d version published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in September 1997 (p. 69)Melora Talks: THE SEDONA SERIES 7/12/98 (Sunday PM talk)

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Melora through Joanna Neff

The subject of Warrior Energy has come up because of introducing Archangel Michael. We wish you to understand that in our discussion of the infinite number of ways that you can express the Divine--as a unique being, as a unique expression of some aspect of the Divine--so it is in the Angelic Realm. And so Archangel Michael is very strong warrior energy from the Light.

Warrior energy means that Archangel Michael resonates with strength--strength in the protective ability to sever interference in your spiritual growth and path IF YOU ASK. And to dispel dark forces, the so-called "dark" energies, and to escort them (the way you would think of a police force escorting a criminal) to the appropriate place that it has earned the "right" to be and also to offer it the choice of going to the Light. (This is something that most people don't know.) When such beings are escorted out of their negative association with or influence on someone, they are given the opportunity to choose the Light. Many do; some don't. Now, the reason why we would like to introduce the notion of this warrior energy is that there is such a stereotype that all angels have the same kind of energy--a very fluttery, soft, quiet, sweet and demure kind of energy.

There are angels for every kind of situation, and we would suggest that Archangel Michael and The Council of War of Archangel Michael are soldiers in the Light. This requires, as we said, great strength, great commitment to Purpose, great ability to see and to experience with clarity (to discern) who is causing what--and what is appropriate to deal with those forces when asked in prayer by such as you to come and offer assistance.

Now, in the Angelic Hierarchy, there are "different," complementary traits or qualities. We have said that Archangel Michael and the other angels in his Council of War are soldiers. They are to be honored, not judged, just as you should be if you are a warrior. You are warriors in the Light, just as Worf is a warrior on "Star Trek." No one asks Worf to prance around like a little fairy, do they? Don't his shipmates respect and honor his warrior race and the sincerity and intensity with which he practices his beliefs?

You do not so honor in society people with warrior natures. We're not talking about going to war and killing people. We're talking about being warriors in the Light, but you will scare a lot of people in just your behavior when you are a warrior. You are direct: "A spade is a spade." "Yes. What do you want? Can you keep it short, please?" [laughter] "I have many things to do." You know--the Aries-type person, for example. "Now would be nice" is the Aries credo. "Let's do it now." "Get to the point." And so the social amenities are not there because the warrior is totally focused on the bullseye of this target, of this mission, this task. This is typical of a warrior nature.

And so in requiring that that warrior talk for an hour about the contents of your refrigerator (because that's what you are comfortable with), you essentially put out that fire. It's like: "I can't relate to you unless you spend five minutes talking about the weather." The warrior is in serious pain when you do this because you're keeping him or her from moving forward.

Being a warrior and allowing your fire means that you are able to go forward, unimpeded, to where your vision is telling you to go. What happens when people don't allow you to do that (or when you don't allow yourself to do that) is that you end up running this gauntlet, just to please others, when you know in your instincts that timing is critical. Nobody around you seems to have the same vision, but you do not want them to keep you from completing this, and so you say, "I can't talk to you right now." They are thinking: And she thinks she's a spiritual person?

How rarely people accommodate each other's "differences." Differences don't have to mean separation. They mean uniqueness. They mean that if I have my act together I'm not upset because you said, "I'm sorry, but I can't do this right now. I'll do it tomorrow," or whatever. If I really am centered and I'm together, I let you be you. You let each other be yourselves--without judgment. Then you have a lot more hysterical time: You tolerate, and enjoy, a "Murphy Brown" type of person in your real life. You let people all be characters, which is what you all are anyway! You came in to this lifetime, selected a role out of all the wonderful possibilities of who could be, and then you're all on the same stage and you're trying to get rid of everybody else on the stage because they're trying to play their roles too! [laughter] But if you would come together and put on a performance together, it would be better than any of the great Broadway shows that have ever been created--because you're supposed work together.

Let Fire People BE

What we've been finding, however, is that the warriors and fire people have let their fires be put out. Other people are just so uncomfortable with them that they deny their right to be warriors, their right to express fire. Fire people are the initiators. They don't want to hang around for the endless processes, the meetings, the memos, the committees, and all these people who just want to vent. Fire people light the candle and move on. They're catalyzers. If fire people and warriors don't understand about themselves that they are catalysts, they keep being held into these meetings and committees, and they suffer again. It's excruciating for warriors to sit at a table while people say the same things again and again a hundred times and when it's very clear that they could have made a decision a long time ago, but they go on and on.

And so a warrior-type person will stand up and say: "They said this; they said that. Now let's vote." That wins no popularity points whatsoever. That warrior-type person has cut through all of the stuff, has focused on the heart of the matter, and you can also count on that fire person to make things happen. The other people are not really wanting so much to make things happen as, in their nature, wanting to talk about it a lot. There needs to be a balance. What about somebody who is complementary to you to teach you about yourself? What about somebody who's different than you to pique your consciousness even more about who you are and to teach you tolerance, to provide even more challenge for you in your own tolerance for others who are "different" than you.

What Is "Spiritual"?

