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Edited version published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in February 1998 (p. 83)


Melora through Joanna Neff

Following are Melora’s explanations of what soul groups are, how we (as embodiments) are related to our Higher Self, and what our purpose is in relationship to the other members of our soul group.

We are indeed Melora, and we wish to introduce a new way of looking at what you term "soul groups." A soul group would be all your various selves, a group organized "under" what you would term as one Oversoul, Higher Self, all your multi-dimensional seed selves (past, present and future), the fragmented soul aspects, infinite numbers of possible selves, and so on. This is ongoing. Perhaps it seems to you that there is a sort of finite point at which these things end--and that you can then count them all and say, "There are this many, and this is when they ascend." Actually you experience soul groups in 3rd-dimensional reality in a multidimensional fashion.

Each multidimensional "self" has a separate consciousness--individuated out of the One, as we are when we come to you. All are "tied together" in consciousness, and so when we say that we are an "individuated" being, it is a manifestation that "steps out," if you will, of the consciousness of The One and that expresses itself as a "personality." (This is so that on this plane people will recognize us and because you need answers to such questions as "Who are you?" and "What is your name?" and "What message do you bring?") We are an individuated consciousness as an expression of The One, one of the infinitudes of expressions of The One that you call the Universe--all of the inhabitants in it, all of the stars and planets in it, and all of the creations that express it.

Soul Groups go through an Ascension process together. So that you can perceive and understand this process, we will ask you to picture little hatch marks lined up in several tiers, in several levels, although it is not that simple. If you remember that the process of Ascension is ongoing--and that it always has been, always will be--it will seem more like moving up and up and up in "rows." And so as many of you as there are in your soul group, there are as many of us; and as many of us as there are, there are as many higher under which we are "collected," much as a Higher Self is related to an Oversoul.

Understand that there are many Higher Selves "reporting to" that Oversoul, so just at that level of one Oversoul, then, you have many Higher Selves "reporting to" that Oversoul. For each Higher Self there are many members of the soul group "reporting to" that Higher Self, and for each member of the soul group there are multi-dimensional [reincarnational] lives "reporting to" that member of the soul group. Then for each multi-dimensional life there are soul fragments that need to be brought back. (Merging with the Higher Self requires the soul integration process of returning these "lost" soul aspects.) And in each multi-dimensional life--what you would term a "reincarnational" life--there are soul aspects of other beings sharing each of those "past" lives with you. But there are also "future" and "present" lives.* You can look at the members of the soul group to which you belong as "soul fragments" to us.

So many of you now working with Ascension seem to be interpreting that the process will take place just with you--just with your body in this lifetime. (It’s not just "little ol’ me," as [Joanna] says, "leaving this life and ascending.") The problem with this view is that it doesn’t account for karma: what you share with other expressions of your multi-dimensional Self. In the work that we do with soul Retrieval we are bringing as many other of the incarnational experssions back to the Higher Self as possible.

Ascension is consciousness of your multi-dimensional selves, of soul aspects that need to be brought back, of other members of your soul group, of higher guides who are parts of your Higher Self, and so forth. Some have asked whether Ascension is also a merging into the Oversoul, a merging of all the multi-dimensional selves. Your experience of your Oversoul will not occur until you have done the same sort of "work" that we have been doing, so that the entire group can ascend. But, again, what you are conscious of determines your experience of that Ascension. Now, there is not just one Ascension agenda, not just one soul growth agenda for everyone. Building the merkaba vehicle is not necessary for everyone. Some people ascend by following in consciousness right to their guides; some do it by letting the Higher Self merge with them in the body, then the Oversoul as well, which is called Descension. This is easier than Ascension!

This is what such great enlightened beings as Buddha have done. They have let the "vertical soul hierarchy" descend and merge with them while they’re in the body. Buddha integrated all of his incarnational lives while he was in the body. He became the predominant consciousness while in the body. That is the greatness of his achievement in enlightenment through the mind.

Eventually you expand in consciousness to the point where you know that there is only the One; you have no consciousness of duality. Remember: It is only separation from the One in consciousness that makes any being not understand or experience the Oneness. And, as we have said, we are fully aware that Oneness exists, although it is not in our energetic experience fully yet. We merely have different "tools" at our disposal when our consciousness expands, and when we, as you say, ascend "higher" (we say "wider," "bigger," or whatever).

