MEGA-Healing testimonials

with Joanna Neff

Thank you very much for doing the Mega-Healing session for me.
It was night time here, I was awake while you were doing the session, I felt my consciousness expanding, surrounded by light, I perceived your close presence and other Light Beings. I was in a state of inner happiness, joy and peacefulness. My Anxiety, stress and tension levels the next day all disappeared, as if I was born again. I have not felt this way for a very long time:).
-- R.S.(Port Sorrel, Tasmania, Australia)

Thank you and Melora for this amazing healing session for my wife. The healing modalities used on the session was very diverse and esoteric. During the healing session, she had been feeling sleepy and tired (she also had got up very early that morning), but after about 24 hours, she exclaimed "I am feeling good" and "I am feeling my energy coming back". I have not heard her ever say these comments ever before since we got married. The session has produced tangible results and I can see it in her energy level. I cannot express my gratitude enough at what this you have done for her. -- S.K.(San Diego, California)

Thank you so much Joanna! I will give feedback this weekend but suffice for now I was buzzing all afternoon yesterday feeling waves in my center and in spots I've had pain and a little light headed at moments and slept amazingly well.... Bless you and thank you!!!! -- K.H. (Cobleskill, New York)

In last December's Mega session, Quan Yin came in very strongly with her
message of empowerment. I wanted to thank you and let you know that she is still coming through and continues to work with me, as I journey along the healing path of empowerment and discovery.
-- E.S. (Sarasota, Florida)

The Mega Healing was an amazing experience for me. I actually started feeling very edgy and intense about 24hrs before the healing- is that possible like as if my soul knew what was coming. I was rushing for work during the healing since our time difference is almost 18 hours (17 hours and 40 mins) and was feeling euphoric and light headed. I felt a heavy burden had been lifted from my heart- zap it was all gone in an instant. My whole being was filled with light and love for myself and I felt oneness with all that is. I still feel a little tired and sleep more. The worksheets are spot on, so true about my lack of love for myself and the constant self delusion. Surprisingly, things that were really hard to do i.e making decisions, taking action based on inner knowing became easier- there is no guilt in putting myself first. I feel incredible joy and love for myself and it was really immediate. Old issues that seem formidable before don't seem insurmountable- my perception has changed in just a few days and i know things will not be the same again for me. The mega healing really boosted my empowerment and I am excited at possibilities. Thank You. -- R.K. (Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand)

During the session I felt relaxed, mellow. I could feel that changes were taking place in my body that I would call cleansing, releasing stress, "throwing out the garbage". The session just ended 45 minutes ago and I feel very peaceful. As if I'm observing my world more clearly. I just started to laugh and it feels wonderful! -- M.G. (Monument, Colorado)

I forgot about this session the day it came up. In the afternoon while you were working on me, tears began to fall about the death of my ex-husband from 3 years ago. I had never grieved about his passing. I could feel my heart was becoming unblocked later in the day as well. This unblocking must have opened my prosperity because my phone began ringing off the hook for my on-line business. I couldn't figure out why these people finally started to call me, but later I realized it was because I was blocked. Since the session, I have felt incredibly clear in my heart area, my phone keeps ringing giving me sales, and I am sure there is more to come as I process. I will keep you posted. -- K.S.(Scottsdale, Arizona)

Thank you once more for your assistance. I've recently been working on self love and self that context the mega-healing session left me with a deep sense of happiness. I was still adjusting to the soul clearance session of last week...which lifted a weight off my shoulders.... and now this session was wonderful. -- S.M.(Terceira Island, Portugal)

