Very advanced, the Recovery session focuses on helping clients recover spiritual gifts and wholeness unexplored in other modalities I offer. Main elements of this first of the two sessions--the recovery of:

  Client's "disowned self" - a major identifying part of client that got fragmented during childhood, usually because of parental punishment or chastisement. (Examples: The Mystical Child, Rebellious Child, Intuitive Child, Adventurous Child.)
  Client's primary power animal. (In shamanic lore, each of us has one or more animals that serve as spirit guides and protectors-and that impart a specific kind of "medicine," or quality, that we can use to enhance our experience of our everyday lives. Becoming aware of this animal is the key to empowerment as we use its "medicine" in conscious ways.)
  Shamanic-induced losses. (Examples from past lifetimes: lost or missing body parts; disjoined Soul; distortion of an energetic or trance Shamanic state.)
  Mental stability (afflicted by adverse astrological influences, harmful frequencies).
  Soul fragments tied to traumatic events themselves, to non-human entities, to locations/residences
  Correct Bio-Magnetic Frequency of Environment: 7.83 cycles-per- second-pulsing alpha rate [7.87 Hertz].
  Consciousness transferred to another dimension, reality, orbit. (Example: mental illness.)
 Being perfectly sealed: chakras, physical body, energy field, etheric bodies, Merkaba.


Lovely session, wow! The Bear is a surprise. She is white. She does fit with my memories of past life/genetic line and what I have done in my work and daily life with strangers. Thrilling to have your care Joanna, glad for my bits back and the sealing skills. [later the same day]: I read more on Bear/Artemis/Diana and that fits very well. Thank you so much Joanna. -- J.H. (Melbourne, Australia)

That is simply amazing!! And by the way, my flight left at 3:20, just as you had started work, and landed very soon after you finished. The lioness. How fabulous. (Yes! speaking, and speaking the truth, has been a major issue and mission for me which I have felt deeply compelled to work on in this lifetime. The truth was easy.speaking hard to get the words to come out Just like you observed. ) Thank you Joanna. -- T.L. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

[Note: In the session, "Snake" turned up as this client's Power Animal for recovery.] A good reminder that the unconscious mind knows everything! I am attaching the pictures of 2 frames that are in my office at home. About 7 years ago I received a sort of initiation on a ceremony to honor nagas (sanskrit name for snake), the spirits of land and rivers and to make offerings to them. These drawings are from Lao, where I spend some holidays a few years ago. Another symbol that has always appealed to me is a representation of Buddha with nagas protecting him, which can be found in Thailand, Lao Cambodia. Spirituality is the centre of my life, though my journey has taken many paths, as well as ups and downs. I have received energy attunements (reiki, etc) several years ago, and some modalities connect with power animals. I always though mine were the Eagle, though I know in shamanism, power animals may manifest temporarily. -- S.F. (Bamaka, Mali)

Thank you so much for doing this important session with me! Today I have already been noticing a couple of positive effects! It is always a joy to feel the value of that work you are doing for/with your clients! It was interesting that I noted some kind of cat approaching me while you were working with me. It could have been a tiger, a puma, or maybe even the higher self of my pet, who is constantly helping me release tension and open up to love and joy. It was great! Thank you again, and all the best for you! -- B.L. (Hetzendorf/Fohnsdorf, Austria)

I was very pleased with the recent Recovery session you did for me. I feel each time you have done work for me you/Melora have consistently given me your full attention and been very thorough which I very much appreciate. The worksheet you sent me once again was full of surprises (all welcome) and information that gives me every expanding insights into my experiences. My primary power animal being a Llama was one of the surprises--as I looked up information about the Llama I found I did have a strong rapport with her spirit. I am aware I have a lot of work to do to get cleared, and these sessions are really helping me to increase my awareness of what I need to do. Thank you so much! -- N.K. (Mattawan, MI)

One thing I wanted to say for your own FYI. So amazing you added "Artistic Child." My husband is a well known artist and has even done restoration for the Smithsonian in his younger days. He's not painted in YEARS so this was wild to say the least! Amazing work as always! Thank you so much! -- R.T. (Castle Rock, CO)

