Melora through Joanna Neff

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You may all be interested to know that these strange consciousness shifts and experiences you're having here are paralleled in OUR growth as well. It is not as though we go into a state of confusion the way you do because of your physical brain and your mental apparatus. But we do experience the newness of certain changes of consciousness and energy in a way that might be similar to what you experience as we need to "adapt" to these changes. It is not as though things have to settle in the way they do in a physical body here, in your density, but it has to do with the arrangement or the dynamic of the energy patterns as they change and getting used to that. This is the closest we can come to describing what we experience when we go through shifts as well. So you and our Jyoti are certainly not alone in these dynamic and dramatic shifts in consciousness.

Joanna Neff

QUESTION: This is really a co-creational effort we're all going through right in the now--not according to a pre-programmed plan anymore, and not a single one of us knows what the result will be?

We would describe it less as co-creative in the sense that there is a conscious collaboration between members of soul groups, and so on. It is very much in the "vertical soul hierarchy" of each of you, so that you have plenty to do in having these shifts and changes take place from your embodiment toyour Higher Self to your Overbeing and then laterally, to other expressions of you in other lifetimes--past, present and future--and in other planes of expression. So you have plenty to do in making those changes.

Now, what we would call the co-creative aspect (and this is a very wonderful question) is the effect, so that if each embodiment is taking the responsibility and has the consciousness to work with these difficult energetic movements and changes, then the effect is BIG for all of you, if this makes sense. But it is not as though--at this point, anyway--your soul group is working with our Jyoti's soul group, you see.

QUESTION: We are probably all coordinating these energies in our own way, and then we come together. That is what the co-creative part is.

Right. And so at what you would term "higher" levels, then that coming more into oneness can take place, but not so much here, in 3rd density and in 4th and 5th.

QUESTION: Are you ready to answer Jyoti's questions for today?

We wish to deal first with the question about "exactly" what process it is that she's been going through these past four or five months. She finds it offensive to keep thinking in terms of RELEASING layer after layer after layer. She really has resentment that this is necessary, especially considering all the work she has done, even knowing that she chose these challenges. The reason why she resents this term releasing negative energies or releasing past memories from this life, or whatever, is that it seems less important. It seems that there ought to be more to it than just this, sort of, "Okay. I'll let go of another layer." The reason she feels this way is that she's unable to see the whole picture at one time.

And so the way we would answer that question about exactly what process this is? We're going to add dimensionality to her understanding of the process. In that way it will have meaning. It will seem more meaningful instead of being like taking a shower and washing yesterday's dirt off their skin, again and again. Our Jyoti needs to realize that the shifts are of such enormity, and have such impact "above" her that that they can be equated with the shifting of techtonic plates on the earth. Whereas you may perceive that such shifts in the Earth are creating great destruction, the real entity that this "destruction" is serving is the planet. Do you see? So from the "small" size and points of view (relative to the Earth) of the physical beings dwelling on her this is devastating, but these changes serve the planet. So it is with the shifts all of you are making in consciousness.

The most important part of what we just said is for Jyoti to understand that she is not alone in going through these changes--that the courage she's using and the clarity that she's receiving in the process are much bigger than whether two or three of her friends feel that she's "blown them off," that she's neglecting them. This is coming close to some of the other questions she wishes you to ask in her behalf.

QUESTION: Is she succeeding in the JOY part of her process?

This is coming, but our Jyoti's been saying again and again, almost like a mantra, that she's so tired of doing affirmations and being self-absorbed and trying to focus on something that will not come into expression until these other things get out of the way. She is actually proceeding efficiently )although it doesn't seem that way to her) in removing impediments and obstacles to the allowance of the joy. It's not as though you can try to focus on joy and it will happen. She realizes that that is just not going to do it. This clearing out, this allowing, will create a vacuum for the joy. You can't really WILL yourself to feel joy.

In fact, Jyoti's very clear that a lot of the reason why her emotional body needs "rehabilitation" is that she has willed herself through her adult life and that her emotional body need expression and growth. So she's rebelling vehemently against any impulse that might be coming from her mental body to disallow the emotional body to find its expression, however "infantile." That is the other aspect of what she has been going through: coming out of denial of her own feelings.

Today she realized that it was the emotional, the child part of her that gets so upset when things don't happen by themselves, because when you have loving parents when you're a child, you get what you need. Every child has the right to expect that those needs will be met, and that is what makes children so self-absorbed. The world revolves around them. So that part of her that says, "I shouldn't have to struggle so hard; I shouldn't have to work so hard" is true! But it is really her child, emotional body that is the source of that. That revelation helped her realize that it's not that she's lazy or that she doesn't want to work for this; it's that that part of her understands that she has the right to expect that that will be provided for her.

This is a big shift and a very important revelation. That is key to her coming into allowance. At first her adult self judged that as infantile, but right now, she's realizing that this is giving her an observation about the reality of what's holding her back the part that judges her for saying, "By golly! That's my right!" And so there is judgment from the "adult" that this is infantile, stunted, emotional growth. The reality is that it's NOT. It's the truth that it is every child's right to be supported and nurtured.

As always, we wish you great joy of the light, and we are Melora.


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