Melora through Joanna Neff

(from the Melora Talks: Sedona Series)

(excerpt from Part II: Friday Night -Questions/Answers 7/10/98 - Sedona, AZ)



N (female): I have a question. You mentioned briefly something about releasing karma from the DNA. Could you talk a little bit more about that?

Yes, and we explained this to someone on the phone recently. All of the archetypal possibilities for your expression, in form, and actually NOT in form, are encoded in your DNA. So we would say, for example, "memories" of your NOT being in form are in your DNA in terms of your connection through the Higher Self to "future" lives, other-dimensional existences, and so forth.

This is what makes it possible to do work such as that which we will do this weekend. At the DNA level, what happens is that we can re-play or revivify (almost the way you reconstitute freeze-dried food) these programs and turn them into holographic representations of the point in time where we're working. These can be "read" and come to your consciousness, where they can be used like merkabas, in a way, in their holographic form rather than in that sort of flat, digital encoding. When the memories go from that linear coding to the holographic, then you're coming into that circular thing that we described in the beginning. Now you have access to all the energies as they flow around, through, about, and so forth.

The reason that Shamanic soul retrieval works at the level that it works is that the shaman is going on a journey and coming into contact, usually, with a visual representation of some archetype, do you see? Some of these archetypes are medicine animals, power animals. These are not to be taken this literally as many think. They're to be seen as messages (as we told S. one time) from the Higher Self to you in a form that is dramatic and that you resonate with and that has meaning for you. If that's power animals, then that's what is selected by your Higher Self as the medium for the message, if you will.

What we're working with [in Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval] is the Etheric Template, your perfected blueprint, your perfected energetic structure, your perfected physical body too, all of your other bodies--your Higher Bodies--and even your CONNECTIONS to your Higher Self, other members of your Soul Group, and so forth. These are all encoded but not all activated. Part of what happens when we do Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval is that we energetically transmute karma encodings, as the client is ready to release them.

What you do, for example, when you come into your intention to ascend, is translating into: "I want to activate these programs so that I can work with them consciously" and so that they come alive instead of being flat (or one-dimensional), digital or linear. They're "puffed up" and spherical and have life, and you can work with them now.

So encoded in your DNA is that you might be a villain in some lifetime. You might be a predator; you might be a victim. You might be a hero, or you might be a coward. Every possible scenario expression, whether it be in a body or as a discarnate spirit, is there for you to work with. In coming into embodiment, you essentially set an intention that you're to play this role, now, in this lifetime, and you call to the template--not just for the physical body but also for the activation of certain scenarios, certain lineages (certain parents), certain childhood teachers, or whatever is going to happen. You're creating, essentially, holographic experience, which is what your experience in 3rd Dimension really is.

But you're doing it out of the DNA's core programs, which are more infinite than you might imagine. So the perception of scientists that there are these raw genes--and that you inherit these from your mother and father, and so forth, that's your raw material, and that's a static thing--is incorrect because there are ENERGETIC versions of these that run in tandem with, and parallel to, that. Do you see?

We are Melora, and we wish you great Joy of the Light!

THE 12 STRANDS OF DNA (11/5/97 - Boulder, CO)
If you would look at the 12 strands of DNA in their "final" formation, they would be like braidings of light that now are activated and are connected with all aspects of you and with all expressions of you, whether incarnate or discarnate—whether Higher Self or whatever. A lot of people think that the 12 strands are just sort of on the cellular, genetic level and that they are sort of stuck to you or within you, and that’s where it ends. But the filaments of this braiding are like fiber optical tubes. They’re energetic fibers, and they’re like strands that now light up and give you consciousness connection with all other aspects of you in the Oneness.

What’s happening in what you’re seeing in the heart chakra is that you’re seeing the center, or the hub, of activation through the expression of the light rays to those Beings who are "in charge of" them, but this is not synonymous with the 12 strands of DNA. You see, they’re not separate, but we are seeing a sort of hub of energy there with a direct connection to these beings.



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