ASCENSION: The Wisdom Factor

Excerpts from a group channeling with Melora.

Melora through Joanna Neff\

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QUESTIONER 1: Is the Ascension process just what we make of it? My Ascension is what I make of it?

MELORA: Essentially. And we have said that "Consciousness is all," so what you are conscious of will either restrict you or propel you in that direction, as it were.

QUESTIONER 1: Well, a lot of material is flooding in, and I guess I feel that there's a lot of work on myself to do--cleansing, and that kind of a thing, on many levels. But at the same time I guess I realize it's what I make of it. There's always a bit of uncertainty and unknowing what the next step will bring or surface.

MELORA: Yes, and we wish to encourage people to allow the process and not to go into the climbing-the-ladder, working-at-it achievement kind of experience of Ascension, because it's really about what you allow yourself to remember. It's sort of like coming out of a coma. This person says, "I'm your wife," and you say, "I don't recognize you." [general laughter] Not that your not remembering it makes it any less true that this is your wife and that these are your children. You're in a coma when you're in 3rd-dimensional reality! And then upon Ascension you wake up.

There are steps to Ascension, as experienced in the body. With the 3-dimensional brain there are steps, and so, yes, you can be more or less Ascended. Yes, you can come to another "step" of consciousness in which you're allowing a greater expansion of awareness and remembrance of your true state of being, which in religions has been called remembering your divinity--your experience of the Oneness termed "enlightenment." "Self-realization"--"I realize who I am. I AM THAT." "I am God."

QUESTIONER 2: Where are the murderers and rapists and other people who have perpetrated evil . . . as far as dimensional?

MELORA: You are using the word "evil." We do not choose that word. As we have said before (you may not have been here that night), we have all been the guys in the black hats and the guys in the white hats. We have experienced everything, and "God" is not just the head of the guys in the white hats. God is the head of the guys in the dark hats too. And so all have experienced virtually everything. And, you see the yin/yang symbol, which is Tai Chi. The dark one has the white eye, and the white one has the dark eye. And the syllables "gu-ru" are darkness and light. The truly enlightened guru is in that yin/yang position of total unity and balance--the integration of polarity.

That triangle at the apex: the negative/positive integration. It is a symbol of Sirius. It goes on in Orion, where one of the stars is totally "light"; one is totally dark; the one in the center is the integration of the two in the belt of Orion. And these are portals through with these polarities are expressed. It's the same in the Sirius system, where higher civilizations decide to express "the dark," or "the light," or the integration of those.

So part of "God" consciousness is coming out of the duality consciousness ("This is positive; this is negative." "This is black; this is white.") and embracing integration and accepting The All That Is. This does not mean that "God" is evil. It means that the manifold expressions of God's own consciousness or whatever the Prime Creator--the very "top" creator--fragmented, of you will, aspects of itself (or themselves) to give himself/herself to get information about Self the way you chose to learn lessons in this lifetime to learn about you.

This is the evolutionary, or expansive part. "The Big Bang," if you will, where everything goes out and out and out, and there are more and more delineations, fragments, or whatever you wish to call them. Now Prime Creator is bringing those consciousness fragments--fragmented creations--back.

When we say "fragment" we mean separated in consciousness as the free will that exists here. We are all "God" but we don't know it. And so self-realization, which you call enlightenment, is realizing that you are God. All the time you're living in it and experiencing that constantly, and then you're in bliss. You're in Nirvana.

The game is, in what ways do the fragments of Creator explore and do things? And which ways help you remember that you're God? Which ways don't? As it turns out, the so-called "evil" things are those that are separating. The so-called evil things separate one's consciousness from God. And that's not a value judgment. It's just reality, if you will. And so when you have non-love expressions, they separate you from God consciousness.

QUESTIONER 2: But they're still part of . . . it's just that they're choosing separation?

MELORA: Let us put it this way: We will put it into terms of, say your relationship with ourselves. Say you're having a bad day, and you're really angry and frustrated. You've been yelling at people in traffic. You may even have used some obscene gesture or something, just out of your frustration. Now if we looked at that and said, "You're a bad person!" "You're evil!" Would that be correct? No. Of course not. It is just that your expression was an expression of non-love. In that moment you separated yourself from your connection with source. That's all. It's neither bad nor good. It's neither evil nor not evil.

QUESTIONER 2: We judge it and we give it power.

MELORA: You judge it as evil. Now those people who are out there raping and murdering and being greedy and oppressing people are not creating on the Soul level any negativity for anyone else but themselves. The illusion is that there is the victim and the predator. The actuality is that both have chosen the experience. Now the one who learns what's supposed to be learned is the one who "advances" and grows. The one who doesn't probably has to come back in the next life and become the victim. That's all it is: Did you learn it or not? Not that that is of God and this isn't.

Did you, by oppressing all these people come back into the memory that you were God? Probably not. Someone like Saul on the road to Damascus . . . persecutor of Jews. A light comes down and blinds him. He's converted and becomes the Apostle Paul. Did he learn it? Did he grow? Yes. Into a very great disciple. So the point is: Do you get it or not? And then after you get it, do you use it in wisdom? That is, you get it and now you approach and perceive things out of that wisdom. And you act and make choices out of that wisdom.

QUESTIONER 3: In changing the probabilities for Earth changes and disaster and all that, it is my understanding that the more we come into our heart centers the faster we will be able to change probabilities.

MELORA: Yes. This is a good way to put it.

QUESTIONER 3: What's a good way to open up the heart center, other than intending that you do so?

MELORA: Our motto is: "Consciousness is all." So if a person is very mental, then the consciousness energy is being focused from the mental "sphere," if you will. And many have gone that route through metaphysics, which is pretty much purely mental. In opening the heart, chanting the sanscrit syllables, certain vowel tones open the heart. This has been done from ancient days. Coming out of your head experience of relationship and out of your analytical kind of approach to your relationship with other people is a start.

For example, you're looking for what is beneath your own emotions and your own emotions. You're looking beneath what your mind is saying about your relationship to other people. This is encompassed by coming out of duality and experiencing the Oneness more of the time. So the mind always says, "We are separate." The mind says, "Here's what I'm like. Here's what you're like. Here's how we're different. Here are the things I like about you. These are the things that irritate me about you." And that is separation. That is why judgment separates. Judgment assumes that you are different than I am. And then there is the sort of interesting sidelight of projection. I say that you do it and that it irritates me, but it is something I do too.

If one can look at others in relationship--not as being valuable because you're so alike, think and dress alike. Many people base all their relationships on how alike they are because they feel more comfortable with that or it makes their ego feel good that they have this sort of "twin" out here. But the real love acknowledges you for exactly where you are, and when I relate to you, I am not mentally going, "Now she's saying this but she's really thinking that." "I think she ought to wear a little more makeup to enhance her looks." [laughs] It really has to do with totally focusing on the other person and listening to what they say--and being interested in what they have to say--without judgment. These are areas in which you may start to shift out of the mental domain and into just experiencing the person's being. This is a difficult shift for people who are used to being mental.

QUESTIONER 3: I'm assuming that helping others to open their heart center is best accomplished by opening your own and then just letting your energy resonate to theirs?

MELORA: We would suggest that you not worry about trying to help others open their hearts. Serving as an example is the greatest way to accomplish this. Then in opening your heart and in having this change of experience take place, your experience of yourself will first change. Then your experience of all relationships will change. Then your relationship with the entire world will change. It is much to be desired, not to be feared. We thank you for your question.

As always, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you, and we are Melora.


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