Excerpts from a group channeling with Melora.

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Melora through Joanna Neff

QUESTIONER 1: Melora, since you and I did my soul retrieval, I had this kind of a "hive mentality." Many of my past lives keep coming up, rearing their little heads in my consciousness." I say, "Oh. That's okay. That's where that came from." Which kind of relates to T's question about where we say, "Okay. That happened in another lifetime." For example, when I start coughing in the middle of the night and I can't see anything, I know that "Pompeii" has come to visit. We haven't had any cigarettes since Pompeii came back to visit. [General laughter]

MELORA: Very good.

QUESTIONER 1: The part I asked back didn't want me to smoke. She said, "You don't need this in your life."

MELORA: When you connect with expressions of yourself in other lifetimes, it's that obvious.

QUESTIONER 1: A hive mentality . . . I think of myself in terms of "we."

MELORA: Is this the nurse we? "We must take our medicine."

QUESTIONER 1: I feel more of a hive, as opposed to "we" being my guides. I think of my guides as old brothers and sisters when I hang out with them. But I think of my other selves as kind of a part of me. It's like a royal me.

MELORA: The "royal plural."

QUESTIONER 1: Yes. I'm trying to figure out how to determine "I's" instead of "we's," because I'm feeling that I'm still . . . I want to integrate them further.

MELORA: They feel a bit split off? What tone do you hear when you say "we" to yourself?

QUESTIONER 1: Um, sometimes it's "royal" . . . There's definitely a tone of "I'm here in this body now, so you guys all have to accommodate me."

MELORA: If it is disturbing, then it needs to be resolved. If it is just part of this process of integrating, then apparently it is necessary for a time. What sensitive people, as all hear are of course . . . a common experience of those of high sensitivity is to believe totally that whatever is going on now--that's it. It's going to go on forever. This is not true.

QUESTIONER 1: Part of my Ego is saying, "Well, they're gonna lock you up if they hear you talking to yourself."

MELORA: You might be selective about . . . Just understand that apparently it has arisen out of the process of integration. It is the way that you are dealing with having the soul fragments come back, and so on. Unless they're rebelling openly [laughs], it's probably all right. Just consider that it's something that's going to be here temporarily. Understanding also that the integration process can take some time. Some parts can integrate in a day; others take . . . for example, for our Jyoti there was one soul fragment that took almost a year to integrate.

QUESTIONER 1: Sometimes it's like a big party. It's kind of nice. You're never really alone.

MELORA: As long as you don't get schizoid and disassociate each individual. It might be more diplomatic to relate to these other incarnational consciousnesses more on an equal basis than the "motherly" level.

QUESTIONER 2: Would Soul Retrieval be appropriate for my son?

MELORA: Give us a moment. Do we have permission to speak before the group?


MELORA: And if it becomes uncomfortable, maybe we should talk about this privately. We are receiving that something jarred him when he was very young--something that happened when you weren't in the room. Much of the sense of "dragging his feet" is because of this. We are not receiving that there are major fragments "out there" but there is this one big thing.

QUESTIONER 2: How young was he?

MELORA: We are seeing . . . between birth and two years old. Something jarred him that he was unable to articulate because of being so young, and it has stayed with him in some sense--but not in consciousness.

QUESTIONER 2: Could it be when we came here to this country?

MELORA: This is more an event, meaning a "visitation." Contact being made with him that scared him. And so he has had difficulty in trusting because of this.

QUESTIONER 2: Thank you.

QUESTIONER 3: I had a question about connecting with other lives. For example, in another life one was beheaded. Is one able to access that other life? At what level is one able to access that other life? Do you, too, affect it in its Ascension process?

MELORA: We have expressed it this way: If you picture someone in an Elizabethan life (a female) who is accused of "bewitching" someone, instead of his taking ownership of his own lust, and being beheaded for it, then picture being that woman for a moment. Picture her being in The Tower. And it's cold. And experience what you would feel like, knowing that the next morning--or in a week, or whatever--you're going to be beheaded. While you're in that room, you know your death is coming.

And then you're picturing yourself outside, where you're about to be beheaded. And you're picturing all the people who are standing there--all the people you love and all the people you fear. And there are people who turned on you, so there are issues of betrayal. And in this dark night of the soul, everything drifts away that is of the typical 3rd-dimensional way of thinking, because you are confronting this moment of truth. And so all is stripped away but your own core experience of your life at that time.

In that moment it's like a camera lens opening. You have an energetic feeling of something so much greater than yourself, and something gives you inspiration. Something helps bring peace to you, even if you believe your God has betrayed you. That something is your future self . . . at the moment your future self turns into you. In that moment, when the shutter opens, in that life there is a consciousness and a bridging and a reunion with a future consciousness or a future expression of yourself, and that is how you access that life back and forth across time. Do you see?

QUESTIONER 3: So it doesn't necessarily play out that you help them change something that they were involved in so much as you work with the attitude, the understanding of the circumstances, as they're playing out . . .

MELORA: The assistance part usually goes on at night, during dreamtime. Much assistance between incarnational lifetimes goes on then. Our Jyoti's experience is that she has many reunion dreams with people she doesn't know in this life, where she feels her heart is going to burst because this is someone she's missed so much, but they're not people she knows in the current lifetime. When they greet each other there's always tremendous joy.

Whether you remember the dream or not, you do make these kinds of connection with other aspects of yourself. And also, you make connections with other aspects of those with whom you're involved in this life. For example, a husband, sister, wife daughter, mother, friends, and so on. You all have relationships with each other in these other incarnational existences as well. So you may not see yourself in that life but you may see friends from this life in that environment, in that particular "historic" period.

