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We wish you to understand that the experience of "dimension" is not a starting point or an ending point. It is simultaneous--for all. And so, regardless of the source that beings originate from, they all experience "Reality" multidimensionally, simultaneously, and are in the same sort of process you are in, in terms of consciousness and understanding or nonunderstanding of The One. So the expression or experience of Pleiadians or Orions or Andromedans in 3rd Dimension is also simultaneous with their experience of "higher" dimensional consciousness. This we described when the channel asked it we were her "future self." We answered that this was true, in a manner of speaking, but that by the time she Ascends, evolves and remembers, she will really be returning to the Source, to her Family of Light, to her full-consciousness remembrance of the totality of greatness(what she's achieved at the Core Soul level.

Of course you think of "divisions" in your consciousness: 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimension. You perceive that you start somewhere and end up somewhere. What you call dimensions are really "levels" of consciousness. Consciousness is the seed energy of all creation(intelligent consciousness, out of which everything is created and manifested.

You believe that all of you were created by THE Creator. In truth, some of you are creations of creations of creations of The Creator. These are the creator gods that the Pleiadians alluded to in Bringers of the Dawn. Souls, themselves, are created by Prime Creator's soul substance, or soul source--the source from which the seeded substance creations are given consciousness and life. That essence is from The One, The All That Is. Then, using that essential Divine Spark, the creator gods, or the creations of the creations of the creations of that Oneness, bring substance of a certain form and kind for the creation to express itself in form.

You will say that there must be some direct connection with Prime Creator, and this is true. Other, "lesser" creator gods have a connection to Prime Creator. However, that connection can be used for a higher motive, misused or abused, and this is for the education of an entity. Say, in having achieved a level of spiritual evolution that allows it to create another living entity, the being gets power-hungry and forgets the responsibility of creating out of humility and love of Prime Creator, and the sense of integrity, if you will. Such a being forgets to create from light, love and wholeness and becomes seduced by the need to have control over its creations. In that being's forgetting, what it has attained starts to disintegrate, and the lesson of the use of power has to be learned again.

Can you imagine "rising" to that level and then suddenly losing and forgetting, and then falling, as in "the fall of Lucifer and the other angels?" They had achieved the most exalted state of Light and then forgot and abused, wanted to control, what they had created. They forgot that the Source of the power that they enjoyed was The One. They said, "We will no longer bow down to you." That is the fall. Such fallen beings have to climb back up that ladder again. It's the most intense kind of loss on the Soul level.

We would suggest that it is optimal in ALL creation--at your level, at our level, at any level--for an entity to create and release. This is about detachment, about not being attached to the outcome of one's actions, good or bad. And there is good karma, because of which you have to come back into a body, and people have to be nice to you and give you presents because you were attached to doing some good act in a "previous" life. If you are attached you do not move on. You are still anchored to what you created, and you do not move on. Prime Creator would never be moving on if Prime Creator stayed truly attached to its creations.

Regardless of what any being creates, that creation takes on a consciousness of its own. It doesn't have to be a human being, an animal or a plant. It could be a random thought or fantasy. What you create takes on its own consciousness, goes out, and lives its life. Even though you may not be able to understand that a rock is living a life, it is living its life. Even though you are not conscious of some possible self of you, that variation is taking paths not taken by you, and it's living a whole other life that you're not conscious of. It's just as real to itself as you are real to yourself.

In a way, each thought has a consciousness. However, there are what you would probably term "degrees" of consciousnes--how real that entity is in terms of how well it can guide its own process of change. And so, again, you might describe this as being 1-dimensional, or 2-dimensional, or 3-dimensional. When you are 3rd-dimensional you have a consciousness of self that allows you to reflect upon yourself about why you do what you do or why you think what you think. It is this self-consciousness wrought in 3rd-dimensional existence that takes you into a realm in which you can now have control over the changes that you make (your Destiny), which you don't have in 2nd Dimension. And so if you're talking about possible selves or thought forms, they may not be conscious of themselves in the way you are, because they're like photocopies, not master copies.

No doubt you wish to know how such an entity as a rock "decides" to move on to 3rd-dimensional existence. You may wonder whether that rock can consciously say something like, "I'm tired of being a rock now" or whether it has rock guides "out there" who determine that the rock has experienced enough to now move on. We would explain in in this way: When Native people go to sacred places, do rituals and drumming, burn sage again and again in the same spot, or they create a medicine circle or a sweat lodge, that energetic influence in the sacred area begins to raise, or begins to create, a consciousness in the rocks and trees of those places. Sacred ritual is one way that you, as humans, can bestow consciousness evolution on 2nd-dimensional creations. This is why doing sacred rituals is a gift to every tree, to every animal. Because in doing sacred ritual there is union, separation consciousness goes away, and you bridge to them and you give them a gift of elevation, or a spark, of consciousness.

