"Who Am I?" (Descension of Your Higher Self)

Melora through Joanna Neff

We have wonderful news for you. You all have the opportunity to merge with your Higher Self, and so there can be a change in your experience of communication. When you are more merged, there isn't a sense of the information/communication coming from a "higher" plane, or from some place outside of you. So all that you're experiencing is that what used to be communication is now one with you.

The next step is to be conscious of being much more merged with your Higher Self-being the Higher Self in embodiment here. Descension, you see, is the easier, more elegant way to do it--just letting this happen rather than each individual physical life trying to "pull" itself out of this density. In the recent events of your lives, in what you have learned about yourselves, what you have released, actually quite efficiently has "made room," if you will, for your Higher Self to come in and do more merging with you.

Virtually all of your answers, and all of your operations, if you will, will be coming more from this source in the future. But for the moment, we would say that nothing is written in stone. Very sensitive people, especially when they're going through hard times, think that that's going to be IT forever. Understand that each choice is a vehicle for you to support yourself in a way, and do certain work for a time, but that at any given point you may make a transition into doing other work.

Many of you recently have completed the cycle of "going out into the trenches." You all have worked very hard, and now you will begin to feel much more fulfilled. You will love your work as long as your Ego doesn't come in and start analyzing: "Well, this isn't really what I want to do," and so on. What is happening is that in awakening personally to the light, each individual on a mission here is coming closer and closer to a conscious understanding of the work that they actually came here to do. So there's a time during which there is great conflict (and our Jyoti has experienced this) between personal agenda and the more ego based notion of role, versus the soul-level understanding of mission, on which your entire embodiment is based.

You are at the threshold of making a shift between your spiritual work as you perceive it (and how that feels to you) and of really committing to the high level of work that you came here to do. And so you will feel the tug of your personality self saying, "But I want this and I want that." Understand that the whole purpose of your embodiment and the soul growth that you have desired to allow here depend on moving out of the smaller personality oriented issues and into the commitment to that work. In many ways, this is what is holding Ascension back, if you understand. Although the light quotient is phenomenal, and many have awakened, you are shifting into the next cycle or phase as we have just described

As so many others you may not yet be able to identify the part of you that is the Higher Self communication separate from the part that is the ego. Like so many others, you may be asking: "Who Am I?" because now you are becoming very aware of the merging of time. For moments you can be in two or three places at once; you may be having visions of landscapes and cities, and you may also be having visions of moments in past lives. So your question reamains: "Who am I?" Our answer is: YOU ARE GOD. The "Who Am I?" identity part is the personality part.

We hear so much talk about the so-called ego. "Ego" merely means "I am" in the Latin. Cogito ergo sum: "I think; therefore I am." That, of course, is the illusion of 3rd-dimensional consciousness. "I am; therefore I think" is actually more appropriate, but "Who am I?" is actually a question of the personality. We use this word to show how your Self or Soul is expressed in 3rd-dimensional existence, and if you wanted to think of this on a higher level, personality might be interpreted, for example, as an Ascended Master.

The equivalent of personality as expressed in Ascended Masters and other "self-realized" human beings might appropriately be described as a quality of energy--a resonance with a quality or vibration in the upper realms. For example, Quan Yin as former "Chohan of the 7th Ray" (or Violet Ray), has a very different resonance than does St. Germain "on the surface." We think of St. Germain as more of a personality because he is still very much "in touch" with embodiment on the earth. This makes him such a great emissary in his Ascension work with you. "Chohan of the 7th Ray" does not limit, or delimit, the characteristics of the Ascended Master who holds that so-called responsibility. The resonance of Quan Yin, for example, would be grace, mercy, compassion--very sweet energy. The resonance of St. Germain is much more playful. There is much more a sense of mischievousness in addition to the seriousness and adept-ness with which he does his work.

The "qualities" of your Soul, your Higher Self, and the other members of your "vertical soul hierarchy" will resonate with you: artistic expression, freedom, fighting for the underdog. Whatever is your intrinsic nature is, expressed or not, is going to be resonant all the way "up" your soul hierarchy and probably with your higher guidance as well. In merging with your Higher Self, your guidance, and so forth (those who are related to you; not merely guides on assignment), these elements of your nature become more and more amplified.

It may seem to you as if suddenly there is more intensity of those qualities that are your nature, and so the Ego will rise to the occasion. In other words, there is more intensity of your pure nature--who you are as a Soul. Then your Ego will intensify to counteract that, and not vice-versa. That's how you separate what's going on with the Ego personality expression from what's going on with your Soul, so any sense of resistance is always going to be Ego based. Also, feelings of non-love you experience are not of your Higher Self. That is another way you can discern what's going on. When you go into meditation now, what is happening is that you are merely becoming conscious of a merging that is already taking place.

We are hearing people say that they keep falling asleep when they "try" to meditate. This is an opportunity for many calibrations to take place. Understand that when you seek to go into meditation you are really coming into that place of God Self that all share. When you go "within" you have Atma; when you go "outside" yourself you have Brahma. Brahma and Atma are one. In your falling asleep what is happening is that your intention is actually being answered, but if you are fighting falling asleep you would actually be circumventing the setup and merging of certain synaptic pathways necessary while you're still in the physical body. It is like having anesthesia while you're undergoing microsurgery, and in the very act of meditating you are seeking this union and actually allowing it.

Now, what may really be bothering you is that because you have fallen asleep, you don't consciously remember that union. However, what is important on the Soul level is that the union (or YOGA, which means re-union) has taken place. The more you allow it, the more you begin to live it. The other important thing is that you are meditating. No time in meditation is ever "wasted," you see, for meditation is your primary pipeline, if you will, to form a bridge to your Higher Self and throughout the vast network that consciousness represents.

As always, we wish you great joy of the light, and we are Melora!


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