(Combines many healing/clearing modalities.)

with Joanna Neff

The Special Healing Session is in a whole class by itself (when compared with Negative Soul Programming Clearance.

* At the beginning of the session a basic soul clearance is done for the client.

* Later in the session, basic soul retrieval is done for the client.

In the Special Healing Session we also

* neutralize the emotions resulting from not feeling wanted at birth

* raise the emotional, financial and health baselines

* remove self-sabotaging, self-hate, self-destruction and self-punishment mentalities

and much more!

Negativity in "upbringing" is related to imprints from your mother and father, their mothers and fathers, etc. This is a transgenerational issue that often goes back hundreds of generations--and does have to do with karma, in that you choose your parents to provide challenges that explore/resolve issues from past lifetimes. This is much too complex to explore in this session, which focuses a lot more on healing things afflicting you in the current embodiment.

In addition to what is described above, we

* adjust the client's body frequency to its ideal frequency

* balance the blood flow to the appropriate areas of the client's brain

* balance the left and right brain hemispheres

* raise the energy in the client's body and home to the highest appropriate level

* "install" affirmations appropriate to the negative issues the client has

* raise life-force levels

* ask to re-establish the client's perfect Divine blueprint

* re-connect client with Higher Self (if necessary).

Based, for the most part, on the healing practices of Ramon Grace, the techniques used are deceptively simple. It takes a certain level of mastery, earned spiritual "brownie points," if you will, to have these healing requests answered for the benefit of clients. A pivotal part of the mastery is the successful "suspension of disbelief" that would otherwise prevent healing miracles from occurring.

I do all healing work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. However, I do send you the worksheets with my notes from your session.


[Note: The child described here had been diagnosed as autistic. Among other intensely negative behaviors, he had exhibited rage and violence at school and at home.] There is GREAT news from M.-- he is still doing very well and I also called C.U'.s mother today and she is totally thrilled as [her son] has changed his behaviour almost over night--the day you did the clearing he was meeting his father and they seemed to have a great talk and something amazing must have happened. He is polite now, quiet and calm and he himself told his mother that something has changed. She is so amazed that she agreed to pay for more work. -- M.E. (Graz, Austria)

Blimey! I was blown away by this - it made me cry! Oh how complex the human web is - how much harm is done unwittingly! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this! -- C.D. (Frome, Somerset, UK)

Thank you so much for the Special Healing Session. I was so impressed when I saw the worksheets. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your good work and the ability to beneficially touch and heal my soul at a such deep level. (Information withheld by request.)

I wanted to thank you for the healing I received from you for the "special healing" session. I have to say, it's been quite the energetic shift for me; namely, I feel that my entire perspective on life has been shifting and I need to integrate everything before I could move forward with the next healing! I feel that my guides are helping me to see that that is what's been happening as it has been a difficult last couple of weeks, but I am starting to get my grounding, and I am looking forward to scheduling the next healing session with you. -- L.O. (Daly City, CA)

Thank you and Melora very much for the Special Healing session for my daughter. I am shocked to see that she has an abuse affliction and very negative emotions going with that affliction carried over from another lifetime. What you have identified is the reason why her behavior in this lifetime is such: very docile, fearful, impatient, indecisive, inexpressive and unimaginative. Her afflictions have prevented the light of the higher self from shining through. I am deeply grateful for this uplifting from the darkness session and I have already started seeing positive changes in her attitude and behavior. I look forward to seeing more positive changes because of this life-changing session.

And after a session for the above client's wife: Thank you very much for the special healing session for . . . . Your diagnosis of issues were right-on. She really suffers from several physical issues caused by many emotional and mental issues. She has a weak nervous system causing her to have seizures when she gets emotionally overloaded. Event hough, you were not able to address the sympathetic nervous system, she is so blessed to have her other major afflictions removed. Her aura balance has improved since her original Ramon Grace 2 session and I am very pleased. I am so blessed that you and Melora are here to help with our challenges. I look forward to the manifestations of this profound healing session. -- S.K. (San Jose, CA)

The changes in [the client's son] have been quite profound. He seems to be much more confident in himself and has a very healthy self-image. In fact, he chose to run (and won) officer positions for two of the school organizations he is in and plans to run for a class office next fall. He also decided to play baseball next year in addition to basketball and plans to be a lifeguard this summer. Daniel has (finally) accepted the fact he is a very good looking young man and is taking on so much more than what he has in the past that I quit trying to keep up with him. -- M.B. (Bernie, MO)

Session Fee: $115 U.S.


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