[Note: After the first break on Saturday morning, we had a surprise "visitor" from The Council of 12: "Lady Masters of Karma." We were told before the Sedona workshop that Isis--at the Melchizedek level--is one of the members of this council. One of the workshop attendees channels Melchizedek very beautifully, and following is the "conversation" between Isis and Melchizedek.--Joanna Neff]

ISIS through Joanna Neff

I am the One and the Many whom you call Isis. I am so pleased to be with you today. I am the One, the Many, Isis, well-known to Melchizedek. I wish to acknowledge the presence of the Great One, Melchizedek. Is Melchizedek willing to speak?

I thank you Lord Melchizedek. I honor your presence. I honor the presence of those who sit before me. I am perhaps coming through rather intensely. I have not worked with the one, Jyoti. I will ask Melora to help calibrate the energies.

My message today is to not fear intensity of energy, to not fear when you feel the intensity of energy that somehow it means you are not in harmony. So many have the belief that if you are connected in spirituality to the One that it is always soft, that it is always quiet. I wish to inform you and to make the suggestion that the more connected you are energetically, the more intense it is going to feel. The more you connected you are in consciousness, the more soft it will feel to you. The connection of consciousness is not energetic in the same sense as in connecting with the pure energy itself. Pure consciousness in a still state is indeed quiet. The union or reunion of consciousness, your consciousness with the Divine in meditation, is still, is soft. It is the cessation of movement, do you see--the cessation of movement. The stillness in that point of now in consciousness is soft and quiet, but that is not the only way to connect. Would you agree, Lord Melchizedek?

Melchizedek: It is very profound in that you are learning to experience within your bodies, within your consciousness, within the direct connection that you are making, and having the foundation of the quiet, soft ways that you are able to use as your, shall we say, launching pad. This is something that all of you are experiencing very clearly right now and sometimes it’s very frightening to you as you feel these strong energetic changes within your body. So it is very important what Isis is saying to you right now: that you learn not to fear this compassion and this intensity that you are experiencing in these days of very incredible energetic shifts on all dimensions. Not just the Earth moving through her ascension process, but as we are all connected, as you have been speaking this morning ,of these Light Webs and of these Communication Webs and the sound and the light of connection, so every energetic change that is going to bring on in your planet, in your body, within the solar system, the star system, that you call your body, you are experiencing in a new way, in a physical way, these energetic changes. So it is very critical that you learn not to fear the intensity of this energy. Absolutely. We thank you.

I thank you. And I am seeing the pillar of light which Melora described as my signature energetic role, if you will, as a member of whom you call "The Lady Masters of Karma" and many other councils.

Just as all energies move and are interrelated, our energies as members of The Council of 12 will move freely about in nonrestrictive ways as Lord Melchizedek described. Yes, they can become focused as they are now so I may speak through the one who sits before you. They can stop, if you will, and focus and take form or take voice in a moment intersecting in time and space with people as I have done in ancient Egypt and other times with other names as all, including the great Pallas Athena and the great Quan Yin have done, being embodied so as to be of better service by having gone through, having experienced in the body the rigors of incarnation in physical form. You experience the struggle of consciousness to reunite with the One and not be fragmented from it.

I speak through the one who sits before you with Melora’s assistance. I have stepped forward to bring a message of your understanding of how you can consciously shift your energy so that you are a pillar of light, connected above, connected below. The "Zau Raum" [note: one of the Atlantean tonals] pillar of light connects that beautiful crystal in the center of your Earth that is like a brain and like a network of communication to all who inhabit her, connecting to that center, connecting vertically, if you will, to those above you. That is one kind of movement of energy that is necessary. It is, as it is said, the shortest distance between 2 points being a straight line.

So that is one kind of energy movement that produces a specific very direct and very accelerated effect to connect you with everything. But as you know, and with the Heart Axis, you must have at least two lines to form an axis. You have the vertical. You have the horizontal. You have the sacred cross, the intersection of two lines or what we would describe as two straight movements, if you will. Then you have all of the geometrical shapes in their interdimensional formations, not only 3-dimensional versions but also interdimensional versions. Then you have the circularity of movement, as in gyroscopes, as in UFO craft, as in travelling through space and time, as in travelling interdimensionally; the intersection of vertical and horizontal movements of energy that you call a straight line, vertical and horizontal; the energetic of movement that you call a circle or sphere, constantly moving.

Only focus changes the perception of any particular pattern of movement, so that if one focuses on the center, one has in the point, in the now, just this. Perception chooses to stop. Perception chooses to look at only this tiny portion and then it is given a name only for the sake of perception. But all is really still moving, do you see? It is much like the perception that you are standing on the Earth and nothing is moving. Or that you are standing upright and on the other side of the world. It looks like you are upside-down, do you see, because of gravity.

So perception of movement or non-perception of movement determines to a large extent your perception of reality. If you do not perceive movement and you are in a static state or an inert state, you are in a contracted, pointless, if you will, state of being, focused on one thing at a time instead of multidimensionally. Do you see? And so I would describe what is going on in your experience of Ascension as learning to perceive, or allowing yourself to perceive, more movement. Would you agree? More movement of energy. To perceive your reality more in terms of movement. An example would be the very touted acceleration of time. The many articles and books that have been written about accelerated consciousness, which I would suggest is merely a greater perception of a movement that already exists, a movement that already describes virtually everything in your reality and all the new things that you’re learning about what is and what can be. Lord Melchizedek, did you wish to add something here?

