I could feel you doing the work My body and house filled with a beautiful light blue light Thanks very much !!! Rainbow Blessings . -- A.L. (Abington, VA)

THANK YOU for your effective and meaningful work!! Must say how amazing my physical experience of the session was. My heart opening from back of my body. like a door. The entering of golden light ... like a shaft through my skull the "fontanelle" (sic) of an infant. Deep and cleansing tears. a veritable orchestra of shift. My, my yes. -- J.K. (Magna Bay, BC, Canada)

WOW is all I can say! What a great result for [the client's friend] and what a great job you did on his behalf. And another lightworker to add to the growing number. What a great outcome for all humanity. These Tune Up sessions are incredibly valuable. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. -- J.B. (Mentone, Victoria, Australia)

This afternoon just as you were starting work on this, I was involved in the signing the papers for the sale of my parents/family home of 41 years... new beginnings, new foundations. Your timing is always delightful. Many thanks. -- T.L. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Dearest Joanna, Thank you for this wonderful 'tune up'! I am so grateful for your skillful and lovely agency in this service! Love and all blessings. -- J.H. (Fairfield, Iowa)

Thank you Joanna! I forgot how powerful your energy is. I was doing things around the house this afternoon, and suddenly told my husband I need to go and lie down, "Joanna is working on me." lol It always makes me sleepy, followed by strange dreams for days of things (I assume) clearing out.
When we first started working with you in 2011 it was my first experience with this type of healing and so many horrible tragedies had happened I didn't know if I believed it could help or not. My husband and I have since seen generational patterns broken, all sorts of thing in us change dramatically and for the better over the years. We are so pleased with your work and I look forward to living the changes this latest healing and the others I've signed up for, will bring. Thank you so much again.
- R.T. (Castle Rock, CO)

I have felt blessed all my life. I feel even more blessed now. -- M.L. (Vienna, Austria)

Thank you so much and I actually felt it all happening even though I had forgotten my session through the business of family arriving for Christmas and so forth. Blessings and thank you again for your beautiful work. -- J.G. (Queensland, Australia)

You have been very instrumental to my personal awakening and expansion. I want to express my gratitude to both you and Melora for all that you have done. Your work is of extreme importance to all who are seeking their healing, especially during this time of historical change. -- G.P. (Boise, Idaho)

Wow! Feeling good. Thank you again and Bless you! -- M.K. (Winter Springs, FL)

Joanna, I can't thank you enough for doing that [the Winter Solstice Tuneup]! I was actually in my accountant's office when you did it and could TOTALLY feel all of this black tar being lifted off of me! I have not felt this way in years! -- T.G. (Richmond, VA)

I definitely felt an overall upliftment today from the session, and a big increase in capacity to smile. Thanks again for this really profound work you are doing! -- J.H. (Fairfield, Iowa)

I am feeling very positive effects from the Winter Solstice tune up and am able to 'take my place' and 'back myself' much more than ever before. There has been more clarity in the family relationships and I am emotionally stronger in myself. -- D.B. (Weetangera, ACT, Australia)

A great session Joanna, thank you. I feel very uplifted. -- M.G. (Golden, CO)

Thank you so much for facilitating tremendous healing for me. -- J.C. (Decorah, Iowa)

Thank you for doing the tune up for me today. I am really delighted :-) with the increase of points and with the scope of the adjustments made. it is a great Christmas present for us all from your Higher beings and our Souls. Love and Blessings on your wonderful work. -- D.B. (Australian Colonial Territory, Australia)

Having read Power vs. Force* back in the summer (by chance & thanks to Amazon for 'encouraging' me), I'm following this side of your programmes and finding it absolutely fascinating as it is working beautifully alongside the course of hypnotherapy I'm having! But I've only just realised the connection! -- F.K. (Newark, Nottinghamshire, England, UK)

Many thanks for the "Tuneup" and Clearings before 21.12.2012 and the worksheets you sent to me.
The increase . . . in conciousness level is really enormous and great.
-- R.R. (Zeltweg, Austria)

BTW, since my tune-up, I seem to be sensitive to EMF.** Last week I was in the Federal Building in St. Louis and noticed I became dizzy and disoriented. The same thing at my mom's nursing home. The feeling goes away shortly after leaving these buildings. -- M.B. (St. Louis, MO)

 *The chart on Consciousness Levels that I email to clients after the Winter Solstice Tuneup session is from Dr. David S. Hawkins' book, Power vs. Force. (At the beginning of the session I measure clients' current consciousness level; at the end, I measure the increase. The effect of these increases in consciousness levels on the Earth's "Light Quotient" is exponential!)

** For anyone now feeling heightened sensitivity to ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF), please get yourself an EMF shield/medallion from Clarus Works. Here's what I recommend:

This is the most reasonably priced one and it works just fine. I have one of these Q-Link pendants, and it stopped me from waking up at 3AM every morning with pain from all the EMF energies. -- Joanna Neff

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