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I want you to know that we've been told that [the client's son] is the best healed kid from autism that people have seen, even from people who work at healing these kids for a living. So, when I feel that parents might be open to it, and are asking me all about what we did to heal him, I always tell them about you and your work for him, because he really has recovered to the "miracle" degree that few seem to reach. We did our very necessary work, too, mainly diet and homeopathy and NAET, however I know that your work has helped him to reach this wonderful level of awareness and openness - past even "recovered," in many ways. He is often wise beyond his years, sweet, loving, playful, and honest, and is often just very exuberant and full of life and laughter. He is a joy and a very blessed young fellow! -- D.P. (Bordentown, NJ)

We see from our method of inquiry, that you are indeed able to do what you say you can--a great and somewhat rare quality. <> Soul Healers

You are a miracle worker :-) Thank you for all the blessings you have given us.-- S.K. (San Jose, California)

You have such high integrity in all you do . . . Thank you again so much for being such a beautiful being. -- M.B. (Boulder, Colorado)

We know you are one of the most authentic people we know that delivers what you say you can deliver. So you can touch, move and inspire us and the world to know all things are possible-in this lifetime and Beyond! -- J.C. (Allendale, Michigan)

You are the most amazing and honest healer I've ever met. By the way my sister is feeling so much better now and we thank you from the bottom of out hearts. -- M.L. (Santa Clara, California)

I have heard nothing but wonderful things from acquaintances who have worked with you. --K.U. (Milford, New Jersey)

Honestly, your work is the only work that has been effective for me. I spent years working with a lady who runs a Vibrational Healing College but I can't honestly say that any of it was effective. She was able to describe a lot of what was going on with me but her techniques just didn't work. Eventually, she confessed that what I needed was beyond her. Since then I have had a couple of shamans try and help and experienced the full trauma of whatever the soul fragments had experienced, but without their return. It just felt like the Gates of Hell opening up each time, with nothing to stem the flow. Another person was able to accurately describe my spiritual situation but again, any work he did just didn't take. Needless to say, I have been despairing. So to find you has been the biggest blessing. I am deeply grateful for the work you and the Light Beings do. I have had a great deal of healing and shifiting with virtually none of the side-effects experienced in the past. -- V.D. (Mitcham, Victoria, Australia)

Thank you very much for your powerful, divine and magnificent work. I feel much better to be honest, more optimistic and positive. I have not felt like this for a very long time. I am more myself now than before. -- R.S. (Tasmania, Australia)

I am very grateful you exist and have helped so many people with this loving light and pure love. Thank you so much for shining your light in the world. -- K.H. (Cobleskill, New York)

You are an amazing Being of spectacular Vision and Light! Love to you/Melora. Thank you for your Light along our path. You are a magnificent teacher and healer, and I feel very blessed that [the client's son] and I are being healed by you. Everything is going great! I am very thankful for your service to humanity, and to my family. -- J.H. (Escondido, California)

Thank you for carrying out these sessions, I certainly feel VERY different and in a very positive way, i am assimilating all the feelings and sensations and finding it quite marvellous and intriguing (even the use of these words is intriguing to me :) I would like to just keep feeling these things and then get back to you with a proper response when I have gathered my thoughts a bit more. I just wanted to say, thank you, this is received, gratefully and I will get back to you soon. I've not talked to Jack yet but I can feel that things with him are much more at ease. -- J.M. (Slough, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom)

Deeply appreciate the profundity and power of your work. Many blessings!!! --T.L. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Many thanks! As you know, I am staying with my mother right now and I can honestly say that the last two months sessions have made a big difference in how I am able to relate to her, and everyone else here. Even the space feels much better! So while I am still eager to go back to my home, I am not as desperate and the quality of my interactions has certainly improved considerably. Much gratitude and love to you and all the angelic beings who have helped. - D.S. (Tamu Nadal, India)

Thank you for the two healing sessions I've already had for myself and my home. I knew I had a big problem I just didn't know had bad it was. I could actually feel the healing when you started. I've just purchased my next two healing sessions. I just want to thank you for the wonderful work that you do. I have been looking for help for so long it was a relief when I finally found you. God Bless. - J.O. (West Midlands, United Kingdom)

