The Medusa/Pegasus/Goddess Connection

Melora through Joanna Neff

S: One of the other questions I had was about what happened during our last session when my wife and I met on the rainbow bridge. I revisited that, and although she didn't come to the middle of the bridge, Pegasus came over and there was also a wolf--a very beautiful wolf that she connects with. The wolf actually came to the middle of the bridge, lay down and exposed her under-belly. I played with the wolf, and it felt very good until Pegasus and my wife started to come onto the bridge. I got the feeling that she was a little reluctant to do this. In fact, she may even have gone back to her side. I wanted to thank you for giving me that process and my ability to revisit that on a journey. It was very beneficial to me to have both the wolf and Pegasus.

MELORA: You are most welcome, and we want to explain something about Pegasus. What we're hearing, at the Soul level, is that your wife is fully aware of the symbology of Pegasus. But she's saying that you are not. She's saying that until you are aware, she can't work with you on this. It's important for you to understand that Pegasus sprang forth from the blood of the Medusa's severed head. Remember, she was the one with the snaky hair?

S: Right. She turned people to stone--

MELORA: Well, that's not all Medusa is about, for in the most ancient traditions in pre-classical Greece and Crete, the snake was always about healing. As in the caduceus on the medical symbol: two snakes coiled like DNA around a central staff. The snake was the symbol of healing energy, and the guardian of that healing energy was always the Goddess.

S: You mean that Medusa was the head of all the healers?

MELORA: Medusa, as she was interpreted later by the Greeks, was typical of what happened to the Goddess. They feared her energy, and so they turned her into a monster. Pegasus sprang forth from the blood of the Gorgon's severed head. Your wife is saying, "When you realize this, you will understand that what Pegasus, the winged white horse, stands for is of the Goddess. Until you understand this, she can't relate to you. The Goddess was the guardian of healing energy, and she was maligned; she was made into a monster. When you acknowledge that, you will have a bridge to her in her heart.

S: So Pegasus' coming onto the bridge and letting me be with her--is that like a first step in understanding or acceptance? My wife actually jumped on Pegasus' back but did not come over to see me. Pegasus actually flew around with her on his back, and I think they became one before separating again. That's when my wife wouldn't come over on the bridge.

MELORA: This is, at the Soul level, a power struggle in the sense that you are not acknowledging her native power. Your sense is that power is earned; with her, the power is innate and that deserves just as much respect as earned power. She says that she shouldn't have to prove what she is, and she shouldn't have to flaunt, and she shouldn't have to demonstrate. It just is.

S: I agree with all of that, but aren't you saying that somewhere within me I don't agree with that?

MELORA: No. Somewhere within her, she doesn't believe or know that you acknowledge that. What we're hearing is that the way she perceives your path is that you're pretty much into your own thing and that you don't acknowledge or share who she is innately. You're so focused on where you're going on your own path that you're not sharing or acknowledging who she is innately. That's what we keep hearing.

We will describe what we are seeing as the way, we will say, it used to be in pre-classical Crete with the goddess energy, and so forth. Males typically have the dynamic rather than the receptive energy, and so when goddesses were honored for who they really were, males became receptive to their energy. As long as there is a polarization of male and female, where the male is polarized in the dynamic mode, then he is unable to be receptive to the being-ness of the goddess energy. Is this making sense?

S: When I talk to my Soul, it has more of the feminine essence than the masculine.

MELORA: It depends on how you're expressing that--or whether you're expressing that. You can be in a state of being-ness without a soul. We're not receiving that that is so. Again, there's a kind of squeamishness on her part. There's something that has put her on "red alert," and she stays there, keeps that bridging or sharing from fully happening. For some reason, she's on guard.

We will tell you that the formula for "chick flicks," for romantic films, is always the same. This applies here. The formula for all knights in armor and maidens that they woo is always the same: The man must earn the woman. She rebufs him and rebufs him and rebufs him. He remains steadfast, and he keeps trying. He earns her respect, and he earns her love. This is the motif that is operative in your wife's consciousness and at the soul level. The soul-level consciousness is what will convince her that you are worthy for her to share all of who she is with.

S: [laughs]

MELORA: You see? This is what men do. They say, "This is a chick flick. I'm not gonna go see that!"

S: [laughs]

MELORA: But, if they really want to share in the power of all that the woman is, they do those things.

S: We just saw "Pearl Harbor," and I said exactly the same thing. I said it was a romance novel, like a cheap paperback, that used Pearl Harbor as an excuse.

MELORA: We're just trying to tell you that if you're interested in bridging to your wife, that is what we're receiving. [laughs] It may not be welcome news . . .

S: No, it's all right. We've been married 30 years, and in that time there is something else that's been holding it together. There's something else going on that I just do not understand, and sometimes I just want to turn my back and walk away from it.

MELORA: Well, men are not as willing to sacrifice energy or time for things aren't really that interesting to them. We will remind you of the movie that Johnny Depp was in about Don Juan and his effect on women. We're not suggesting that you become a Duan Juan; we're saying that if you look closely, you will understand that the man that the woman perceives as a good lover is the man who is very interested in pleasing her, who is very interested in showing that he perceives all she is, and respects, reveres and holds that sacred. That is irrestible. That is what women want.

S: To be treated as a goddess. They cannot do anything wrong, and--

MELORA: No, it is not so much that as that in the presence of such a male, all of who she is is revealed and shared. Most men are unwilling to give her that much power.

S: [laughs] I think you just bumped my ego.

MELORA: [laughs} But you know this is true. And so this was the issue in whomping and stomping the goddess out of people's direct conscious experience in ancient times. That was the whole purpose. The goddess had too much power and they didn't like it. But they misperceived power. In acknowledging women's power, men became empowered and didn't even know it!

S: The opposite thing than you want seems to happen. You have to go out to battle, and you actually become stronger as you go the other way.

MELORA: Yes. Because it's about true spiritual power, which is in receiving--not doing. It's in being-ness. If you think about all you've heard and read about where it is desirable to go in the Ascension process, it is into pure being-ness. That's what goddess energy is! And so if you allow yourself to experience that here, if you will, in 3rd dimension, that is the answer to your question. We have come full circle in this session. That is the answer to your question about how you "get there." And she is key: The goddess energy is key in getting to that next level.

Shamanic power is very yang, very male, very 3rd- and 4th-dimensional. Goddess energy--moving into the love vibration--is a much more yin, female kind of receptivity to allowing descension, to allowing the ascension of consciousness, just allowing the merging, which is symbolically characterized by this vision of your wife. Allowing merging. So your whole Ascension process is symbolized here.

S: Well, that answers the question about the 30 years and why we're still together I guess.

MELORA: Yes, you still have this work to do, and it is critical in moving you into the space you say you wish to be. As you allow that here, in the relationship with your wife, so then do you pave the way and open the door to moving into that other consciousness of spiritual ascension.


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