the next workshop either. We know that you're going to be modifying it according to the reality of where you find people and, yes, your perception that there are millions out there who are at that same chasm is correct. This is why there is such urgency. Understand that those [who attended the Sedona workshop] are going out, some of them in small groups, and are radiating quite a lot of light. And they're going to be going to their own communities and actually spreading, through their being-ness and the light that's in them, much more than any of you can imagine. Just those seed pockets of light are going to "populate" their areas with much more information. They're going to pass along the website information; they're going to pass along information about their experiences. People who are in the same space as they are are going to be attracted to them. Those in the group are going to be able to give other people support in ways they couldn't before because they weren't committed or sure.

GUDE: I want to ask about the crystals that appeared on my nightstand. These are real crystals that weren't there before. What is the message here for me?

MELORA: Yes. We are seeing them. There is no message. The butterfly materialized. The crystals materialized. What message is there in that?

GUDE: Well, I'm getting that the step to manifesting is really believing and the next step is receiving, so maybe other things can be manifested.

MELORA: The critical understanding here, Gude, is that these things manifested without your thinking about them. They were beautiful surprises. And they are small, but they're big at the same time. What they are tokens of is an opening up of your allowance of the beautiful things coming to you just "out of the blue," as you would put it, rather than your having to work so hard to bring things forth. If the processes that you've been using all these years were that "hot," they would have been working, wouldn't they?

GUDE: [laughter]

TERESA: Sorry, Gude. [laughter]

MELORA: With no effort, not even a thought except to be in that space, of union with these Great Spiritual Beings and Forces and Energies--out of that automatically are these little gifts, popping out all over the place . . . and the appropriate response of wonder and gratitude and awe. This is really how things get manifested (and very beautiful things get manifested), not by willing them to come into 3rd Dimension.

GUDE: Not by my mind or by my will . . . I understand that totally.

MELORA: And so allowing yourself not to control the process is very key here--shifting out of that habit of feeling that one needs to control, and our Jyoti's listening to this too, because this applies to her. That these beautiful, wondrous things happen as a result of your spiritual re-connection and your allowance of that beautiful communion with the whole spiritual realm "above" you. What is happening is that these gifts can come through into materialization because you are allowing that energy for yourselves. And you're right: There is no thought process involved whatsoever. None of these surprises except for your request of the Light Travelers happened because you ordered them to happen.

GUDE: I totally understand what you just said. It's when you are in a state of being-ness that all potentialities are possible. At the same time, doesn't there need to be some kind of intent?

MELORA: The intention here is to experience and to enjoy that communion.

GUDE: I mean, in the future I'd love to manifest a million dollars, and I would give one-third to Jyoti and another third to Teresa, and do all the wonderful things . . .

MELORA: Our Jyoti has the feeling that she would take a lot of journeys around the world for the rest of her life . . . travel to the Greek Isles and do all the things she hasn't gotten to do--and still be stuck in 3-D, you see? That's what a million dollars will get you. [laughter] In a very direct way, so many of you have chosen on the Soul level not to have this material wealth because you knew it would anchor you here. If you suddenly won the Lotto, or whatever, our Jyoti would say: "Okay. I'm quitting my job. I'm taking some cruises. No more workshops for awhile. I'm really burned out." And then you get kind of used to all that that money can do for you in terms of your physical freedom in the material plane but then stray away from your other journey, do you see? [laughter] And you know this on the Soul level because you've done it before so many times [laughter] in so many lifetimes. You can't fool yourself at the Soul level.

GUDE: I understand, but why can't we have everything at the same time? [laughter] Wonderful in 3-D and in our spiritual work, and so forth.

MELORA: Well, you are not alone in this question. [laughter] Yes, you echo the mass consciousness in this, you see, since so few of you own so much of the wealth. Yes. All right. So we're seeing the green crystals very prominently. The actually grew there. They didn't materialize in their final form, but since they were not out of the Time-Space continuum, you didn't see them growing there. You saw them all of a sudden. When things are materializing there's a sort of all-or-nothing point, where first you don't see them and then you see them. But they're actually evolving and forming energetically for some period of "time" if they're coming in to a Time expression. The crystals actually grew there over time. You experienced them all of a sudden. In other words, their energy was preceding them before you saw them.

GUDE: But I didn't put the energy in there . . .

MELORA: No. They were a gift to you, the way people are gifted with animal tokens--feathers . . .

