SEDONA, AZ - July 12, 1998

("Soul Retrieval: The Great Ascension Accelerator" workshop)

PALLAS ATHENA through Joanna Neff

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I am Athena. I have been asked to speak to you today as a representative of The Council of 12 because of my close association with Melora and the one who sits before you. Because of this association it is possible for me to speak through her directly to your hearts. As the being volunteering to step forward to speak on behalf of The Council of 12, I wish to tell you how important it is for you to recognize the critical role you play, not only in the touching of the hearts of people in your immediate association but in the very processes of Ascension that so many are seeking now.

It hurts us to see you behaving toward yourselves, your beautiful selves, in ways that are not loving. It hurts us to have you not be able to comprehend your beauty and the magnitude of your light. It hurts us to communicate our love to you and have you not hear it. It hurts us that you don't know what love is when it is right before you.

When I say that it hurts us, it is not in the same sensing as your hurts of the ego or even of the heart. For us, the interpretation of it hurts is: We send you beautiful, harmonious energy and love, and what is reflected back toward us is jagged, almost shards-of-glass-like feeling. It is not as though we absorb these energies or that it harms us in a way that you would understand. It is that, in a way, it confuses us--about how this energy that we keep directing towards you ends up turning into these shards of jagged glass or waves of confusion, waves of frustration.

And although we, as beings, comprehend that this is very much the reality in the Earthly plane (so often and so long has it gone on), it still affects us profoundly--and we would say energetically without any coldness of "energetic" implied--and that it does affect us. We do not, as you would say, internalize it as beings, but we notice it very profoundly, and we do experience an equivalent of what you would consider to be sadness. Sadness, for these beings who support you today, would best be described as a sinking of the energy instead of the ebullient energy, the expansive energy. Sinking instead of rising, do you see? And in that way it affects us profoundly.

I do not say these things to make you feel even less about yourselves than you do but to tell you in saying this how interconnected we are, because this apparently is a concept that humans find so difficult to accept and embrace: that we are not higher than, that we are not "above" you as beings, that we are not separate from you.

And we are also telling you about what Melora spoke of as responsibility. As beings in the light you have a responsibility to the entire light quotient that, if taken in the One, is beyond measure, beyond grasping, beyond comprehension. You are responsible for what you emit into your energetic environment, for this should be the focus--not "Should I go to my ex-mother-in-law's house for Christmas," do you see? So I am asking to shift your consciousness and consider your existence as a light being and take responsibility for whether you're polluting your energetic environment or whether you are creating energetic flowers opening . . . whether your speech is like the fragrance of lotus or spiky like thorns . . . whether your very presence calms and soothes yourselves and others or whether it is a source of discord for yourself and others. This is not a matter of protocol or propriety or rules of society. This is a matter of your spiritual welfare and the spiritual welfare of others--all others on Earth, whether you meet them, inter-react with them or not.

In choosing to re-awaken and to remember your selves as beings of the light on a mission here, this is the moment in your lifetime--this weekend, now, as you sit before the rest of The Council, to decide whether you wish to embrace this journey or whether you wish not to. This is a critical moment in your spiritual life. Now. In this moment.

There is always a possibility in every incarnational life, and in every level or dimensional expression of you, to come to a critical juncture and not choose to go in that burst like a rocket to the light. The result is having to come back. The result in physical existence is karma. The result in non-physical existence is moving laterally instead of "vertically." You can stay going laterally into eons of time because you keep choosing not to rise, do you see?

And so I would like to add that in the description of Archangel Ariel's movement--constantly lifting, constantly lifting--here is the energetic motion which we would like you to feel in your bodies, in your very souls, as the motion that will always tell you that you are moving forward, not as in progress but as in taking on greater and greater light and coming to an understanding of service in the light. Moving beyond "I need to solve my problems as a person" to "I need, at the soul level, to be of service in the light." Once you make the commitment to be of service in the light, then the personal therapies and processing all seem much less important.

This does not mean that you stop using the energy of contemplation to see where you are not being loving to yourself. That is ongoing. This does mean that you begin to focus energy more and more on being an appropriate representation of that which you seek--an appropriate representation of the light-being-ness. This does not mean that if you make a mistake you have failed in your mission. It means that you keep focusing on being the light.

I have come to you this afternoon because it is of great urgency that you grasp what I have said, and what Melora has said, and all that is opening up in you, and what your guidance is saying. It is of great urgency. Other information that has come through in recent years through channels has said, "Tomorrow you will be beamed up," and this sort of thing. It is almost as in the story of "The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf'." People have ceased to listen. And there is urgency. I assure you: It is of great urgency that you come into the embracing of this spiritual opening and all that it can lead you to, starting now.

I will not make any forecasts, for that is not higher work. That takes you out of the focus of your own expression as a light being and puts you into really 3rd-dimensional kinds of concerns like physical survival. I will say that what is coming is a great shift that will create a chasm between those of the light and those not of the light . . . and there is no in-between--there is only the chasm between those who fully embrace their light work and those who are in fear, those who are in confusion.

As a human experience, confusion rarely happens without the person fighting with himself. It always means that you are fighting with yourself. Again, I ask you: When you feel these emotions that undermine your very knowledge that you are divine, you must, you must, you must . . . turn away from them and not indulge in them, not swim in them, not let them envelope you. Letting them do so is an act of self-annihilation. Do you understand? An act of self-annihilation.

I am being asked now to withdraw my energies from the one before you. It is very intense for her. Before I withdraw, I, as a representative of The Council of 12, send you the greatest and deepest honor, love, affection, and I ask that you send us the same in return, for we do not thrive alone as ourselves. We thrive in our association with you as you allow it. We feed each other mutually. And also before I withdraw I ask you to share with us in this feast of light and life that awaits you, if only you will walk toward us and accept it.

And with that I will now withdraw. I am yours, as you ask--Athena.


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