Melora through Joanna Neff

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We are Melora, and we wish you to know that there are many Ascension agendas. There is the agenda of the 4th-dimensional Pleiadians, who work largely from the focus of manipulating those in the dimension "below." There is more advancement in the 5th-dimensional Pleiadians, so the agenda is different. Remember that the lower octave of 4th dimension is the "hangout" of misguided discarnates, poltergeists, negative ETs and others who are inappropriately absorbed in 3rd dimension. Since each dimension is most responsive to the one "above" it, many in 3rd dimension may be influenced by these entities. The higher octave of 4th dimension brings you Christ Consciousness. The Greys cannot get to this higher octave because they have no emotional bodies.

You have the Zeta Reticulans, who don't have much more of an emotional body than the Greys but who have more of an understanding of not violating free will than the Greys do. Then you have the ones from Sirius, the ones from Orion, and the "dark" ones and the "light" ones, and the ones balanced between light and dark. Then you have an infinity of impressions and associations at this time being beamed at you from ships in a number of dimensions higher than 3rd.

Much as in the Pleiadian battle, there are those from Orion who are "good" and "bad." The inhabitants of the several stars in the Belt of Orion are light years away from each other in terms of their consciousness . . . they are of a different persuasion. In information received through various channelings many stereotypes exist. It is much like what you experience as racism in your plane of existence. It is like saying, "you are of such-and-such a star in the Orion system and, therefore, automatically you are coming in and violating people's free will. The Orions are well-established on Earth, but.again, remember that Earth is a free-will zone, and until your consciousness is awakened you are virtually puppets of whatever forces come in to control you.

Regarding the omissions in information from such beings the question arises: "Isn't not giving someone the whole truth an interference with free will?" The answer is NO. It is not interference with free will because you, as a conscious being, still make a conscious choice whether to buy into it. For example, you can get so invested in believing what you're reading in a particular book that you make yourself vulnerable to coercion from such beings. This is what, shall we say, beings of a "less-savory" intent count on. It is important to understand that when you focus on these forces you call to them. For your own protection, we wish you not to set up consciousness bridges with them.

Even "the Law of One," mentioned by The Ra Group (as though they originated the idea), is simply the law of God, the most highly evolved being in the Oneness of all His--or Her, as you will--expressions. (There really is no gender involved.) The Law of One is simply non-duality, and the various messengers of Light, as with any other "fanatic" impulse, are trying to push their particular orthodoxy. The Law of One really has little or nothing to do with free will essentially, although that is one of the issues that separate perception of what is "of the Light" and what isn't. These repesent a narrow view of a much larger Universal concept--the Highest Truth, the All That Is, or The One.

The Law of One is not owned by any particular galactic group, you see. There are just what you would term "ancient" rivalries. We would merely call them ongoing and deeply entrenched Intergalactic sectarian factions, each believing that it has the only Law of One--that it is the only true intepeter of the Law of One. If this sounds to you like religion, we agee. That various factions may still be in duality consciousness results from beings who become out of touch with the reasons why they do what they do or why they believe what they believe. You see, this also happens on higher spiritual levels. How can this be? Points of view can exist energetically--without the presence of a brain--and so in spiritual evolution energetic vibration and frequency take on the color of meanings. In the physical body you would call them your illusion of experience, your illusion of believing that you believe something because you have experienced it.

If you have ever needed to blow your referee's whistle and say, "Time out!" you are not alone in this impulse. You perhaps have stopped swinging from one end of the pendulum to another and have come back into your own inner guidance and said, "Well, wait a minute. This does not resonate with me . . . period." What we're finding is that there is a lot of pressure among people's friends who are also interested in these subjects to believe what they believe. A lot of unreasonable levels of pressure make people feel uneasy about going to their own guidance. We are saying that now it is even more critical than ever to listen to your own inner guidance and to follow that.

We wish you great joy of the light!


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