We wanted to talk about the warrior nature and the fire nature because we have seen that these types have also not been accepted very well in the spiritual community. Warriors have suffered because they feel that they must repress their true nature in order to be accepted in the spiritual community, who never seem to have any "human" feelings, do you know? [laughter] This is what we meant on Friday night when we said that we see a lot of behavior modification going on in spiritual communities: People are acting like what they think you act like when you're spiritual, and yet their energy communicates something totally different.

And so, you may have wondered why you've had someone standing before you who is said to be this great spiritual leader but you feel very uncomfortable and you know something's not right. But then you think there must be something wrong with you because you're not feeling that this person is very "spiritual." You don't feel loving energy coming from this person. Everyone else in the room is entranced and hypnotized by this person, but you're just not there.

We want you to honor your feelings when you get into these situations, and if you need to leave, leave--and don't worry about what other people will think of you. Do you have the courage, the discipline, not to to care what others think of you, because the greatest obstacle to Ascension, to spiritual development, is worrying about what everyone around you thinks. The reason is that we're talking about a Mass Consciousness that historically has tried to keep all of you from receiving this information. So much more information is now accessible to you.

People of mass consciousness are so concerned with survival issues, power, money, and judgment that they are not reliable mirrors for you about what a Divine Being is. They are inappropriate sources of information about who you are. You, and your beautiful guides, are the experts on you. No one but you has the right, or the ability, to know who you are. Every time you "fall for" some reflection of you based on that person's ignorance, you remain ignorant of your true self. Ignorance, or non-remembrance, of your Divinity is what separates you from an ecstatic experience of your Being.

Discernment vs. Judgment

Ignorance is how the behavior of others is to be interpreted when they judge you wrongly. So don't you make the mistake of judging them. Discernment and judgment are two sides of the same coin. One of them harms you and often the other person; the other one doesn't. Discernment is something you exercise in your mastery, meaning: "I see clearly what your game is, and I now move in a direction that is for my own well-being," rather than being sucked in to this illusion with which you're actually pretty successful with most people. But, you if you say, "If you're a non-spiritual being, you really ought to read some books," that's where discernment turns to judgment.

Stay on the discernment side, which, to us, means having clarity. "I see this clearly. I don't fall for it but neither do I judge it." And if you have ever met truly enlightened beings still in the body, you have Experienced this. Someone will come up and challenge them, and everyone in the room turns pale. These enlightened ones, however, respond with the most simple, beautiful and loving answer that makes the armor on that person crack into pieces and fall away because there's no reactive/responsive thing going on. There's no Ego in the enlightened person. Ego is a tool of the 3rd Dimensional experience. When you ascend in consciousness the Ego drops away.

And so, again, in several ways we have been telling you that you have a choice, and if you, now, in consciousness, make choices that undermine your own ability to feel how divine you are and how beautiful you are, you must know that you take responsibility for that. As soon as you become conscious of these things, you now have responsibility for them. And we would suggest that this consciousness supports you, motivates you and drives you forward with the support of your guidance, now that you are conscious of it.

This takes us back to what we said earlier in the weekend: "Ascension is expansion of consciousness. What you're not conscious of is virtually useless to you."

"Spiritual" workshops are really designed in terms of those Beings who support them as they channel through the facilitators and the coordinators. These workshops are designed to trigger you and open your consciousness so that you come out of ignorance of your own Divinity and you come back into union with full consciousness of your oneness with these Great Beings who are reaching toward you to pull you to the Light. Now that you know these things, you are responsible to yourselves to make more appropriate choices. At first it may be difficult. It will be easier as you go along to make choices that support your health and well-being, and your honoring of yourself.

This a great challenge when you're at this point. Here is where you're going, and you can still choose to go back. Going forward requires the courage and discipline that have so many tremendous rewards, so much joy. Do you dare to feel joy? Joy is a very, very intense emotion. It sweeps over you, and, guess what? It feels like you're losing control, and you are--of your Ego. When joy floods through you it heals your physical body. When joy floods through you it gives you an instant connection with the Divine. Joy is the language of the Divine.

(Part II: Friday Night -Questions/Answers)

L: My vision is confidence in my own coming of age and dropping off all the "little girl" parts and just becoming more aware of "God is within."

And we are receiving from your guidance that the issue is about fear of power, which many women have. Whether we're talking about power within or about the kind of power that has been unleashed on the world for so long--power over others. This kind of power usually results from deep fear: "I'm afraid, so if I have power I won't be afraid." This is not what power truly is. When a person has power within her, she no longer fears what other people will think of her. One can truly be in a loving expression and say, "I'm not comfortable. No. I can't do that for your right now." An empowered person can set her boundaries without self-censure.

Empowerment says, "I honor my own true feelings enough that I say them to you. And, doggone, if you don't respect this, I'm going to have to phase you out of my life." That takes great courage. The risk is that you'll be alone for awhile as you're forming new, more appropriate friendships.

L: Thank you. We did it right there. I did it right there.


All right. We will give you our perceptions and, again, no channeled information or any other source of information is THE definitive information. The truest gauge of the truth for you come from your tuning into your own guidance and letting that information come in to you in a way that is resonant with you. And so we would say that there's not one Truth with a capital "T."

We thank you for your kind attention, and we are Melora.

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