Part II: Insectoid Karma Resolved

Melora through Joanna Neff

In this second part of a private session, Melora, the client's guides and Archangel Michael assist the client in resolving unsavory incarnational connections with what L. Ron Hubbard described as an "insectoid" invader race on Earth. Of special note is the setting up of communication structures to help the client access assistance from the client's Higher Self, from Archangel Michael, and other higher Light sources.

MELORA: We are seeing some filaments of light, some light structures of communication. It's almost like you would see your towers on Earth associating with satellites to beam information to you from your Higher Self and from angelic sources. These connections are only communication connections. They are not binding to you in any way. As with turning on your television, you can turn on your connection with your intention at will. They are not light filaments that are incorporated in your body in any way; nor are they invasive to you in any way. They are just making accessible some communication networks for you.

Give us a moment. We wish to invoke Archangel Michael's understanding that [client] sees [client] as a warrior in the light--not in an aggressive or violent way but in the way of seeing clearly through all illusion. Would this be appropriate?

D: Yes.

MELORA: Okay. And to be able to ask your help as [client] needs it and as it feels safe and appropriate for [client] to sever any attachments that are not for [client's] highest good and not of [client's] choice. This includes any attempts at implants. We wish you to deactivate any current etheric implants that are not for [client's] highest good and that are not of [client's] free-will choice. We wish to deactivate any etheric DNA residues of [client's] connections from other lifetimes on other planes that [client] now no longer agrees to have in place. This may change over time. We're just setting up the structures of communication so that as you become aware of, for example, of DNA information that is obsolete that you wish to change, the structures are in place for you simply to ask for them to be deactivated or neutralized, or whatever term makes sense to you. "Extracted" would be a good term perhaps. We are setting up the communication structures for you so that as these arise in your consciousness you can ask for the appropriate remedy, if you will.

Give us a moment. Are you seeing any of these light structures, by the way? Or feeling any of them?

D: Now that you mention it . . . I got an image of them.

MELORA: Good. Okay, and so we have a macrocosmic level and a microcosmic level of these communication structures. You can see them like the little antenna on your TV set. You can detach that at any time. It's the same as turning off your TV or turning off your radio or your computer. On the microcosmic level, there are light filaments of communication--like an overlay in your energetic structures--not implanted but an overlay that you can tune in to or not. They are not part of your higher bodies; they are not part of your physical body but, rather, energetically exist within your higher bodies. These are not invasive; they are, again, just like airwaves. They're there for you to use or not. We promise.

All right. Good. What we would like to next is to go back to the holographic memory of the insectoid society. You're in the center, and your consciousness is being implanted into a human form. Now this is not the same as ensoulment; this is just a change in structure that would allow you to become ensouled in a human physical body. What you are seeing is symbolic--not actual.

Now, we're going to call this a living hologram. It's still in remembrance, but we can change it the same way you can change things going on in a computer program by new programming. We would like you to see yourself become actively aware--to sit up, instead of being operated on, or whatever is going on.

D: All right.

MELORA: And now you're going to teach them something that you have learned since this occurred. We would like you to report to them things that you find objectionable or wrong or some lesson that they need to learn that they can learn no other way, except by what you tell them. And we wish you to say this out loud, if you're comfortable with that. Tell them what the advantages are of being in a human body . . . or the advantages of not having a cell- or hive mentality. . . . so both what's wrong with that society and what recommends human consciousness.

D: The hive mentality does not lend itself to growth. It does not allow you to take personal responsibility for your actions or let you grow spiritually.

MELORA: And tell them what it means to grow spiritually.

D: To grow spiritually is to become more of who you really are--to become greater. To grow spiritually you must be able to take the consequences of your actions. When you're shielded by the hive mentality, you have no responsibility. That way you're shielded from karma because you don't really exist as an individual.

MELORA: Outside of hive consciousness, you stop sharing karma.

D: Human consciousness is preferable to that non-existence. You may someday feel this and learn that it's true. This is exactly what you need.

MELORA: All right. And what have you learned in having individuated in this plane? What recommends it for you in your own estimation?

D: I've learned that I have a connection with my Higher Self that I didn't know before with hive consciousness.