That spark begins the process of consciousness evolution that can bring those rocks, trees and animals into a body with 3rd-dimensional consciousness. At the moment at which they are aware of their own existence, then boom! That is why certain trees are said to have consciousness in the way that you experience consciousness. Even though they don't have a vocal apparatus with which to talk to you, they are aware of your presence. They're aware of their own being in a way that goes way beyond just absorbing water from the earth and having the wind blow their branches. There is a consciousness there, but it builds from the energy of people revering them and doing sacred rituals and bringing their love to the trees, rocks, and animals again and again.

Native Americans and other tribal people have understood this principle of exchange from the beginning of their existence. Trees and other plants in Nature provide houses for them and animals provide clothing, and in turn these people help convey consciousness to their benefactors. This is the enormous up-side of the animals' trading their lives to clothe people and to provide food for them. This is the enormous trade of the trees' being chopped down for firewood. When human consciousness says thank you and gives them love, and honors those gifts that 2nd-dimensional beings are giving them, in that exchange human beings impart consciousness so that in its next expression that entity will now have consciousness of itself. That gift of consciousness shows understanding of Natural Law--of right relationship with Nature, the trees, the rocks, and the animals.

There is a current understanding that regardless of the "form" you're in, you may be said to be fragments of Prime Creator and that Prime Creator desires that all its "pieces" come together in one consciousness. What is difficult for you to understand is that this is an ongoing process. The beauty of this process is that every expression of The One in the All That Is has the opportunity, and the challenge, of coming to this consciousness. But this goes on into Infinity, and so what seems, on the human level, to be the greatest purgatory is actually the greatest love, and that is that as the All That Is creates more and more of itself and gives each the opportunity to go through all of these "levels" of understanding until it again returns to a consciousness of the All That Is. Now, in 3rd-dimensional consciousness, this seems Sisyphian. But Prime Creator doesn't stop creating just because its creations are unable to fathom infinity!

The journey of the All That Is, the Infinite Creator, Prime Creator is to keep creating in as many diverse and infinite ways as possible. But THE God's gift to each of its creations is giving all souls the opportunity to experience the ways of their choosing, however circuitous, to come back to the understanding of Source. And so what has happened is that many of you are star-seeded, created by creations of creations of creations of Prime Creator, and are incarnated in many simultaneous 3rd-dimensional expressions on Earth. You are star-seeded by creator gods, and because they got too invested in controlling you, they gave you various names for God that aren't really Prime Creator. And because of the density of 3-D, everything has gone awry and this great separation of consciousness has occurred between you and Prime Creator. There has been so much suffering for so long that, indeed, the Source of All That Is truly desires to end it, to accelerate consciousness, to pull you out of the density so that you can again experience your Exalted Selves.

Many wonder whether the Universe, as a whole, takes note of the extremity of separation you experience. We wish you to know that note has already been taken so that this level of suffering doesn't take place again. This extremity of separation was not desirable or planned. The extent to which human beings experience separation has gone far beyond the danger level and is at the point of no return. Part of this has been the result of the undermining of consiousness. As you know, genetic re-engineering took place so that people could be controlled. There were many different groups controlling Starseed(for example, Starseeds who were not of their own galaxy or star system. (This is much the way slavery occurred in America.) And there was much control by the creator gods of their creations. It was a sort of melee, like a rugby game . . . like, "Who knows who's doing what to whom?" This was the out-of-control feeling that prompted the higher guides of the light under the Prime Directive of the All That Is to come in and help and sort things out, to uplift and energize and do whatever we can to help you, because it has been clear for some time that you had reached the point of no return and that great quantities of help had to be brought in to "save" you. Saving you means having you remember where you came from and who you truly are.

Regarding the entities that have caused everything to go awry, you may have been told that in this time of accelerated light they will be expelled from your experience. You may also have heard that they're kicking up a lot of dust as they're escorted out of your influence. You would call this "poor sportsmanship." They are like teams, players who know they can't hope to win but who are determined to fight as hard and as long as possible, just on principle, even though they now know that they're up against something unconquerable, which is the case.

The Forces of Light are now so great, and there are so many awakened, that it's not possible for Light to lose. The greatest challenge remains how to spark the awakening process in those who are still asleep. We count on you and on those of you who have bridged to us and have allowed us to come through. Although it's hard for you to imagine that you have power that we do not, in truth we count on you to help us with this mission as Light Workers, for you can do it in a way that we can't. Because you are becoming aware of your Exalted Self at the same time you are living in this dimension with people who are still asleep, you have a way to reach them that is not possible for us, since we're not living in bodies in your plane. Therefore, we rely on you most humbly to help us. We honor you and revere your special role in the Ascension of ALL beings . . . of ALL dimensions.

As always, we wish you great Joy of the Light! We are Melora.

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