Melora Talks: THE SEDONA SERIES 7/10/98 (Excerpt from Friday evening talk)



The "Light" and the "Dark," Part I

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MELORA through Joanna Neff

We have promised to talk about "Human Spirituality: The 'Light' and the 'Dark'." There is the reality of what is now called the politically correct term "misqualified energies." In the past these were called "negative entities." They are real, and they exist. What do we do about them? We will tell you that acknowledging, by your fear, that they're there will turn you into a magnet and they will come swooping toward you because they feed on that fear. That energy of fear sustains and nurtures them.

We have heard rumors that a number of people in Sedona believe that the Reptilians have taken over. "The energies have changed." You know? "Sedona's not the way it used to be." We would suggest to you that it is your perception that has changed and that there is still the same balance of those forces as there was before. But the more people who start coming into that focus of consciousness, the more the balance shifts in that direction, so you have actually contributed to the shift in that energy in that direction.

In order to prevent, say, the attachment of such entities, raise your vibration. If you are being purely mental, that doesn't do too much for your vibration. The nano-second you come into your Heart connection, your Heart-Spirit connection with your Higher Self, your guardians and guides--with whatever high spiritual presences you resonate--your vibration is such that negative entities bounce off.

Now our Jyoti took a workshop that was supposed to be about Shakti Reiki and about being attuned to very secret symbols that were supposed to be used to treat sexual abuse, and she wanted to learn them so that she could help people with these issues. The facilitator of this workshop spent more hours talking about, you know, "Get your wolf bane and garlic now," and whatever, to ward off negative entities than she did about the workshop theme.

Our Jyoti stood up and said, "This is not the workshop I paid for." And people turned pale at her audacity. She was a disruptor! And the presenter promptly said, "Oh, I get that a lot in these workshops because they jump out of the woodwork when we talk about them"--meaning, that our Jyoti was full of negative entities because she didn't agree with the presenter! Now how many have done that? We say, "I know I'm of the light; I know I'm of a high vibration. That person disagrees with me. He/she must have negative entities."

Misqualified Energies

Let us talk more about the misqualified energies. What about those confounded little demons? They do not know how to get to the higher octave of the Astral Plane. You could see it as "a silver lining" at which point begins Christ Consciousness. In the lower octave of the Astral Plane you have the Greys and other so-called "negative ETs," poltergiests, discarnate entities who are still looking back toward 3rd Dimension, and so forth.

The problem is that in 4th Dimension you can instantly manifest. Therefore, some people who go through transition (or death) like hanging out there because they say, "Well, I didn't have it when I was in a body and by golly I'm gonna have it now!" But the only way they can "have it" is to work through someone who's still in a body, to come back facing (if you will) 3-D and have fun with people who are here.

Now this is going to be, perhaps revolutionary and perhaps a really offensive thing for us to say, but Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadians are 4th-dimensional. If you read very carefully you'll note that they are very up-front that they have an agenda. They are offering wonderful information in exchange for the possibility of using you as human libraries. They say that again and again. And they teach you things about manifesting, don't they? And they give you information that is very interesting to your mind.

But be clear that they state their agenda again and again: "We would like the reconnection with the 12 strands restored so that we can come back here and use you as human libraries like in the good ol' days before you guys got all lost in this density. And, yes, you're wonderful and magnificent, and we're telling you this because we'd like you to get your 12 strands reconnected and become conscious because we want to use you." And they say it, but how many people missed that message?

Now the Greys are hanging out in the Astral Plane because they have no emotional bodies. Our Jyoti does soul clearance, and she's finding that suddenly she's surrounded by these crawly things, or people come into her experience who are Luciferians. What she's discovered is that because they don't know how to get to the light on their own, they may collect around people like our Jyoti and others who do soul clearance (what used to be called "exorcism"--not the way priests do it, by the way. It's done by prayer requests of Higher Beings, including Angels and Ascended Masters. They do the work, and our Jyoti is very thrilled that she has no such responsibility.)

The message that she intuitively got was: "They're hanging around me because they know I do this work, and I get them escorted to the light on the coattails of my clients really fast. Boom! They're outta here!" Or they're hanging around friends of hers because they know, somehow, that her friends are going to call, she'll clear her friends, and the negative entities will get escorted out of here and to the light. They can't do it on their own, and so in these prayer requests they're given the choice to go to the light, and most of the time they go.