It's the same as when you have a dream and you know that it's so-and-so, but it doesn't look anything like them. But it has their essence. So you say: "You know? This was Matilda," but it doesn't look anything like Matilda. Knowing that energy essence of the person, that "signature" of them that identifies them at that person, you may be tuning in to that signature as it is expressed in another lifetime.

QUESTIONER 4: You were speaking of when you recognize yourself in a past life. You were talking about the window opening. This is a great opportunity, then, to send love and light back to yourself back at that time.


QUESTIONER 4: . . . which can have the effect of . . . if that's been holding you in this present, it can give you release and allow you to heal.

MELORA: Yes. Very good. Exactly. So in healing "here," you heal all, back and forward in time.

QUESTIONER 4: And, as you were saying, it's wise to recognize multi-dimensional selves for that purpose?

MELORA: Yes. Precisely. Well-put. Thank you.

QUESTIONER 4: I get this feeling that I'm about to unite with some Pleiadian friends, and I'm looking forward to it.

MELORA: We would say that there Pleiadians of higher dimensions and lower dimensions as well, and all those doing the higher light work right now are very evident about their wish to be of service to you for your highest good--and not merely in service to themselves. And so was there a question there?

QUESTIONER 4: Well, it's not so much a question as, as we were talking there . . . and then there was this revelation of certain avenues that I can actually explore out of my great desire for the Ascension process.

MELORA: That desire will carry you very far--all this motive force for Ascension to happen for you. When you are clear about that intent, your guides do anything and everything to reach toward you, as you reach toward them, and pull you across. As the honorable St. Germain put it, "We will pull you toward us."

QUESTIONER 4: I give them all permission to do that. [general laughter]

MELORA: There is great joy.

QUESTIONER 1: Am I correct that people who feel resonant to certain time periods are connecting to their past and future selves . . . people who feel an affinity for a certain star system have beings or entities in their soul hierarchy, that they can call their guides in and ask to access these other entities?

MELORA: Yes, but understand that it's much like ethnic groups, and, you know, America's a melting pot, and so there are many starry influences on people. One young man we know who is very Pleiadian, wishes to have been from Maya because of all of the "stuff" with the Mayans, and so forth. But we said, "You are not from there. We are so sorry, but you're from another star." But as we explained to him, he sort of went "abroad" to school, so his sensing of affinity with the star Maya is much as if you spent a lot of time in London and you came back to America and you were feeling very nostalgic for Great Britain.

In the course of your experiences, and your energetic expressions in other star systems you might consider future, past, or whatever, you have many different cultural influences at the soul level, just as you do in this life when you travel, when you have friends from various places in the world or even different parts of the same country. It is the same way in your relationships and your destinations and your "home ports," if you will, among the stars and among your many lives.

And so, when someone asks us "Where am I really from?" and someone in our last session said, "Well, what if I find out I'm only from New York?" [general laughter] the way we receive that we should answer this is to tell you what your most ancient expression as a soul being "was." That point of origin is what we would focus on. But then the other aspect of this is your resonance and your signature, which you are recognized by and which those ships out there are broadcasting to you from . . . They say, "Okay. She's one of us. He's got the Pleiadian signature!" And so they're broadcasting to you.

If you picture the sky in 5th Dimension, now, getting literally packed with interdimensional "spectators," you could understand why your jaws might ache sometimes. All those light beings are broadcasting to their "own," those of their signature vibration, their signature energy information--their light information--to you to bring you home.

And so there is also that resonance. For example, our Jyoti has Cherokee blood. She says, "It doesn't show, but I feel it." There is that energetic thing that's stronger, even, than what you look like. Therefore, you can be a melting pot starry-wise, starry-lineage-wise, but there is going to be a main energy that you carry that is your signature, and that's what your own beings who are your family of beings and your home beings recognize is also the energy that will call to you.

QUESTIONER 5: Is it important to know where you're from?

MELORA: Have you felt a longing? Have you felt that you're not really from here?


MELORA: Then wouldn't that be important? Because when you discover that resonance, that home group, that home star system, and those beings of that system, you find your true family. And this agonizing loneliness that so many star children feel (and have felt all their lives) goes away. And your understanding of Ascension becomes that you are going home. You have an experience when you meet with them in going home of tremendous joy, and suddenly you are around beings of your same resonance and you're home within yourself and with them. The joy of the reunion is shared on their part too, for they have suffered a loneliness for you as well.

QUESTIONER 5: Are you speaking of souls of this dimension?

MELORA: No. Beings of your home system, your home vibration. They are friends, whether they have 3-dimensional bodies or not. There are friendships in other dimensions. There is love, of course, expressed, and there are relationships of great intensity energetically. They're what you think of as harmonizing with another person in friendship, in family, by blood, by marriage, or whatever. These relationships are of a resonance that is only glimpsed here. If you can appreciate that "there" you have total resonance, then you might have a taste of the joy that is in store for you in returning.

QUESTIONER 3: Melora, I would like to know my stellar point of origin.

MELORA: Is it all right to share this with the group?


MELORA: Give us a moment. We are receiving Siriun, with a heavy Pleiadian influence. [general laughter] "Heavy" is not a judgmental term. Heavy means that there's a resonance. There's an influence there that is almost like relationship--almost as if there were a Soul contract, as it were, on higher levels between your Core Soul and another soul. We sensed a sort of double-guide effect that you might be interpreting as conflict when you were younger: "Do this." "No. Do that." "Be this." "No. Be that."

QUESTIONER 3: Yes. I've thought, Well, if I go the spiritual way, I can't go the material way. [laughs]

MELORA: This would not be an expression of that sort of thing . . . a sense of guidance shifting back and forth. A perception--

QUESTIONER 3: Two people trying to drive the same car?

MELORA: Something like that.

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