Excerpts from a group channeling with Melora.

Melora through Joanna Neff


QUESTIONER 1: I have a question about Indigenous people. Can you tell us more about that? Were we once like that ourselves?

MELORA: If you mean true human beings vs. Starseed, born into human bodies, Star Seed incarnate in bodies . . . Those of you who have come to help with the Ascension process, you agreed with each other at the Soul level as what we described as "S.W.A.T. teams" into embodiment. Not just to "infiltrate," if you will, but also for Soul growth, so that each time you help in a planetary Ascension, you allow even more Soul growth. Our Jyoti calls this "brownie points." [laughs] All right. And then all in your vertical soul hierarchy benefit and all of your incarnational lives benefit from this work.

Now, what you would think of as indigenous people--yes, they go through reincarnation as well, but their origin is not in the stars; it is indeed of the Earth. And so you think of the Adamic prototype, although Adam was really the same as Jesus. At the Soul level, the first prototype for "Man" but Adamic in the sense of being made of the clay of the Earth, both male and female. So of the Earth--not from the stars.

Now, other beings come into embodiment not on a mission of Ascension at this time, although many or most of those Starseed who are embodied now are on an Ascension mission in past times have embodied to learn what is only possible to learn in 3rd Density what is not possible to learn in a dis-embodied state. And so it takes great courage to come into embodiment because the density and the risk of forgetting your starry origins or your angelic origins are very great. This is also why there is so much help now. In the past, only a few "escaped," if you will--the few enlightened masters like Buddha. Now, of course, there is the probability of Ascension for all, because it is desired by the Creator Source--Prime Creator--to bring everything everything back in an involutionary manner, or in breath, not evolutionary in out-breath fashion.

And so to recognize indigenous beings is not so easy. We don't have any sort of checklist for you. What we will tell you is that their contribution also is very important. They can reach a point of coming out of 3rd-dimensional, incarnational consciousness, just as those who ensouled from star systems and angelic kingdoms have to come out of the 3rd-density consciousness and remember where they came from.

So there is growth, just as in the animal kingdom, those house pets coming into 3rd-dimensional consciousness, which is self-awareness--consciousness of self--instead of being like animals in the wild with their "hive consciousness." It's like one consciousness. Domestic animals that are your friends and companions are doing their work to achieve, or allow, 3rd-dimensional consciousness. There are many levels within 3rd-dimensional consciousness, so they would be the first level of 3rd-dimensional consciousness in their relationship with you.

So just as these animals can evolve out of 2nd-dimensional consciousness, in 3rd, that is true of indigenous humans who are not Starseed, who can travel through the levels upward, if you will, and start coming into 4th-dimensional consciousness, and so forth. It is just more difficult to do it that way.

QUESTIONER 2: It is a slower process?

MELORA: It is a much slower process.

QUESTIONER 3: I have been told by another channel that I have never lived on this Earth before. Is that possible?

MELORA: Oh, that's definitely possible. A person may have had 3rd-dimensional lives many, many infinite numbers of places but not on the Earth but also must go through the every-dimensional experience. It just may not be somewhere you would recognize as Earth. There are other star systems, there are other planets, there are other locations where you can experience cause-effect and karma besides the Earth.

QUESTIONER 4: I've got a question about crystals. They've got spirits of animals in them. I've read that an entity will choose to inhabit a particular crystal and trade this as an image as a bridging for anyone who sees it to connect to that entity. Is that true as you see it? And if so, how is it done and what level of being are these that come through this way?

MELORA: We wish to describe it this way, and we will talk of Shamanic journeying again: The power animals, as they're termed (your "animal guides" as they're termed as well) are energetic representations of what enlivens that animal--what specific quality of energy you associate with that animal. So in a way, it's like an exalted energetic version of that animal. This is why, in a shamanic journey, the animal guide has so much power and why you relate its energy in a more subtle way to the feline in your house. You see, you're working with the black jaguar, and that resonates with your cat, but this is even more intense.

As with shamanic energies, you are directing the use of those energies. In that way, the consciousness in the crystal is said to be passive. If the consciousness within the crystal is directed, then that is a different matter. You see, the encoding in crystals is essentially passive. Because of the latticework structure and the free exchange of ions on the surface back and forth, because it can replicate itself, store information and use that information in its environment, it is truly like DNA.

But you, as the person with the crystal, are directing what could be considered to be the energy archetype it contains, whether you interpret that as an animal essence, a consciousness like a Lemurian consciousness, or a starseed crystal like this is [referring to Jyoti's Melora crystal]. This is like "ET, phone home." This is a starseed crystal right to our Jyoti's source.

The mechanism is passive--"bridging," as you actually said. When you perceive devic energies and consciousness in crystals as they are housed in them, it is more of an impression in the crystalline matrix than it is an actual consciousness, directing itself out of the crystal. Is this understandable?

QUESTIONER 4: Yes. It's more of a cue to a certain kind of energy?

MELORA: A "computer" program. A holographic computer program.

QUESTIONER 4: Similar to . . . I have a cross. It has archetypal energies that you have identified it with, that you can access as a cue to keep yourself focused --

MELORA: That is how you use it, but the archetypal energy actually exists without your recognizing it. That's correct. Thank you for your question. We love questions on energies!

QUESTIONER 5: I notice that in dreamtime . . . it seems to be when I'm about to wake up, I start judging the dream. Before then there appears to be the rather unconditional aspect of what's happening, and that's why in dreams things can flow and change. And it can happen in this world too, but everything changes as soon as you start judging. But there is that peace in lucid dreaming where you're there and it's okay. Now matter what happens, you feel grounded. Now, is that occurring that way as a learning experience so that you can get at . . . that you need to incorporate in your waking time?

MELORA: As we understand your question, perhaps you are describing getting a glimpse of the real, experiential value that the dream imparts to you many times out of archetypal symbols, archetypal characters and events. You recognize them, and in waking and re-evaluating the dream content, your mind is simply trying to help you adapt it in a way that makes sense to your mind. This is the mind's function, and the mind should not be flagellated for doing what is its job to do. But, much as with Shamanic journeying into the lower, middle and upper worlds, if you try to control the process and you try to impose rules of your rational mind, you go nowhere in your journey.

This is true of the dream, and so, yes--as soon as you begin to awaken you start reinterpreting your dream, and then you change it. This is why it is best to wake up and start writing down what you dreamt exactly as it happened, without any editorializing.


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