TERESA: Frogs [laughter]

MELORA: Frogs, rocks. They are gifts. They are emissaries. They are tokens. It is like when Athena manifested a great blue heron feather for our Jyoti up in the mountains when she inadvertently found herself on a vision quest on land that she was very familiar with but land which suddenly she did not recognize at all. She got lost, and she saw the hind quarters of a steer, the rest of which a mountain lion had apparently eaten. What was left of the steer was only about a day old, and she thought: "Oh, no. There are mountain lions here. Uh oh! Now being lost is really serious!" And the Great Beings told her just to relax, and then the great blue heron feather manifested for her to guide her on her journey. These are definitely gifts, and Native Americans call them gifts. You are "gifted" with these things by the Great Beings. They manifest them for you. So these are gifts that have come to you. The crystals, the little butterfly under the candle, and so forth.

TERESA: The gift, Melora, that Gude gave me in the eagle feather and that Jyoti gave me in the eagle stone--is there a special significance there?

MELORA: What do YOU think?

TERESA: Well, of course, but is there a very strong connection . . . I guess is what I'm saying.

MELORA: In many different civilizations--actually in many different galaxies--the symbolism of the eagle is similar. It is the symbol of America. It is about freedom, about strength, about a vision that sees the most minute things from the air. It is the clear perspective of seeing ALL at one time. The majesty of the bird. Just the thrill that goes through you in the presence of such an animal. These qualities have to do with you and your own empowerment, your own expression of what you came to call (during the workshop) your warrior energy. Having that finally come out. Not being afraid of that dynamic expression of who you are. All of these kinds of symbols. We don't mean to be simplistic here, but think of the whole purpose of such symbols as something for you to contemplate and then realize that that has to do with something--that it's telling you something about yourself. For you, Teresa, it's the baby eagle, the spotted eagle, still in its nest. It hasn't left yet. It's not flying on its own yet as that tremendously powerful bird. It is a budding eagle, a baby eagle, a spotted eagle who's developing.

GUDE: I just wanted to tell Jyoti that the eagle feather I gave her is from Germany, from what we call a "sea eagle." Although it is dark, it is this white-headed, beautiful bird.

[here we've omitted some personal information]

GUDE: Regarding Jyoti's perception that the people from the workshop, the group, or we are depending on her or needing her or leaning on her . . . I would like to support her in maybe getting a different perspective on it. I would like to help her to come to a different understanding of what's going on.

MELORA: But the reality is that she is still anchoring the energies for the group. And the reality is also that she's choosing to do this.

GUDE: As I said to her, I feel that holding the space is still happening, and I don't mind.

MELORA: Yes, and we appreciate your question in her behalf but, again, the reality is that she continues to anchor--almost like the center pole of your circus tent--these energies for the group, because you've created a light structure together as a group. And she is the central channel--literally and figuratively--of allowing that information to come through and express in the construction of these energetic connections between you. We wish you to see that actually they're channeling through her and coming out and creating energetic structures between you, whether she's asleep or awake or channeling or not. This is an understanding that she had on the Soul level--not necessarily on the conscious level--before this moment.

GUDE: I honor and acknowledge her for that, but what can we do to ease her responsibility in doing this?

MELORA: Well, this would be more for future workshops. Just relieve her from having to do the logistical stuff, which she would freely give over to anyone who would wish to help. You know: the typical workshop organizing details. That would help tremendously because what's going to happen is that as all of you continue to build your light structures and continue with these [etheric communication] webworks. You're going to be building quite a number of structures with other people--all those who attend these workshops.

You and Teresa, as you give permission, are going to become more pivotal in helping to hold the energies as these other adjuncts build. And we're seeing it almost like a beehive, where you have the hexagonal shapes of "wax," one after the other. This sort of thing--not confining in any way but just as a convenient way of describing it. So you're going to building upon this. You see, as you merge more in more in consciousness with other members of these groups that are so interconnected and with the support of these Higher Beings, this is what is happening.

GUDE: That would maybe explain why there was not more involvement by the so-called Priestess Group or Goddess Group [in Arizona]--because that's a different group somehow.

