Melora through Joanna Neff

We are Melora, and we welcome you today.

Our interpretation, energetically, of stress is that it is an assault on the Central Nervous System. We are being asked by archangel Raphael to help you distinguish between processing and observing as a way to release energies that are toxic to you. We are saying that energies that upset you far beyond what should register in human experience--as emotional expression or as emotional feeling--actually become toxic to you, or you wouldn't break down. You wouldn't feel overwhelmed.

What we are hearing that may be of use to you is that instead of processing your emotions, the more productive and least painful way is to let the emotions wash through you and observe them from the point of consciousness of your inner wisdom. When you process your emotions, you hold those energies in your various fields, your various bodies, for long periods of time and don't let go of them. You may also be resisting or blocking your emotions in this manner of processing. It is preferable that you observe and release the emotions.

QUESTION: I was getting hit by waves: It would seem like one wave would hit me. I would be fine and then I would just kind of crumble. I would work through that and another wave would come. I can't function in the outside world. If I'm shopping or doing something and all of a sudden get hit by one of these waves, it's debilitating. I don't like the idea of just locking myself up in a room--you know, putting myself in the cave as it were as this process goes through. Are there other ways of dealing with this, other than what I just described?

MELORA: Yes. You can set your intention to work with only a few "bites" at a time. You can restrict the amount of processing and say, "All right. I'm not going to block this totally, but I am going to restrict how much of it I allow myself to experience in this moment. It is actually better not to try to block the emotions that tries to come through. Rather, set the intention, as that wave hits you, that you will process only what you are able to process at that moment. You allow only what you are able to digest in that moment.

Our Jyoti has used this term "digest" in setting such intentions in the past, when something very overwhelming is omnipresent for a long period of time. In her case it was the suicide of a friend of hers. In that case, she felt her grief all the time, and she still had to function, of course. The way she handled it, which we think worked very well was this: She said, "Okay. I'm only going to take a little bit of this as it comes through--not the whole thing." What you need to do in cases of high stress and high emotional trauma is to get through time. Is that not so? In the grieving process, you have, literally, to get through time.

Time softens, or allays, the intensity of grief--your sense of loss, your sense of being cut off from your roots is what we're hearing. Specific to your question at the beginning of the session, this is occuring at a symbolic level. Because you are someone who appreciates and uses symbolic meaning, this is a very intense symbol for you. We are also hearing for you that as you rise to the top, if you will, or the forefront of the generations, you face your own mortality, of course. These are very intense human issues that you're facing here.

We are hearing that it is almost as if your interpretation is coming from outside of yourself when you say that "a wave hits" you. It is almost as if you are objectivizing it and not understanding that it is your own psychological and consciousness processes in a way.

QUESTION: Well it is. It's a way of blocking; it's a way of trying to understand what's happening for me. Like I said, I will be fine, and it's almost like the idea of the television where you have the remote and you change the channel. I am fine and all of a sudden I change the channel, or the channel gets changed and I'm immediately in this other emotional state. Like I said, it makes it difficult to function in the outside world when that happens. It comes on usually so quickly that I'm in it before I'm even aware of it.

MELORA: There are times when people who have done a lot of spiritual, metaphysical and shamanic work, for example, they forget that they can ask for help to receive clarity, to modify or transmute energies, and so forth. This is because, especially with shamanic work, you are used to being at the helm. You are used to being the one who is empowered and who directs that power. In these cases you often forget to ask for assistance.

What we're hearing is that the appropriate prayers, if you will--the appropriate requests and intentions in receiving help would be for clarity and for conscious understanding without running this through the Emotional Body so much.

QUESTION: Ah, yes. That feels good just as you say that.

MELORA: The human impulse is to run traumatic energy through the Emotional Body. That is just automatic; that is just the way you're set up here. That is the way it is supposed to be. But when you move more into your center of mastery, you start to understand that you can balance--or "delegate" the energies, if you will--the energies throughout your bodies so that you create a teamwork effect. It takes the punch out of the effect on the Emotional Body and it enables you to process the information with all of your Bodies at one time. Your guides believe you understand, but they would like you to feed back, as though in a real conversation with them, to give them an example of how your would do this. This is just to make sure you have an idea of how to do it.

We are talking of how to set an intention to redistribute the energy throughout your Bodies and then asking your Higher Self, specifically, to balance those energies and integrate them--and to distribute the energies throughout your bodies so that the experience values can imprint on the Higher Self and the volatile energies may be released.

What this does is to diffuse the volatile energies. In doing so, you retain what you are supposed to retain, and these are the experiential values of what you're going through--only those values, themselves, which always are carried with the Higher Self.

QUESTION: I feel so much better right now.

MELORA: Yes. This is what follows you from lifetime to lifetime--those experiential values, which you term as wisdom, and so forth. Hopefully, these are the ideal results of your experience. Not trauma. Not karma. So instead of having the results of your experience be trauma and karma that you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime, there are actually wisdom factors, if you will.

In your understanding this consciously now, when one of those waves hits you, you will now say, "Okay. Please distribute these energies through all my bodies so that my Higher Self can balance them, retain the experiential values, and then release the volatile energies from all of my Bodies.

As always, we wish you great Joy of the Light, and we are Melora.


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