I don't know if the process was already starting before the beginning of the session, because something strange for me was going on. I had a connection with money that for me was a "question mark".. For the first time in my life I felt a genuine love and tenderness and gratitude for money. And I started to "breathe with my heart". I was sitting in silence and I thought to Mary and I felt wrapped from a clear light, it was intense and gentle, and for the first time after years and years I felt whole in myself. All the thought disappeared, I felt empty and light. I didn't need to "think". I simply "was"..That was Grace. There was peace inside and outside. And It was pure light with a pale azure nuance all around. And everything came in those days, the treatment started before!!! if that's possible. My life changed and there is a real dimension of time and colors with which I wasn't in contact before. Now I understand what separation was. Don't know how to explain... "Seems" The Mega healing is very powerful... Seems also I was Eager to leave this turning... -- C.R.(Milan, ITALY)

You have only finished doing my MEGA Healing session less than 6 hours ago ... and I am still in an amazing state of mind (and soul). While I felt a sense of Inner Joy while you were working on me, now, hours later I am still on a "high." I am feeling a rush of new ideas, coupled with a sense of inner peace, and satisfaction. In fact, the peacefulness is so intense that I would love to be able to lie down and take a blissful nap. But alas, I am at work, seeing clients, and preparing for a class I have to teach tonight. Ah well, why should I snooze away such a beautiful state of mind (!?!) I just want to make sure that I can "set" the new neural pathway created by your MEGA session so I can maintain this state of "bliss" ... FOREVER! Thank you, Joanna. I feel that this is a very successful new healing venue for you. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!
[and 15 days later] Since our MEGA healing, things have been proceeding beautifully. I had been in a fright mode for a while. .. because I had to move. The thought was overwhelming. And it was affecting my health. Well, after your session, I started looking at places online for rental. Within a week I found a great little place with a pool and spa. The frenchman who had it up for lease was delightful. Within a week I filled out the application, got my approval, signed the lease, and tomorrow I am being given the keys to move in. All of this was done in good health with great and optimistic spirit! So I am very grateful. Thank you for your wonderful MEGA healing! -- A.S., PsyD. (Sarasota, FL)

That was a HUGE session.... looking through all that was processed during it was like WOW! Thank you for offering this!!! I feel a sense of serenity today a feeling of peace, like someone or somethings telling me that everythings going to be ok. Thank you again and I am very grateful to the Masters as well. -- S.S.(Mirdiff, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Thank you for doing the session! I have to say I could feel through all my body that you were there and I wondered if it was the time you did the session and indeed, it was. I did not feel tired yesterday but I was happy that I intended to do nothing at all yesterday´s afternoon. I will listen inside to see what's going on. - K.H. (Korneuberg, Austria)

I believe the Mega-Healing was one of the most powerful energy work session I have ever experienced, yet I still struggle to describe it's effects. I had some definite anger issues which have largely dissolved. That's the most apparent thing. - M.G. (Golden, Colorado)

The Mega Healing took at least 2 to 3 days to feel the effect. This is my first time I've ever felt at peace, love and absolutely calm, spending so much time with natures now which I don't normally do that. Although, I started working last month and just got the bad news that my contract will end this month of June. Knowing that my job will end I am still feeling happy and peace, I learn to accept that some things just happen for a reason. This is tremendous shift of a life time. I want to express my sincere and utmost gratitude to the Mega healing session but your personal attention to detail did not go unnoticed. - M.L. (Santa Clara, California)

Thank you so very much for the healing session. I felt for hours a lot of heat in my whole body and I felt very sleepy. There was a strong movement of energy in my lower abdomen. Thank you for your Love and Light, for everything you are and do. -- D.D.(den Haag, Netherlands)

I just wanted to thank you. After feeling extremely tired I went to bed. When I woke up I felt like a new my insides had shifted in a way. I can't even find the words to describe it. Today I am just a little tired, but overall I am feeling great! It is as if all the junk is out of my system. I really don't know how else to explain this. This is a journey I wished I would have found sooner! & my husband--sometimes I have to look at him twice to make sure he is one and the same. He is truly blown away by you and by Melora's blessings & insights. He says he is getting clearer as he moves forward as to who he is and where it is he wants to go. He thinks you are the best we have ever found this lifetime. For everything he has experienced from you, he has thanked me for finding you more than once! -- J.C.(Allendale, Michigan)