MELORA: Yes. Your coming to consciousness of and confidence in your own channeling will enable you to serve as that anchor, too, in more of a permanent way instead of just during the channeling state. What our Jyoti has been discovering now in her interactions with other people is that she's channeling almost all the time. When she talks to people now, she looks to the right and is channeling and therefore gives the perfect information that is needed at the time. She is doing this more and more of the time: She realizes now that when she looks to the side she is channeling. Looking to the side breaks the focus on that person in 3-D and takes her into listening to the information coming in, as in when she works with us. All of you are going to be doing more of that, and so in the future that pyramidal structure between the three of you is going to come more and more into play.

GUDE: Yes, that's what I feel, and channeling doesn't necessarily mean verbally channeling. That's just part of it. What I'm feeling is of setting up the channeling state or conscious connection like a tube up to other beings . . . it's just being more without boundaries somehow.

MELORA: Right. There is this structure that you set up that our Jyoti called a "communication web" (as you do the tonals, The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation). As Roberta doused with her dousing rods this morning, the field extends, in its core energy, about 15 feet out from the body. This is your intersection with all of the information coming in. There are literally no time or space barriers. So the realities, the Akashic records, what is going on with people you're talking to in 3-D, what is going on with Beings who are not in 3-D at all--ALL that is possible to you as this communication web continues to be established and then is finally "settled" around you. At some point it will be totally in place and you will no longer need to do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation to keep putting it in place.

What me meant by channeling all the time is that you're no longer setting up the protocols, the channeling session--no longer setting up that "pipeline" or having all the apparati in place. You are just receiving throughout your entire light structure being constantly. As you can probably infer, that is a good description of ascension of consciousness and as a change in your physical structure that you call bringing your body to light. As we said, having the etheric crystalline body come into full formation, having this communication web set up and finally in place, is the prelude to your bringing your body to light. It's the next step.

GUDE: Thank you so much, Melora. You have wonderful information, and I think I'm out of questions.

MELORA: It is our very great pleasure, and our Jyoti's getting tired, so we would like to depart for now. We thank you both for coming in to the "conference call." It was a great idea that our Jyoti had to include you, and we would suggest that you do more of this in the future so that the three of you can talk together. It is our great desire, as always, to serve you in the Light, and we are indeed Melora.


GUDE: . . . ascending and descending of the energies into the physical form so we can be in the physical body while ascending.

JYOTI: This is Jyoti speaking--not Melora. Well, numbers of people are going to the 5th-Dimensional existence on the 5th-Dimensional Earth with the Golden Cities that St. Germain described in the I Am America information. But then there are also those of us who are returning to where we came from, and actually there are people who are returning to higher dimensional being-ness and to angelic forms, and that sort of thing. There are those of us who are not terrestrials, who are leaving the Earth behind and some of them going to other home stars, and so forth. We are not terrestrial beings; we are returning to our starry homes, and so forth.

TERESA: Is that through death? Passing over?

JYOTI: No. That is going to be their ascension. So I recognize in your question, Gude, a very important subject. You're focused on this question, and it has to do with where are you going? What is Ascension for you?

GUDE: I think at one point I made my decision. I don't know. For me, right now, Ascension is really to integrate and anchor the higher energies into this body and into this Earth. At one point there will be another choice to make: staying in the body and taking Ascension in the body or leaving the body.

JYOTI: You're not leaving the body; you're bringing the body to Light. There's a difference. You're bringing your body to Light.

GUDE: I totally agree with that. Many are going to die, to leave the body and go somewhere else. This is what I mean by Ascension. There are many different paths to do so. Becoming the Light Body totally. Yes. I agree with that.

JYOTI: A number of people are going to die and, according to the channeled information I resonate with, they are going to be taken to other 3rd-Dimensional-type existences to continue what they chose to learn in 3-D.

GUDE: Yes, and many have chosen to die at this point, and many more will die because they've chosen to do so. That's the choice they've made already.

TERESA: Is that the Soul's choice? But Melora was saying that, when it comes right down to the moment, we still have a choice even though we made a Soul choice? Is that right?

GUDE: As long as we have a personal will, they are choices. I believe there are no choices on the Soul level.

TERESA: So, then, we've essentially made the choice.

GUDE: Right. That's how I see it.

JYOTI: But then the free will of the Soul's expressions in 3-D is honored.

TERESA: That's what I'm kind of asking.