When our Jyoti understood this she came into a totally different sense of her work. Instead of saying, "Boy, I really don't like the way I'm feeling right now around this person," she would start to talk to the person or she would go home and douse with her pendulum to see if she had permission from the person's Higher Self to clear him or her. And so her work evolved.

This applies to your everyday life as well. Say, you're in a restaurant and some poor, demented soul is sitting at a table next to you, talking in a loud voice, drunk and boastful, or whatever. Isn't the first reaction, "Ooh." It doesn't feel good, right? What if, instead of letting yourself feel icky, you sent light to that person? This is what these channeling really are talking about--not just modifying your behavior and acting "loving" when you really want to strangle someone but genuinely understanding that that being needs your help--not that this being is an irritant to you, do you see?

And so it is with misqualified energies, negative energies. They do not know how to love. You can teach them. The truth is that when you send them love (if they're too far gone), it's very uncomfortable for them, and they get out very fast, although they may not go to the light. It's as though they can't tolerate the way that love feels. It's too excruciating. That is your best "defense," if you will. When you go into fear they say "All right!"and they swoop toward you.

Now when you are in fear, doesn't it get tight here [indicating the solar plexus]? Don't you close up your body? You're on an elevator. Some transient is standing next to you. (That's if you live in Boulder, right? Transients are everywhere. We don't know about Sedona.) You pull in; you shrink in and contract, do you not? When you do that, you're vacuuming all of that energy into your own body through your solar plexus. This is like riding a horse. You know when you start galloping your impulse is to lean back? Big mistake. Same thing. Your instinct is going to be to pull in, but if you come into your heart center, call for your Angel guides and Higher Self, and push your energy field out, they're either going to get transmuted (their own vibration is going to be raised) or they're going to have to leave you.

That's how you handle so-called negative entities--not by wearing garlic around your neck, not that that doesn't work for certain beings. [laughter] But you see, the difference is: When you do as we're suggesting, you're growing, you're evolving, you're changing vibration, you're elevating your chrystalline structures. You keep working on that formation and the reconneciton of the 12 strands that we see as similar to fiber optics. You know: Your voice goes into the phone as sound, it goes through the fibers as light, and comes back out as sound.

We are being asked by St. Germain if he may address the group, and we will feel your response. This is important to know: All beings of the light honor your free will, and they wait for you to ask before they make it known to you that they are asking permission. This is a major difference between what we call light beings and what are called dark beings. With light beings you feel comfort, peace, love; with dark beings you feel discord, agitation, and so forth.

We will tell you a quick story before we bring the honorable St. Germain in. (Note: This will appear in a separate web article) Our Jyoti went with some friends to hear a channel who supposedly was channeling Archangel Michael. We spurred our Jyoti on. We encourage her tendencies to be a rabble-rouser. While she was listening, she was feeling the energies coming through the channel and it was very uncomfortable. We suggested that she ask the following question: "Who are you?" Here was the answer: "They say I'm Archangel Michael."

And then our Jyoti said: "I have met two enlightened beings in my life. I know what the God energy feels like, and there's no such energy coming from you." Again, people turned pale, including the person hosting this event. The channeling fell apart. Abruptly the person stopped channeling, and our Jyoti walked out. The hostess followed her out the door, and she said: "I'm so glad you said that. I had no idea who I was bringing into my house." That is the first question you ask when you're feeling something like that coming through. "Who are you?" They must tell you, but what they usually do is go away.

Our Jyoti was teaching a channeling workshop, and a young man brought forth "ZE-US!" He talked just like that: "I AM ZE-US!" Zeus. It was THE Zeus. For the instruction ofd the group we, Melora, started asking a series of questions to demonstrate to what sequences you go through to determine, to discern, what you're truly working with. The second question (after "Who are you?") is "What is your agenda?" "Why are you here?" "Why do you come through the one who sits here?"

Amazingly, Zeus was very up-front with what he wanted. And we said to him: "You are not appropriate here. You will now leave!" And he left. That is the second part--you command. You can't command if you're contracted. You say: "No. I do not acknowledge you. You go now!" You command . . . unless they are serving you in some way that you haven't become conscious of, unless you have invited them in and given them permission to live vicariously through you. Do you see?

