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(House Blessing)
Also: Places of Business, Horse Barns, Schools, Hospitals, Retirement Homes

by Joanna Neff

Locations, as well as people, can have negative entity attachments. In fact, the inhabitants of buildings are almost always aware of the presence of such dark influences. This often can include land & property surrounding one's home as well as such out-buildings as garages. (Such structures as greenhouses are especially vulnerable to negative water spirits, earthbound spirits and Reptilian entities.)

The house/building clearance also includes landed property and adjacent streets and highways. (During one office building clearance I facilitated, I found entities associated with marijuana and crack cocaine in the parking lot. I also discovered that negative entities had been hanging out on the bordering thoroughfare for 40 years! I didn't find out until after the clearance that the building had been a bar for decades . . . ) In addition, I clear the person's home of harmful geopathic and other negative electromagnetic effects.

Vortices & Portals

These energetic "openings" are dimensional gateways for lower-Astral-Plane (4th-dimensional) dark entities to come and go as they please. Before sealing these portals in a building it is necessary to send the "travelers" back to where they came from. (During a clearing for a house in New England I discovered, and sealed, a major vortex in one corner of the owners' master bedroom. This vortex had existed during the occupancy of the previous owners, and I facilitated its removal before my friends actually moved in. Months later, a neighbor inquired about whether they had experienced anything "weird" in their bedroom. . . By then, they could answer truthfully that they had not.)


The one-hour process of building/property negative entity removal is separate from that of personal soul clearance. (See "Soul Clearance: Entity Removal.") When a home is infested/possessed by dark beings, these often also attach to the inhabitants of the home. In some cases the new owners have "inherited" these influences from previous owners--often because of the previous owners' drug use and/or other abusive tendencies. Being ultra-sensitive to the harmful vibrations of such energies/entities, one's animal companions also suffer trauma from these dark beings and also need to be cleared. (In once case, a bird was so negatively affected that it couldn't keep its feathers. Before the house clearance the cats in this location ran "screaming" from one room to another, and the dogs were perpetually "on alert" and very stressed out. After the house clearance they all calmed down and resumed their normal behavior.)

The MENTAL ILLNESS LINK to possession

Almost everyone who has a troubled personality, and/or a great complexity of life problems, needs to be cleared regularly. Since negative entities express through the Ego/personality structure, we usually don't catch on to their presence unless they've become deeply entrenched over years of possession. In other words, the person manifests worse and worse "symptoms" over time.

In this case, the person would have been attracted to a home because of its negative entity possession, as like vibration attracts like. The complexity and depth of such illness--and the karmic implications--make it all but impossible to effect a lasting "cure" on the person or on his/her home. (In one case, I facilitated entity removal for a person, her house, her mother, her animal companions and her property. This was a major, and very powerful, clearing. However, the client experienced only temporary relief and complained that the clearance had not been complete. The truth is that the source of the problem lay within the individual herself and continued to manifest because of her ongoing mental problems.) The issue here is: free-will choice within karmic lessons one has chosen to learn in a given lifetime. Because the individual essentially keeps choosing, however unconsciously, such affliction, this cannot be remedied by such an outside source as an "exorcist." (See "Soul Clearance" article.)


I do all the building/property clearance remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these clearings. However, I do send you a detailed worksheet that shows what was found--and removed--during the session.

Fee: $120.00 U.S.



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