The beginning of the Aquarian Age (the end of this milennium and the ten years or so following that) just happens to provide portals of maximized opportunities for ALL in a soul group. This is what creates this sense of urgency you all are feeling and what compels you to take advantage of the acceleration that is possible in this time.

The Channel’s Soul Group

Question: You mentioned that you, as Melora, resonate more strongly with the soul group with whom [Joanna] is embodied in ancient Greece. Does that mean that [Joanna] has other soul groups and that you might be part of other soul groups as well?

You have actually explained it rather well. In claiming that we resonate more to that soul group in classical Greece we were expressing that the work we are doing with Ascension in this dimension at this "time" in the simultaneity of ALL--as we focus our consciousness here to do this work--the resonance is with the quality of consciousness connection we also have with her "now." In other words the resonances in her expression in classical Greece and now are very similar. ([Joanna] was an apprentice to an embodiment of Pallas Athena on Crete in pre-classical times and a high priestess to Athena in classical Greece. [Joanna] understands that high priestesses were really channels of the goddess energy: The goddess spoke through the high priestess to the people and embodied through the high priestess, do you see?)

The resonance is so almost exact that these parallel lives are able to merge in consciousness, and there is great power. It’s like having a direct pipeline through Time, connecting [Joanna’s] experience in these ancient lives with this one now. And since the work is about merging, since these qualities of connection are the same, the power in the connection now is similar to that of the ancient expression. The bridges are tremendous and total--"back," "through," and "across," as you would put it--to those times. We perceive that you know this is a multi-dimensional, not just a three-dimensional, kind of spherical or geometrical-energetical relationship here. It’s as when you touch one part of a spider’s web and the whole web vibrates. So in setting up this pipeline, and in suggesting that we are more resonant with that wing of our soul group incarnate in classical Greece, we’re saying that across the simultaneous lives, this has the most power to resonate more dimensionality in consciouness than any other soul group that you would also think of as existing, each in its own "niche."

This is difficult to explain. This idea was originally presented to [Joanna] through another channel whose guide said that we gave the name "Melora" to clue [Joanna]i into that particular life in which she was singing and playing the part of Helen of Troy in the Acropolis amphitheater. In her becoming conscious of that life and starting to resonate in her understanding of what went on then, and as a priestess in other times, her more artistic and creative work in classical Greece resonates across her lives most profoundly.

Even greater work, however, can be done here, in this life. Looking back from what you consider to be the future, those lives continuously draw upon each other. Thus, the more power you have here, the more power they have there, because it’s simultaneous. This is the resonance that makes it possible and that accelerates the process of merging that we wish to result in consciousness for what [Joanna] calls our "vertical soul hierarchy." Understand that it is an access for (and axis of, if you will) each part of what you might see as a gyroscope.

Question: So who IS Melora? You have said that you are "one of The Council of Four," including Pallas Athena. You’ve said that you are directed by The Council of Four and, at other times, are The Council of Four or on the Council of Four. And we know that there are numerous councils and that sometimes we are members of more than one council.

Our introduction of the concept of "The Council of Four" was really to help explain a composite resonance and the "work," as you would describe it, that we are doing--in terms of [Joanna’s] remembrance of her lineage, her understanding of her own pivotal role in this work in anchoring consciousnesses from "way up here." People might say: "Now wait a minute! There’s a Council of Five"; "There’s a Council of Twelve," and so on. As these rigid structures are being placed on it, the explanation breaks down. It is a sort of description, a particularization, that really doesn’t exist "here" at all, so you might think of The Council of Four as a subcommittee of a greater committee, but the way we think of it is that The Council of Four is of the Oneness; we resonate together as you do as friends. We "hang out" together because of similar talents, energies and "mission," and because of our interest in clear communication, beauty and truth, and so on. For example, we also do the work that Athena "did" in The Temple of Truth in Atlantis. (Like the Lady Master Quan Yin, Pallas Athena is on the Karmic Board.)

So our resonances are similar, but it’s not as though we have coffee together and discuss these things intellectually [laughs]. Our energy is drawn in the direction of what resonates with us, and the impulse to merge in the light is very strong in us. The resonance of the members of this council is so similar that we have a sense of pleasure in mingling our energies and in expressing ourselves together because when your energies are combined it is more than just double--it is exponential. So you can see that we have come together as beings and composites, soul collectives, consciousness collectives, groups, whatever, because of the sheer joy of expressing and sharing our energies together and of experiencing the compounding of that resonance.

