Excerpt re: Experiments on Population, Broadcast Viruses, etc.

Melora through Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

The following exerpt is from the beginning of Part II of the session on "Who's in Charge?".

(from a client session)

S: The first [question] I wanted to start with is, you know there's a saying: "As above, so below"?

MELORA: Well, we have said "As below, so above."

S: Well, what I was wondering about was that we do experiments down here on rabbits and other animals. Are we having experiments done on us?

MELORA: Yes, you are.

S: If so, who is in charge of what is done and, again, do we have contracts in the 3rd Dimension with whomever it is that is working with us?

MELORA: No. We would liken this to the fact that entities of the Dark do not honor free will and neither does your Government, which actually, surreptitiously passes legislation that allows them to experiment on you.

S: Who are they?

MELORA: Those who are working with research scientists on mind control and what our Jyoti told you about broadcast viruses and that sort of thing, where they experiment so they can use [these techniques] essentially in warfare, but they experiment on you.

S: I was wondering about that. I was also wondering how our free will works in that. And, again, who is in charge of us to be able to say, "Yes. We will go ahead and be part of this" or "No. We choose not to be part of the experiment"?

MELORA: The problem is, when you're, first of all, becoming conscious that it's happening. And then the second part is your not having the technology to counteract it. For example, our Jyoti told you about "The Zapper" and how that has managed to change the frequencies [in her body] and get rid of the viruses and bacteria that were there for more than three months. So there are ways that you can find out about technology that can help you, but first you need to realize that you're being attacked--at the frequency level.

And, also, if you're adept at working with your merkaba, your Light Body, and so forth, then you can actually monitor your frequency, which our Jyoti really sort of chooses not to go into that much detail. She chooses to find something that will work faster without her having to go through hours of structured steps, and so forth. So there are many ways that you can counteract broadcast viruses and mind-control broadcasts, but first you have to become conscious that it's happening to you.

There are all kinds of electromagnetic problems. If you looked at the Earth with eyes that could detect the toxic energies, you would be horrified. It's not just microwave and ELF waves but even just the level of electrical emanation--just regular household appliance electrical emanations--and then the huge conduits lined up to transport that electrical energy, you are living in very toxic and powerfield fields of energy, without even having anything broadcast to you.

S: Well, that's what I was wondering, and the theme today is "Who's in charge of me to let me experience this?"

MELORA: There is an interesting interplay of free-will choices and what you would consider "accidents" in the flow of events. For example, in one of the Seth books it said that if a man is walking down the street in a big city and off the 20th floor drops a flower pot and hits him on the head and kills the man. And that that, at the Soul level, was the man's choice. We say that this is a little simplistic.

For example, we would say that the choice part of it is: "I'm ready to check out." And so you become magnetic to any number of possibilities. After all, the same man could have gotten hit by a car, but what he consciously chose was that he was going to "be taken out" that day--and not at that precise time--but "I'm ready to go" is the resonance that he broadcasts. Any number of ways to take him out could have been attracted to him. Do you see what we're saying? There are a lot of variables in how the intention can be manifested.

If you look at how many healers there are on Earth--how many people who wish to understand how energies work and who have become adept at using energy to heal--we would say that instead of the intention's being "Let's have the Government broadcast frequencies to counteract them," the intention is, rather, I want to learn how to understand energies and frequencies, and to use healing to modify those that are not resonant. And so in that sense, some of the variables could be: trying to counteract broadcast frequencies. But it is not the same as saying, specifically, "I will come to the Earth, and when I'm 54 years old I will have to combat Government broadcasts." It's not the same.

So there are various ways that the desire to work with energy to heal lower-vibrational energies can actually magnetically attract certain challenges as possible ways of learning and exercising power of healing vibrations. That's not the same as choosing to come here and combat Government broadcasts.

S: So this is part of being locked in to 3rd Dimension. It seems like it's part of the big game.

MELORA: Well, some of this is a repeat of what you all went through when things started to get out of control in Atlantis with crystalline energy. So instead of having crystals be used for healing, they started to be used for warfare--against the Lemurians, for example--and that sort of thing. What you're talking about is how technology, originally developed for healing, is now turned against the masses for mind control or for other destructive purposes.

That part of it is karmic. That part of it is a choice of re-living a certain situation and saying, "Well, last time we made these mistakes in dealing with it, and we won't do that again. We're going to prevent the destruction of the United States," or whatever, or not, depending on how many people want to re-live the destructive karma and how many don't. A lot of the Atlanteans who were there in the final days have reincarnated again on the Earth that you know. Your technology is a combination of ET's swapping technology with your Government for permission to experiment on people (this was more in the past than now) and the remembrance and redevelopment of Atlantean technology. (There was a close relationship between Star People's technology and Atlantean technology. They were from the same source.)

So we're saying that it's not as simple an answer as the flower pot dropping on the man's head and that he chose that. We're saying that there are a lot of variables involved and that there's a basic theme, motif or intention--and magnetically that draws possible varieties of ways of expressing, if that makes sense.



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