Thank you for this session which acknowledged some behaviors in my life and showed me other behaviors that I need to embrace more. Interesting how the recovery of my Adventurous Child and Power Animal relate. Also, that the Otter's medicine includes women's healing wisdom and primal female energy which I relate to. This session seems to be urging me to step into my power again. -- J.H. (Irwin, Pennsylvania)

Wow ! What amazing sessions you have done for [the client's daughter] and me . The recovery of our power animals and their attributes is very exciting . I can see [the client's daughter]in the Leopard or the Leopard in her. She is profoundly principled and ethical and says of herself that she is 'straight up and down ' (sometimes to her own cost). A beautiful person and a beautiful soul. The Black water snake I saw in a river when I was a kid .Two in fact going very fast downstream at twilight . Heads up out of the water .They were fantastic and didn't frighten me a bit. (something special for me who was even scared of my own shadow ). Thank you so much for this special work and for your lovely email and your guidance in asking to be perfectly sealed for both [the client's daughter] and myself. Blessings, blessings on your lovely work. -- D.B. (Australian Colonial Territory, Australia)

When I woke up today I was in a very good mood and I knew there has to be a connection to your work. Wow, I´, very impressend by the jellyfish.... I have a very deep feeling to that Power Animal, although it´completely new for me....You know what, since many days I thought about watching the film "Avatar" again - there you can see those special animals that look like jellyfish. I´ll do it today. -- K.H-J. (Korneuberg, Austria)

Thank you so much for the healing and clearing. I was wonderfully surprised to have the starfish as my power animal. I love the sea and its creatures- love whales and dolphins and have pictures and figurines of them. But am thrilled and plan to connect to the wisdom of the guide me. So true about seeing things as black and white though- only lately have I begun to accept (both consciously and upon much reflection) the grey areas as not being imperfect but as work in progress...and its ok to have them... and there's no need to hide behind a veneer of a perfect persona.
So true about the disowned intuitive self which has been an issue and thrilled to see how my power animal and intuitive self relates. I plan to get some starfish jewellery to honour my totem animal... thank you Joanna for being so spot on and retrieving my bits and sealing. Thank you for doing my recovery session- I feel so renewed- like how a starfish renews itself- so awesome!
-- R.K. (Hillcrest, Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND)

Thank you so much Joanna! This is so fascinating. I can't wait to work more with my Power-animal, the Great Blue Herron. Makes me want to refer back to my Animal Speak book. :-) Thanks also for the tip on sealing the energetics daily. I will definitely do that! It sounds like this Recovery session was just what was needed. I am looking forward to seeing the worksheet from when you perform its companion session...the Release & Clear session on the 7th. Over and over I get the message about trusting my own internal guidance. It is a repeating theme. I look forward to being able to do that even more with the energetics blocking that being cleared and locked out. Thanks again for your powerful work.
My email answer to the above: "When I first saw your Great Blue Heron I saw its crooked neck in dim lighting and thought it was a vulture! It quickly and emphatically corrected me. (I've been working on unblocking my third eye, and so the images flash by quickly for now. At least its working, and my inner vision is getting a lot of exercise these days."

To my surprise, this client responded thusly: "
You are amazing Joanna! When I did a "vision quest" led by Ted Andrews (author of Animal Speak), the vulture did, in fact appear as one of my totems. It provides support to me in other areas that make sense for me. So you weren't off in that. Vulture IS there as well. :-)
However, in this one, the Power Animal Great Blue Heron is the one who wanted to reveal itself through you…and adds a whole new dimension to it all. You saw the crooked neck also, unbeknownst to you, because I have had major issues with the top three bones of my neck in the past year: atlas, axis, and T3. Atlas is literally the bone that holds up the head on the body. When it is out, everything goes out, including balance, etc. In other words, my neck has been majorly "crooked." :-)
And so... the Blue Heron is a Power Animal of incredible balance and being able to "stand up on your own". So it's absolutely perfect. I receive Great Blue Heron's assistance, wisdom, and support fully and thankfully.
I am feeling much more stabilized and balanced, even one day later! Thanks so much for what you do. It's important work."
-- (client in Austin, TX)

I do all healing work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. And I do send you the worksheets with my notes from your session.

Session Fee: $60.00 U.S.


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