Thank you so much once again for the amazing work you do. I am looking forward to the positive changes to reach my full potential this lifetime. - J.N. (Miami, Florida)

Thank you so much Joanna. I am feeling really good after the healing last night and looking forward for the Akashic Sleuthing session. I absolutely agree with now what you wrote in one of the mails that healing is an ongoing process. It's the best medicine. - A.S. (Lahore, Pakistan)

Love your work. - P.M. (Fairfield, Iowa)

Just to update you regarding [the cient's husband's] life changing. [He] have 5 sessions from you last year and he is completely different person. Now he is more happier, kind, very calm, very loving person and most of all he quit smoking . Its unbelievable. He smoked for 40 years! He is so grateful from all your work and couldn't thank you enough. He said you change his outlook in life because of you! -- M.L. (Santa Clara, California)

We truly feel every session with you and can sense the frequency shift that occurs with releasing lower energies. Each session with you is truly a blessing :) -- M.E. (Sanibel, Florida)

thank you so much for working on my family - we are incredibly grateful. It will be a great service to the world to help those children be clear so they can go on their paths with clarity and joy. -- C.D. (Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom)

Thank you, thank YOU for the gift you give us all... Blessings and Love & Light to you and the ascended masters of light. Which is how I see you and Melora ... -- R.P. (Winter Springs, Forida)

Love and So Much Blessings for the Powerful Impact you have on the lives you touch. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. -- B.S. (Alexandra Headland, Queensland, Australia)

Awesome, thank you SO much. I'm looking forward to both of these sessions…you always get to the crux of complex energetics. I'm so thankful to have been led to you and your work all those years ago. -- S.C. (Austin, Texas)

Thank you so much for everything you (you, Melora, and all the spirits and Angels) have done for me so far! I feel that we have accomplished a great deal - and it is amazing, empowering (from within), and very much welcomed. -- S.B. (Calgary, Alberta Canada)

I recently can Literally feel my visual powers coming back to me. I see myself in a more positive light. I find that it's easier to think of things in a positive way and possibilities in the future. You've given me what i took for granted and lost. Now that I have it again, I will def. put it to good use. Just the other day. i was driving, and I could've swear some voice inside me told me to write down "Today I will connect with the Source, and find Love in everything I do" it was as if that should be my mantra for when i start my day. thank you So much Joanna for your help. -- Q.T. (Norwalk, Connecticut)

I am so grateful for your help in clearing our path so that we can start anew. Thank you so very much for having the courage and the tenacity to do the type of work that you do with such finesse and valor. You are truly a blessing to mankind. -- R.D. (Morrisville, North Carolina)

I got some great news about [the client's grandaughter] from [the client's daughter] (and I've also been picking it up). She said she is whole again because of your work and that it's making a huge difference in the family. I was so relieved! Your healing work has changed my life. -- M.E.S. (Brooklyn, New York)Thank you, Joanna! -- M.E.S. (Brooklyn, New York)

Almost immediately after Joanna mediated two healings for me, an Etheric Cords Removal, with my mother, her mother and my father; and a Negative Soul Programming Clearance /Soul Blockage Clearance, I felt a shift, which has only become stronger in the seven weeks since. I have been aware for decades of feeling held back in some way. In particular I feel less guarded around other people, less emotionally distant, and more able to be vulnerable, and to remain open emotionally to others. I am also finding it easier to ask for help and to trust that others will want to help me. I can see how these traits have affected the success of my self-employment as well. Since I am now less solitary and more able to network, because I am more comfortable around people. I can feel the old habit to withdraw and isolate has gone. It's tentative, but I am getting good response from others. A reflection of the shift in me I'm sure. -- T.H. (Australia)

Many blessings on you and gratitude for all that you do and your service to Humanity. --M.L. (Hitchin, Hertsfordshire, Engliand, United Kingdom)

I thank you again for all of the energetic support I've received from you over the last several months; it's been a remarkable change for the better in all aspects of my life and my Soul. One of the major improvements has been in my living situation; God led me to moving to a new city where I feel much happier and healthier as a result! [And, after having other sessions done]: Thank you for your continued assistance in my energetic healing; I find your modalities are simply amazing... I thank you so very much again for all that you have helped me with. --L.O. (Daly City, California)

OMG you are amazing! -- G.B. (Eugene, Oregon)