There are those contracts that go back over lifetimes. There are oaths and pacts that people make in other lifetimes. There are hexes from people that you carry with you other lifetimes. There are people who are "in the light" in this lifetime but who, in another lifetime weren't. It's very complicated, and karma is involved.

Now, there's another matter in discussing Human Spirituality: The "Light" and the "Dark." Within the human archetypal understanding, down through the ages, there are certain prejudices, are there not, about "darkness," even the color black, even the color red. There are also prejudices about white, and so forth.

Now think about what is represented in nature, all colors are represented. In nature there is a neutrality--there's no judgment about whether that's good or bad, or evil, or whatever. You have that fiery red poppy or tulip, and that doesn't mean that it's indulging itself too much or something. And so we would suggest that any time a cycle of spirituality solidifies to the point where people become rigid about what they believe, then they create another religion and then judgment enters in. This is "darkness," is it not?

There is just as much judgment in the New Age as there was perhaps during the Inquisition, although it is not expressed in such intense ways. We will give you an example. In your human dealings with each other, because you know so much, because there is so much information available to you about evolving and changing, and channeled information about what's going on in The Galactic Federation and with the great beings such as the honorable St. Germain, this is being made accessible to millions of people instead of just Madame Blavatsky and her small circle of followers.

And so we overheard a story the other week . Our Jyoti was in a shop in Boulder, talking to a brilliant numerologist, and here is the story. In the metaphysical community in Boulder, this friend of hers was having a problem with her marriage. They were having a very vicious custody battle over their children, and she was also having a problem with her career. So she was very stressed out and very depressed. This woman turned to a trusted friend in the metaphysical community and that friend said to her: "You know, you really need to examine why you're still running that victim program." How many have said those sorts of things because they feel uncomfortable, do you see? They don't know how gracefully to handle it, and so we turn it back to the other person.

Our numerologist friend is very fiery, and we are suggesting (later we're going to go into this in a little more detail) that you are not going to ascend without fire. You will not ascend without passion, do you see? And so our fiery friend called this woman we've been discussing and said, "If you need to come over and drink a few beers and cry on my shoulder and pound on pillows, and yell, come on down."

Now we would suggest that this showed the really loving response. The first reaction of the other person is more typical in the metaphysical community than you might imagine, and a part of that is a sort of attitude that says: "There's nothing really new that you can teach me. I've been to all the workshops. I've had shamanic soul retrieval," or whatever else that might be. What has happened here in our perception is that you know about the recent cycles of past years. You've read Bringers of the Dawn, and they said "We're coming to get you. You're star beings and you're going to get out of here. Remember? And everyone said, "That is so great because I'm so tired of fighting all these things in 3-D."

And so people were lightening their loads. They were selling possessions and getting ready for this promised Ascension, for the reconnecting of their 12 strands of DNA and so forth. In the next cycle people realized that they weren't "going" anywhere, right? Then the channeled information coming in said: "It is now time to discover your mission as ground crew," so then people started focusing on that. There was still this expectation that there were going to be these massive UFO landings and that you were going to be reconnected with your starry families, and of course you wanted out of here. This density is intolerable. When that didn't happen, people started getting depressed. Whether you knew it or not, that's what was happening. Understand that when you are depressed you become inert. Movement tops. You're not motivated to do very much.

You also have a phenomenon called being totally mental, and we would suggest that "metaphysics" are purely mental. And so you can study Metaphysics, you can become an adept Rosicrucian, or whatever, but if you don't have the Heart/Spirit connection you are not evolving spiritually. Understand the difference? Knowledge does not automatically equal spiritual growth, do you see. And there's still that stubborn residue of Ego, no matter how hard one has worked with meditation masters, no matter how much one is conscious that there's an ego back there saying "You're really great" or a negative ego as well, saying "You're this small."

We would suggest that as long as you're in a physical body there's going to be some residue of Ego that is inescapable. There are many great living masters who are still working out karma, even in their state of Enlightenment because of that.