Melchizedek: Just a note of clarification. As you begin to experiment with energetics as this movement and realize that in the excellent analogy about time, how you are experiencing time, realize that whatever is being created in your world that looks like it’s "out there" or that is having an effect on you, is merely a reflection of the energetics that are going on, shall I say, internally. And when I spoke earlier of the star system that you call your body, that is literally, literally what I mean, and what you are starting to experience is this movement and being aware of the movement. It doesn’t mean that the movement has not always been there; it’s just that your focus has been on this one perspective, and as you open up and allow yourself to experience this movement, you are going to become multidimensional in your perception while focused still in this physical expression of that focus.

So exactly what you are experiencing here today with these bodies [attendees] that are here, you are experiencing very multidimensionally right now and it’s because you’re remembering what joy this movement is and how to be conscious of that joy. And so ,again, what’s happening here today is just merely a reflection--coming into physical expression of what you are experiencing internally within your star system as you go through this process of Ascension.

We say thank you. And so, as Lord Melchizedek so eloquently pointed out, perception is all. What you are conscious of determines where you go next, as you say, or where you do not go next. And again, I wish to emphasize movement. What the one D. [a workshop attendee] has done in time and space in moving from Colorado to Massachusetts is a mirroring of an inner movement, a mirroring of a way of reinstructing the self that staying in one place for long periods of time is comfortable but not always desirable. And so with the rigors of moving from one part of the country to another, D. has sort of shaken herself up and moved her out of a sense of what familiar and comfortable. And as Lord Melchizedek pointed out, this can often be very jarring to the human mechanism, what you call traumatic.

It is difficult for a human being who feels pain or who feels discomfort to acknowledge and welcome the changes that caused that discomfort. But I will tell you that the discomfort is really telling you that you’re in transit from point A to point B on that line of movement. And so the more you process and steep yourself in discomfort, the more slowly you travel on that line. It is like the difference between taking a number of stops in your day trip on the road to sight-see and going very quickly to your destination, settling in and exploring your environment there. And this may not be a totally appropriate example, but what I’m saying is that when you steep yourself in processing the discomfort that you’re feeling, it takes you longer to get to your destination. And as you know, there are people who can stay in processing for entire lifetimes, or entire decades, as in going to a psychotherapist where the classic situation is that you are using the therapist as a sounding board for processing that never ends. If you quickly want to move, you do soul retrieval. You get very accelerated, go to your destination in a very accelerated way.

So what I am saying is that as you remain more focused on how this is affecting your physical mechanism, or your physical/mental mechanism, your progress, as you put it, will be slowed down. As you seek change, meaning the opening up of your perception, the opening up of your consciousness, and focus on the movement in that direction, there you will be accelerated to go there. The provinces that you are exploring in such a process are not something that the physical/mental mechanism can track anyway--the mental mechanism as it is attached to the egoist structure that is your survival tool in third dimension. And so the real reason for aspiring to egolessness is to detach from the mechanisms that would keep you entertained by or absorbed in mental processes that keep you from ultimately getting to your destination. It is a subtle form of resistance to reaching your destination, do you see? Not ego as monster, not ego as tyrant but ego as thoroughly doing its job helping you remain in third dimensional consciousness so that people won’t think that you’re crazy, so that you can have a family and do your dishes and stay focused.

But now you know that you can have those little feet, as the one sitting here [Jyoti Alla-An] describes as sticking out of the bubble, and walking the Earth while being in total perception consciousness and communion with true Divine energetic substance that you are of Light.

I would like to thank you for listening to my message. I wish you great happiness in your travels from point A to point Z. I wish you great acceleration. I wish you great relinquishing of the need for comfort, the need totally for softness and comfort, and the ability to ride an intense beam of energy, an intensely focused beam such as a laser beam, through dimensional portals in your consciousness. I wish you the courage to feel that as exhilaration and not as discomfort. And the one, Lord Melchizedek, in closing?

Melchizedek: Never doubt that you have the courage necessary to ride the energetic waves right now--the courage that it took for the powerful, spiritual Being that you are in this moment, in this time, to descend into forgetfulness so that you could experience this is just astonishing to the other beings in the other universes. So never doubt for one second that you have the courage that is necessary to do this. You are astonishing, creative Beings, and you are coming into that conscious remembrance of how to focus your creative energies.

And it’s so important to realize where you focus and that if you focus on the discomfort, if you focus in the arenas where there is resistance, then it is going to be just like Isis has said: stopping, stopping, stopping. It’s not going to stop the process, it’s just going to take you much longer to get there. So as you take responsibility for yourselves as powerful, creative beings choosing this experience, you can release that resistance. Realign your focus on what it is that you want to create rather than what you have been taught, encultured within your culture--to focus on what you don’t want to create, which keeps you creating more of that thing.

So, in closing again, I want to thank you for inviting us, for being so intensely focused on what it is that you want to remember that you actually call us forth in embodied form in a way that we have the ability to communicate. So we bless you again. It is hard for us to describe the joy and the celebration that is going on these realms as we reconnect and we integrate these aspects of all that you are. Thank you for inviting us.

Thank you, Melchizedek, for your eloquent addition to our communion with these great Beings today. I thank you as the Lady Isis, the one you know and call Goddess. I thank you as Goddesses in your own right and in departing, I am yours, Isis.


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