MELORA: We're being asked to tell [the insectoids] through you that such people as Osama Bin Laden--in using religion to brainwash people--is hive consciousness and that some of the greatest evils have been perpetrated by individuals who understand how powerful this is. Hitler is another example. Where you are able to harness people's reluctance to taking individual responsibility, you create an enemy in their estimation and then you essentially suck out their free will until they become robotic. They just say, "Oh, yeah. Whatever you say is true." And then they perpetrate enormous atrocities.

We're being asked to tell you that no such great evil is possible without a hive-consciousness response. In the days after September 11 (as we said in our web article), what is going on individually for people is a reflection of what's going on in higher dimensions in the battle between Good and Evil in the great resolution of sweeping karma. Sweeping karmic resolution. And so, which is exactly what you're doing. Find ouin our article "Attack on America" in our website, we said "Tend your own garden,"t where you fit in to all of this. This is a wonderful catalytic session for you in which to understand your part in World events, and for you it is coming to the understanding that hive consciousness is not inherently bad. But hive consciousness can be misused to perpetrate the greatest evils on any planets in any planes. What is the country that fought so hard for free-will choice and individuality? It is the United States of America.

Does this help you understand the turn of consciousness in your own life necessary to reflect what is going on in the World back to you and what your part in it is?

D: Somewhat.

MELORA: This may take some time. This will grow on you. This is the direction that we're suggesting you go, and we're seeing more and more clarity coming to you about your role in this and that the issue for you karmically is the shift from the illusion of connection that hive consciousness gives and the real spiritual connection that comes out of free-will choice in every moment . . . that the latter is the appropriate and, as you so eloquently put it, is the only way you can experience spiritual growth.

All right. We would like you now to just extract that holographic image of yourself out of that circle of insectoids. Remove that and bring it to you in your lifetime currently, so that now they're sitting in an empty circle. You are no longer connected with them. Now merge that image back with yourself. Take a deep in-breath, connecting first at the crown chakra. That's where the information comes in to you from your Higher Self and beyond in your vertical Soul lineage. Then at the third eye, putting you in touch clairvoyantly with the akasha, other lifetimes, helping you remember more and more, in the days to come, how you have expressed this specific issue lifetime after lifetime in many different ways. With those remembrances comes the consciousness connection with those lifetimes and the resolution of that karma.

Then connect at the throat chakra, the home of clairaudience--hearing clearly. Telepathy is clairaudience. The telepathy center is in the throat. With telepathy, you literally hear with your throat! And also clear speaking, of course. Connecting there now is about getting telepathic information clearly--connecting there now. Then connecting at the heart chakra, where you now reunite with a major Soul fragment . . . past-life. Very ancient, now connecting with you and bringing with it many gifts that you have been missing over many lifetimes because of this severing.

Now the dropping away of the negative karma betwen that ancient expression of you and all successive lives between then and now. The gifts and wisdom of those many lifetimes come into your consciousness more and more in every day to come. Now connect at the navel chakra, where you have held so much fear in so many lifetimes. We are asking now for Archangel Micha-el, Micha-el, Micha-el to clear out that residue in that chakra, as it has been connected over many lifetimes in the memory of the DNA--both etheric and physical--to clear that out as much as possible before our session ends and to continue during however many days and weeks it takes, finally, to clear out in all the successive lives. You may see a kind of accordianizing of all those lives being closed together like an accordian closing.

Good. Now go to the second chakra, where there is much confusion over many lifetimes. The right to experience joy but the negative effects of (as you described it) "sexual compulsion." We are now asking that those vibrations be calibrated so that sexual joy occurs naturally instead of there being any addictive kinds of tendencies and so that true relationship is the medium of the joy. True and total relationship and communion with another person is the medium and the goal now.

Then we go to the base chakra connection. This is the seat of survival. This is the reptilian section that says, "They might be sneaking up on me!" "I need to make sure I have as much as they do." "I must survive!" What we're going to do now is ask for re-calibation. Archangel Rapha-el, Raph-el, Rapha-el, please recalibrate these energies in this chakra for all the lifetimes that are now merging into one so that there is an appropriate and loving impulse to survive. The impulse to feel alive, to feel joy, to connect: Let those energies now predominate there.

And we ask for the specific dissolution of any insectoid or reptilian raw-survival impulses in this chakra. Any fear based or greed based residues now to be transmuted by theViolet Flame--and that there be only love of life and that wishing to survive to enjoy more. This is more love of life, more joy.

[Note: The rest of the session is omitted because it did not pertain to the insectoid invaders issue and was more personal in content.]

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