Now our main message in saying these things to you is that if you go back to the basics about loving one another, and you come out of your mental apparatus and make a choice in a moment when someone says to you: "I just feel like getting drunk; I need to anesthetize this pain." The choice is: "Am I going to say, 'Now, naughty naughty? That's not very spiritual." Or are you going to make a choice and say: "You know--I can see why you feel that way, and maybe I'll go with you and not have a drink with you, but maybe you won't need to drink so much if I come with you."

This, truly, is the loving gesture, and you will know that that is right by how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel about it. If you're feeling uncomfortable, then what's happening is that the reflection is coming back here (indicating oneself), and you're going to want the other person to do something that makes you feel better. This is all unconscious. And so when we snap at someone out of our stress, or when someone is too needy and we snap at them, what we really need to say to them is: "You know, my energy's kind of low right now, but maybe we can meet tomorrow and I can do some bodywork," or whatever. Here you're taking care of your own discomfort and, at the same time, you're providing a loving answer, do you see.

Now, this brings us to the other part of our message: There are all colors in Nature. We said, "You will not ascend without fire; you will not ascend without passion" (very intense desire). What we have been observing in the communities is that people have adopted a certain behavior pattern that is very conformist in that you all seem to agree about some way that you behave if you're "very spiritual." There are even certain colors that you think you should wear if you're spiritual--rarely red but lavender, white, desert rose.

Where did that idea come from? In the infinity of the Source Creator's work--ever living, ever growing, ever changing--that you each, uniquely, would not be accommodated, nurtured and supported in your uniqueness. If you could see the entire tapestry at one time . . . say that in this area here [indicating an audience member] is a beautiful, emerald-green thread. What if she says, "I don't like being a green thread. I want to be a red thread over here" or a gold thread over there. She cannot know that she's ruined the tapestry, that there's a hole there now, a thread missing.

And so what we wish to help bring to you tonight, and this weekend as we continue our work, is that no one will come to joy and no one will truly release karma from any individual life until they enjoy following their unique nature. "This is who I am. This is my nature. I'm a fire person." Not just the air and water signs are going to ascend, Folks. Not just those "psychic" signs of water--Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Not just Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

What we're seeing is that people's fires are getting put out. Because people so much want to be seen as spiritually evolved and loving, and so forth, that what we're seeing is an awful lot of behavior modification. Especially with the poor fire people, whos fire is often being put out by others. "This is not spiritual, that wild tantrum that you just threw, or the way you raced through the room without any decorum, like a veritable comet." "You move slowly and decorously if you're spiritual," do you see?

If you haven't gotten it already (and we believe you have), there are infinite ways that you can express who you are and with which the Creative Source expresses all that can be. And so why not be that, because you will be much happier. Now, the trick is: Is the water sign able to handle this? Apparently not. And is the fire sign willing to say: "By gum, that's who I am!" "I accommodate you water signs every workshop I go to." "I sit here like this [hands folded demurely], seething inside, and I modify my behavior," and I pretend that I'm an air sign, because then you approve of me and you think I'm spiritual too and I really need that." Of course you need that, because you need love.

And so karma remains held within your DNA as long as you stay in denial about who you are. That goes on lifetime after lifetime, for whatever reasons. In Medieval times it was the Church. Now it's the Government and corporations. Do you remember the days before the performance review? Do you remember that your work life was like "Murphy Brown?" Do you remember that these characters you see in sitcoms . . . that's the way you used to be with each other before that performance review?

Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval

Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval addresses karma in so many multi-layered, multi-dimensional ways--holographically, so that you consciously become aware of, at the minimum, fragments from this lifetime, as in trauma, where parts of you, quite literally, said: "I can't take it anymore. I'm outta here." Then there are other incarnational expressions of you that stay isolated and singular, and they keep you stuck. "This darned issue. I've been through therapy for 20 years. I've gone to workshops. I've been hypnotized. I've read self-help books." But I can't get rid of this thing. I can't get over it.

In other lifetimes you're struggling with the same issue. In this process we show you that life, we help you merge in reality (not just in a guided mediation;) and you actually go there, sometimes as your own angel, providing love and help to yourself. In that consciousness merging, karma drops away and you become merged in consciousness, which is what Ascension is. Ascension means that your entire Soul Group merges in consciousness at higher and higher levels.

St. Germain is asking to open up to questions. Give us a moment. He is most persistent . . . [laughter] [ST. GERMAIN]


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