RELEASE & CLEAR Session, with Joanna Neff

Quite advanced, the Release & Clear

Session focuses on helping clients release esoteric programming and other harmful personal/spiritual blockages that are not covered in my other sessions. This second of the two sessions releases and clears::

  Contracts, agreements, vows, obligations (1) of which client and/or client's ancestors were unaware; (2) that client was misled into accepting; (3) about which client was never given full disclosure. (Done across lifetimes at all levels.)
  Tissue memories of disturbing events from the past.
  "Archeprints" (programmed statements about characteristics of archetypes that the Soul can encounter in developing and expressing). (In other sessions, the archetypes themselves have been removed. However, I only recently discovered the accompanying archeprints-and that they also need to be cleared.)
  The need for blockages to robust health and to financial prosperity.
  Client's main 3rd-dimensional boundaries. (Examples: "I have only this lifetime." "I have limits." "I have to struggle."
  Client's most harmful 4th-dimensional boundaries. (Examples: "I learn the hard way." "I have to go through a 'death door' in order to grow spiritually.")
  Client's being stuck in
spiritual polarity throughout time, space, the universes, etc.
No-time or No-space.

I do all healing work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. And I do send you the worksheets with my notes from your session.

Session Fee: $60.00 U.S.



OMGOODNESS - THANK YOU. I totally forgot I was doing this today! - now I know why I got really sleepy around 6:30p. I actually felt the shift begin yesterday. It was like my physical body was realigning. Oddly my asthma had begun to become extreme in the past two years and all of a sudden- I'm breathing better. I feel like I'm operating from my own self and not like a zombie like I was feeling in the past year!!! I can actually take a deep breathe. I got back on the sewing machine and finished projects. AMAZINGLY - I wasn't feeling pulled by others. IM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! -- R.G. (Washington, D.C.)

Thanks so much for this. As I read through it I could definitely feel something inside saying Yes, yes, YES as I read down the list. I've had the sense that there have been loads of "invisible agreements/contracts" that I may not have been aware of, yet they were running underneath, creating sabotage, so I am totally thrilled to have this session as well as the Recovery session. -- S.C. (Austin, TX)



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