And so, yes, it is like coming from the center of this sphere . . . or we will put it another way: Throw a pebble into the still water and the rings move out from the center in the ecstatic waves of energy that we experience. So there’s much joy and pleasure in this. It is not as though we’re doing this, as you would say "just out of the goodness of our hearts." We seek the ecstatic experience of this energy, the exponential increases in resonance.

Question: You refer to yourself as "ourselves." Are you, in fact, a group energy?

You could think of us, Melora, as a collective that is in the process of becoming an even greater collective that will include Pallas Athena and the other members of the council, and many others, in what you term "the future." In her ancient Earth embodiment Athena was one of the two "gods" of the Greek Pantheon who was authentically an avatar (the other is Apollo), and that is why the worship of Athena was so strong. That is why such great structures were erected to her, and that is why her energy is still able to be in the statues--because she was a being embodied on the earth--not just a concept, not just channeling through someone from a disembodied state.

So you can see that in the other "reincarnational lives" there would be such great resonance, because the consciousness is, "This is a living entity," and there is that anchor experience of Athena in the body: You remember that she is a real being. When she was embodied as an avatar she was also simultaneously in other dimensions, in other roles as a guide, as a goddess, as an Ascended Master . . . but also in the body for the purpose of anchoring all of that consciousness and all the other expressions of her (from the "highest" to the "lowest") while she was in the body and having that merging.

Question: So there are many here on earth who are connected to each of THE FOUR?

Yes. The subgroups, if you will. And so there is the soul group, for example, that you share with [Joanna] and that resonates across time through various incarnations in classical and pre-classical Greece, because the consciousness was so tuned-in, and our relationship in consciousness in that way allowed the consciousness in that soul group. And there are other soul groups that you would think of as "subgroups" to various members of The Council of Four whose purpose is not in specific resonance with that lineage of the ancient Greece group. In other words, that is not the most pervasive consciousness connection for them.

Question: . . . and yet some of us, down here, may be aware of connecting through those groups?

Yes, and of being "members" of those other soul groups.

Question: And so this entire group, now, as a unit, has a specific purpose?

A good way to answer this is to say that in being aware of specific past lives, such as in Pompeii or during the Renaissance, for example, there will always be a similar motif in each of the past lives that you are all remembering the most intensely as a group. If you think of the Renaissance as a time of the greatest flowering of the arts (next to that of classical Greece), and so on, you start to see what is similar in the soul group’s expression, experience and consciousness. And so, perhaps another "wing" of the soul group is more tuned-in to the Renaissance time than it is to ancient Greece. That whole group is also in Paris at the time of the Impressionist painters, and they are in other cultures in which the arts and literature fluorish, because in that particular wing they are really intensively playing out the art aspect¾the artistic, creative . . . literally in writing, painting, singing, playing music, and so on. And this still is resonant with The Council of Four.

And then another group are revolutionaries fighting for freedom and truth, which is another expression of the main "issues" of The Council of Four. Others are great orators, writers, communicators and statesmen in the true sense of the word, as in the founding fathers of America. They, too, are expressing freedom, but the intensity of expression goes into oratory and communication. These, too, are main issues explored by The Council of Four.

Question: And so what you’re saying is that all of these things that we consider to be in the past are all being now brought to the fore, in the present, now, as a part of the main purpose of The Council of Four?

Yes, and we wish to say that [Joanna’s] latching on to Jean Houston’s term "polyphrenic" is very important here, because you can see that the more conscious you become of other lives the more you’re seeing that, throughout these many lifetimes, all of these parallel existences are expressing the same motifs but, maybe, choosing to express one more than the other, as in painting. But your love of freedom, the necessity for you to have the truth, your requirement for beauty, cross all the dimensional existences.

So, you see, in certain periods in "history" there is more opportunity to express certain aspects of this. For example, the time of the American Revolution was not known as a great time for the arts in America. [laughs] In embodying in certain "periods" of history, the soul expression is selecting a life in which it can experience that aspect more fully, can focus more on that aspect, and can enhance the necessity for experiencing many different lives in different countries and in many different times in history.

Question: Excellent. Thank you.

It is our pleasure. As always, we wish you great joy of the light, and we are Melora.

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