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The name of this modality says it all: a four-part session that goes beyond what is offered in other long-standing sessions. (The title also was inspired by the TV show "One Step Beyond," a favorite during my youth that aired on ABC between January 1959 and July 1961. It presented 30-minute docudramas that depicted true, unexplained stories of the paranormal and other events that could not be logically explained.)

Truly, the esoteric elements of this session are "Four Steps Beyond" my other sessions: the clearing, removal, resolution, and healing of afflictions I learned about during the years I studied with several spiritual masters in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, I have incorporated items from healing Master Ramon Grace and DNA reprogramming expert Kishori Aird. Including some of Aird's quantum elements definitely helps make this session "Four Steps Beyond"!


(a partial listing of session contents)

Step 1. Karma "Busting": Diagnoses main karmic motifs--and whether life choices are free-will-based or based in such realities as political and religious realities. Neutralizes such adverse influences as karmic realities, karmic imprints & karmic implants; transgenerational memories, miasms, and interferences. And more.

Step 2. Adverse-Influences "Busting": Included is the neutralizing of adverse frequency "broadcasts," electromagnetic "critters," "mental malpractice" caused by so-called "healers" (who really are possessed), and various holographic distortions. And more.

Step 3. Soul Clearance Misc.: Incorporates clearings that, time-wise, will not fit in the original intensive Soul Clearance session: dark-force "slime" and dark-force networks; psychic vampirism; "wolf packs"; "red threads"; "pit bull" elementals, earth elementals (interfere with healing) & serpentine elementals. And more.

Step 4. Healing: This high-tech section addresses such rarely recognized afflictions as aura "wobble," programs of illness & death, and incompatibility of body cells and the spin of these cells. Also: the balancing of 13 brain-chemistry, glandular, hormonal and chakra factors. And more.

Important Notes:

This session does not take the place of Intensive Soul Clearance and Negative Soul programming Clearance. (It augments these modalities.) Although the "Four Steps Beyond" session is quite beneficial by itself, those who have not had me do the Intensive Soul Clearance and Negative Soul Programming Clearance sessions previously might consider my doing these for you at some point in the future.

Not all clients for whom I have done this session are quickly "registering" the changes resulting from this powerful session. With them, I get a strong feeling that the shifts are taking place in the background somehow and that suddenly they'll "wake up" and realize where they are now. And, since these clearings and healings are also affecting people in their other lifetimes, the benefits can be difficult to "track."


w o w ! ! ! thank you thank you Joanna. so glad you were able to do this. will really assist in changes ;) --T.L. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Wow! Your worksheets are amazing! I could feel the shift in energy in [the client's wife] and she literally was feeling "drunk" due to this. Especially thanks to the healing that was done to retrieve vital life force energy. I will be seeing a different (more well feeling) her in the next few days. I am looking forward to the next session. -- S.K. (San Jose, California)

Wow! This is amazing! I've felt like doing things to be healthy, like exercise regularly and meditate and pray. It has felt like something just holds me back. And I've been in abusive relationship with family, friends, boyfriends and even coworkers. It's just time to stop being a victim and learn to love myself. -- M.M. (Hudson, Ohio)

I must say that after the 4-steps session, I've been feeling like my vision has been extended for me at a higher level, like how you would see things from the top of a mountain now rather than from a ground level. It's like some kind of a blindfold has been removed and I've got clarity of vision. I also feel like some of my extra sensory gifts may have been opened up for me.... I have to explore this some more to understand it further. Will let you know if I find anything else. --S.S. (MIrdiff, Dubai, UAE)

Thank you. I actually felt energy changes around the time you did the session. the shifts are powerful and I can still feel energy shifts occurring in me at present. --S.F. (Bamako, Mali)

Appreciate your brilliant work …Indeed this session is very high-tech - and so very worthwhile doing. I am delighted that I have so many hyphens [denoting "none found"]. : That means you have done an excellent job of clearing all sorts of stuff in my previous sessions . I am also so pleased at the stuff you DID find and cleared those. Particularly the Trans generational Interferences, the karmic implants, the anti- Sovereignty / anti- empowerment implants, and the implants preventing ascension in this lifetime . Also so valuable the focus on checking and restoring brain chemistry/glands/longevity inputs. Most intriguing … --J.B. (Mentone, Victoria, Australia)