JYOTI: Yeah. It's just sort of like the answer to Carol's question about why they came [to the workshop] and other people didn't. The answer was: "Many were called, but only you showed up." The Soul may call many times to us to do certain things, and we'll say yes or we'll say no. Usually we say no. [laughter] I think that's we way it's set up. And so sometimes the choices that the Soul makes are inappropriate--like when we say: "It's easy for you to say. It seems like a really good idea to you, but I've got to tell you that when you're living in a human body it's not the choice that you think it is." And so we teach ourselves things at the Soul level through our incarnational expressions.

GUDE: But I still don't totally accept . . . I could have a million dollars and . . . [laughter]

TERESA: [laughter] Now, remember when that ship comes in, you're going to share it, right?

JYOTI: In spite of our attitude . . .

TERESA: Yeah, we won't do that. We won't take off and travel.

JYOTI: That's right. Just forget what Melora said. [laughter] We'll just say: "Well, Melora, our plans changed. I know you said that, but we're going to have a great time. Sorry. See you later. I'm going to Greece. That workshop's gonna have to wait until we get back from the Greek Isles."

TERESA: Either that or we'll do [the workshop] in Greece.

JYOTI: There you go . . .IN THE PARTHENON. But I thought [Melora's] answer was very, very interesting and very appropriate. And for the first time I sort of understood it instead of going, "Yeah. It's easy for you to say. It made sense the way she put it this time. She's had a lot of time to refine her answer to this question, I can tell you.

GUDE: Well, actually I am in acceptance of that because we are experiencing here is for our good, and I do feel there is a purpose--whatever it is. It's just that sometimes it's tiring, and we are so stupid not to get it the first time. [laughter]

JYOTI: The other perverse thing about people, especially of this sort of Germanic (myself included), Puritanical background, is that we are purified through our work. That's the whole notion of a Puritan--purified through our work.

TERESA: Also sacrifice . . .

JYOTI: We believe, through and through--and those beliefs die hard--that you have to work hard to earn everything, that you have to earn this and you have to earn that. And we believe it so strongly that we can't make it go away.

GUDE: That is one of the conditionings that I had to look at when I left my job and good income in Germany. It is time for a shift, and I don't mean about money. It's about being grateful for what there is and just going out in Nature and seeing the beauty and the wonders, and whatever. I think that's a part of our conditioning that we see abundance only as monetary and having an easy life.

JYOTI: Well, it's everywhere around us that that's true. In "reality" that's true. And so we have to take a big step out of the mass consciousness every time we say "That's not true that you have to have all this financial security in order to have a feeling of well-being."

TERESA: You know, I've talked to a number of friends who are in the same kind of situation as you as far as the job security, and that sort of thing. I think that there are a lot more of us who can learn from that. I see a little beam of light coming to their eyes that I had not seen before because we've also been conditioned to believe that the security is looking like a lifetime kind of job. But it's about our heart location--what fulfills the passion and desire in us. So you're doing that. Bravo!

GUDE: Yes, and I do see that around me--especially in Sedona.

TERESA: Energy flows both ways, in my opinion. Some times you give and sometimes you receive, and it just depends on the situation. I've been in both circumstances, and I learn in both. I think we have to be open and willing to accept all the gifts that come to us also.

GUDE: And what I've realized lately in our work together, and the shift of energy, is that when we are in this kind of being-ness and joy, then we do attract much different energy in all areas than we do when we're upset, angry or depressed. I think the first step is to realize who we really are and that we're not all this conditioning. This was for me one of the lessons from all the beautiful things that have manifested.

JYOTI: And don't forget that the butterfly was under the candle that YOU lifted up and that the Monarch butterfly was following YOU all around [on Cathedral Rock] and right in your face.

TERESA: And the eagles were singing to YOU.

GUDE: No. No. They were singing to all of us.

JYOTI: You're the one who said "Look up" on Saturday night [when we saw the UFOs].

TERESA: See how tuned in you are?

GUDE: In a way I still AM. This morning, out on the land and in the canyon there were beautiful energies in the people around me. The ceremony for Mother Earth was very powerful, and I can feel the power we really have--the power in a good sense--for ourselves and for others, and for all beings, all creatures, all plants. The birds were singing, and neighbors came, and it is just incredible what happens when we tune in.

TERESA: We can feel that, too, when you share that, and it just continues on and on.

GUDE: So that's what I'm feeling now, and all that wouldn't be possible without Melora and her friends in the Light, and I give thanks to them for their love and support.

JYOTI & TERESA: Thanks, Gude.



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