Thank you so much Joanna! I will give feedback this weekend but suffice for now I was buzzing all afternoon yesterday feeling waves in my center and in spots I've had pain and a little light headed at moments and slept amazingly well.... Bless you and thank you!!!! -- K.H. (Cobleskill, New York)

[I had noted that the first section of the Mega-Healing session for the following client went quickly, as though the client had already released a lot of things that most other people have not. I got the impression throughout the rest of his session that permission was needed to go to these levels and harmonize this work with whatever he's doing in India. And so especially the Magnified Healing session took a bit longer than it usually does for most people.]
Thank you for the healing session. At the time of the session 4:45 am Rishikesh time to 5:30 am I was walking with my host, Swami Ram Kripaluji. Being in his ashram I am under his care. I wonder if that had an effect on your needing permission to proceed with the mega healing? I feel the lightness in my system......I am fortunate to be in contact with such special people in my life as you. -- T.K. (Fairfield, IA; in Rishikesh, India at time of Mega-Healing)

I was a kind of 'Numb' after the session. I felt like floating on air or something and also very sleepy so I slept for 12 hours! Today I started feeling more myself in a way and also a kind of lighter, cleaner, if that makes any sense. I even feel I weightless, ha! It is hard to explain but it feels like my whole aura or energy field is purer, lighter, cleaner and brighter. Like if I just woke up from a very long years' sleep. Thank you so so much!
[and a month later]: The mega healing session didn't 'kick-in' right away. What I felt instead is that it worked like changing the energies in and around me, for instance: a small series of events following one another started happening and that 'pushed me' for the lack of a better term, to get a better understanding of where I am and who I am... It is a process and even though sometimes it feels really though, I am enjoying it, discovering, learning and feeling things that wasn't in my perception before. It took longer than I though but it definitely worked. -- E.B. (Gorey, County Wexford, IRELAND)
My response to this client: This is exactly what the Mega-Healing session is "programmed" to do! When doing this session, I ask that the releases take place perfectly and comfortably for each client--and when the client is ready to release the issues. Your description is absolute confirmation that the session is successful--and ongoing.

Thank you for doing the mega-healing Sessions for the four of us. I felt some pain and discomfort and something moving around my abdominal areas for few minutes and suddenly, felt light and when I looked back, that was at the time of my session. I have been feeling better and lighter everyday. The feeling of pressure behind my eye, throat and chest over the years is gone.I find myself not thinking at all and more aware of what goes through my mind every minute. My constant worrying about everything seemed to disappear everyday. Our interaction with each other is peaceful and more loving. My husband is much calmer and more motivated in doing work. No more episodes of explosive anger. My teen-age kids are peaceful and mindful as well. I am looking forward to a better New Year for all of us. Thank you for all the healings you have done for us. Again, Thank you!
[AND, weeks later]:Update with our family: [The client's husband] is much better and does not have bouts of violent anger anymore. He was also stared getting more work and able to design his invention. He is optimistic about our future. Even though he doesnt believe in the " healing energy modalities" , the Mega- Healing sessions you have done for all of us really changed everything. My son started working part time at the dance studio, [the client's daughter] got accepted in the college she prefers, and unexpected monies are coming in. I wish i was able to see the sessions and the changes in our energy field while you were doing them. Again, thank you. -- J.C. (Yonkers, New York)