This is truly amazing as I'm reading the sheets. No wonder [the client's husband] has always told me he needed help but I didn't quite understand then. Now I know why by reading these result; its unbelievable. I hope this will help him. I thank you so much for all the work that you do! You are amazing!!! -- M.L. (Santa Clara, California)

Thank you so much for the Four steps beyond [session]. I was having a stressful day at work (teaching) but felt incredibly light and happy.... No drama just a quiet but incredibly strong inner strength. I was/am so happy Joanna that i am crying as i write this to you....So true about my resistance to change and changing- it was 100%. The extent of my resistance surprised me but I know my patterns are mostly due to not speaking my truth, low self-esteem self doubt and self sabotage. I have made tremendous strides through working with you and feel like a new person. Thank you...... -- R.K. (Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand)

Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I was really shocked by how accurate this was; it cut right to the heart of my issues. - A.H. (Watsonville, California)

Thank you so much for this incredible work. I felt a powerful energy shift at the deep soul level for me on Saturday and Sunday. It was so sublime which took me to a place of gratitude. I can now easily disconnect from low vibration situations when in the past I would have struggled in judgment. I feel light. I render my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you and the pure Beings of Light who graciously assist with the work. May higher wisdom always guide this profound sessions! -- L.A. (New York City, New York)

Joanna, just wanted to let you know you are truly gifted. I thank you and them, I a have been dealing with religious ocd and self defeat mechanisms for many years. ALL OBSESSIONS are gone, all harmful inward messages gone. I have not had this much mental peace in 10 years!! - T.G. (Richmond, Virginia)

Thank you very much for the healing you have done for us. I certainly want [the client's son] to have to Have the Akashic" Sleuthing" session. I feel bigger and together without fear after the session. I am also happily surprised the changed in Jonathan's behavior because the first session was not looking optimistic regarding his spiritual growth. Last night he was so calm and woke up so early to draw something for his invention. I told him the idea came from God and thank Him for it.He also wanted to go to church. In the future I would like to have my " third eye opened" if it is the right time. I always wanted to heal people especially children. I can feel your notes to me and Thank you. -- J.C. (Yonkers, New York)

I bet the 4-Steps Beyond was a quantum leap for [the client's son]. He must have asked for help this lifetime, his spirit was going the wrong direction for many lifetimes. He's gathering himself, and is so thankful. He doesn't understand it all, but the knowledge he is gaining about himself is what he needed to grow. Priceless work Joanna!! I appreciate all of the work you have done to help us. -- (Client in Scottsdale, Arizona)

The depth of your work is quite fascinating. Every unneeded entity or object etc removed is helpful in the journey of life. This work is definitely an advanced one. Thank you very much. -- M.M. (Lowell, Massachusetts)

Thank you so very much for the healing session; words cannot express the jubilation I felt after it was completed. I felt an incredibly deep sense of freedom; my connection to my Higher Self was immensely crystal clear--it was like taking a giant leap in my healing and in my life in ways I cannot express. I feel better and more finely atuned to my Truth; and I very much attribute it to the clearing! My energy is adjusting to the shift as is my lifestyle and it's all been very positive! I will peruse the suggested reading /books you mentioned on your site. I thank you again for all that you do. I thank you so very much; I am looking forward to all that life brings! -- L.O. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Many thanks! The congruence between the issues you identified (karmic issues, archetypes) and the things I am scared of was astounding! Now hopefully I can let go of these fears and live more truly. - D.S. (Tamu Nadil, India)

I rested and for the first time could feel some sensations, I was aware
that you were working and I just rested and allowed the highest outcome.
Wow, I am on the track of empowerment. How unusual that I had so many that
were more than you've found thus far. The I can't really made sense for
me, since I was as child. I accept the I am of I can, and then only if it
is in my highest desire. I
You are so gifted and I really appreciate all that you do to support me on
my highest path. After having the privilege of experiencing your sessions
for a number of years, when I look back in comparison I can see tremendous
shifts. I am feeling more balanced, empowered and more connected with my
true essence!
I look forward to working with again you soon. I am appreciative of your
awareness and the grace with which you work. Deep thanks to you and all involved,
--E.S. (Sarasota, Florida)

Session Fee: $135.00 U.S.

I require payment via PayPal up-front before scheduling a session.
When I have received notice from PayPal that you have sent your payment, I will email you with your session date.



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