I didn't know when you were going to do the healing. But once I got your email.. I went over my thoughts and realized I felt a sense of "contentment". My third eye was pulsating, and the top of my head felt like something was opening? sort of like there's something warm pushing it way out at the top of my head. :) these things are hard to describe. Also the real results will come days after like most of the other healing modalities. I can't wait to see how this will affect me later this week or month. I can feel the new changes coming by all the visuals I've been seeing. -- Q.T. (Norwalk, Connecticut)
[A note about what the client, above, experienced: In in the first half of the session, I command, in clients' behalf, that all their chakras be opened to their appropriate levels--and then be perfectly balanced. In the last part of the session, which includes elaborate visualizations, I literally "walk" clients through the processes, and clear, cleanse and fully open their Central Light Channel. During these processes the chakra about 8 inches above the head opens and connects to the other chakras. (This chakra is called "The Soul Star.") And in the next part of the session, the light channel connects clients way above that. Through the "Earth Star" (about 6 inches below the feet), clients are then connected with the great Crystal Core of the Earth, so that light can move all the way up--and all the way down--that light channel.]

The MEGA Healing is an awesome healing tool. I expect that the extent of it will make itself felt in my life in the time to come, for it is completely changing my way of dealing with virtually everything. It's making me aware of my habitual patterns and ls letting me start out again with a clean slate. AND for me the most wonderful aspect is that the connection with God/Higher Power/The Light and the Spirit World is much more profound and markedly experienced. I give thanks for this on Thanksgiving day. -- B.M. (Denver, Colorado / Germany)

The feelings of peace and calm you described are exactly what I'm experiencing. There was no hurry while driving down the highway and I remember thinking how nice it is to not being rushed or having a care in the world. Thank you for doing this work for me. I'm excited to see what new changes come my way. I sense very exciting times ahead for everyone. [AND, more than a month later]: By the way, I can still feel myself processing "stuff" from that last session you did for me. This one is really deep, so deep that I'm getting antsy. Ready for things to start moving again but I know, all in good time. -- M.B. (Dexter, Missouri)

Thank you so much for your powerful healing. I have noticed an amazing difference in my life already. One thing I wanted to reach out to you with was your comment about my deep connection with Quan Yin. It was so accurate for a number of reasons I had to laugh and share it with you! I had a Metatron reading three years ago. I was told in the reading that I have a direct source from Quan Yin. Which at the time shocked me because I once I read about her I felt that I had read my own type of personality. I am working very hard on maintaining and gaining the knowledge that I can to complete the reason I am here. Thank you so much again for your services. I am honored to have been able to receive them. -- B.G. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Thank you very much for the Mega Healing session! I was travelling to Europe and a bit jet lagged the day after the healing so it was a bit more difficult to determine what felt "normal"? I did sense the day after the heaing a lot of physical sensations in the 2nd and 3rd chakra as well as the sensation of heat or burning up. Now a few days after the healing I do feel relaxed and less anxoius. I will try to notice any other lasting effects over the next week or two. Again, thank you for the session -- it was very much appreciated! -- A.O. (Rockaway, New Jersey)

The MEGA Healing session has been affecting me profoundly. At first I was peaceful and so tired by the end of the day, I hardly made it to dinner. My energies are getting clearer and stronger. I feel that I am reaching new levels of consciousness in the ascension process. It does take some sleep and I experienced some detoxification symptoms. Five days later my energies are good, but I still need extra sleep. I am still integrating. Empowerment has become very clear as a life theme for me. My perspectives are getting clearer. I am so grateful for your advanced support process for deep healing. -- E.S. (Sarasota, FloridaL)

I am feeling it! Very happy with effects. [and 19 days later] I feel fabulous after this. It took place in the midst of a major move ....literally the day the movers arrived .. With ALL the attendant stresses, this healing has helped me sail through with elegance and élan. I feel the effects. I gotta say.. . this big life change would have / could have been MUCH, more hellish without this tune up. I feel GREAT, Joanna. Good work for me!!!! -- J.K. (Potomoc, MD / Canada)

I came home every night this past week to my joy filled wife and son, and each day they surprised me with some act of kindness, so I am very grateful for that. The stress at work was immediately balanced out by my peaceful home environment. I'm very blessed and want everyone in the world to be the same.... Thanks so much for the session. As always I super appreciate everything you do and feel very blessed to know you. -- M.E. (Rockton, Illinois)  



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