I have to tell you that since that first session, my energy field, my thoughts, my beliefs have changed dramatically !!! I feel freer, lighter, more connected and happier. A huge shift happened, as if a load of "crap" (sorry for the term; it describes what it felt like) has been lifted and released. And a lot is happening energetically ! I feel so connected with my purpose, my Higher Self and God! For the first time in my Life, I feel happy to be on this planet! I feel like I'm finally ME. -- C.P. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

I wanted to let you know that I really feel the influence of your work. I have felt so light ever since. We have all been doing spiritual practice for 35 years and we really need your work. I am telling friends about you. -- M.Z. (Fairfield, Iowa)

Thanks for your powerful work! -- A.W. (Longmont, Colorado)

You are very good at what you do. Indeed, the Higher Beings are definitely able to help many people through you. I appreciate and value what you do exponentially, in combination with the deep, inner transformative work I've been doing for the last 20 years. I'm so grateful for you . -- S.C. (Sherman Oaks, California)

Thank you so much for all those sessions! I feel a shift in my whole self. -E.H. (Santa Cruz, California)

Just saw [the client's son], baby in sling and wife. She and [the client's son]were looking very smoothed, very good, baby too after property clearance and ECR [Emotion Coding Release]. He has improved the home and they are growing tomatoes lettuce etc since you did the prosperity work and love put in since then. The effects of your work are showing, dear Joanna. -- J.H. (Albert Park, Victoria, Australia)

Thank you for all you have done. You have made such a big impact on me... Blessings and light. -R.O. (Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada)

These three sessions have been extraordinarily powerful series of sessions. The SC [Soul Clearance] seems to have removed my addictive cravings. I sense a residual addictive habit which feels more superficial in nature and highly responsive to conscious choice in the absence of that deeper craving. The NSPC [Negative Soul Programming Clearance] has certainly "lightened" my mental processes - it's been a couple weeks now and about every other day I'm astonished at the absence of negative self-talk which was so common in similar past situations. (Incidentally, I was on the 1st hour of a 4-hour bike ride through the mountains when you did the NSPC and felt so light at the halfway point that I extended the ride another hour and had a most uplifting experience -- a fine day!) In short, the SR [Soul Retrieval] makes me feel more whole -- as if I'm not looking to others to meet all my needs and attachments. -- M.G. (Golden, Colorado)

I am surely blessed to have found you! I have had some amazing experiences this week that can only have happened because of your good work. So I am so grateful that you have refined yourself so beautifully. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart. -- S.P. (Sacramento, California)

First and foremost I would like to say a big thank you to your healing sessions. From the first session to the most recent one, 3sessions so far, I have felt, and seen, a huge difference in me, be it my thoughts (negative thought commands; uncontrolled obsessive thinking about a particular person; which after our NSPC [Negative Soul Programming Clearance] , my thought pattern changed notably!) and my physical self (my skin became clearer).
After the first session ISC
[intensive Soul Clearance] I've already felt lighter. I also managed to take positive steps towards physical solutions to current issues, all I believed is through the guidance of my higher self, spiritual guides, guardians. All this positivity took place after our NSPC healing session and after... The after effects of our ECR [Etheric Cords Removal] session brought peace and wholeness to my being. And this, I am thankful and grateful beyond.
Thank you for your work, Joanna! Previously, I was helpless and hopeless, being unable to find solutions, and was blocked at every turn I tried to take. I felt disconnected to my higher self. I knew something was wrong, with energy being drained, spiritually drained, unable to think. I am grateful I was led to you. There is no doubt that you had done such transformational work and it's a powerful shift in my being. It's a change that has an eternal impact on the rest of my life. Thank you and Melora so much.
-- I.O. (Singapore, Singapore)

I have to tell you that your work and the book you have written have really solidified my intention to make "healty" life choices. I am having a lot of fun putting a mirror up to myself and am more able to see my negative habit patterns and automatic behaviors that were leading me down a path that wasn't my highest potential. I also see how important conciousness is. For example, I really deeply yearn to grow spiritually, but I realized I wasn't putting enough concious effort into actualizing this. I am rewiring who I am and I am so glad you are facilitating this transformation. Thanks again for what you do! -- B.M. (Wilmington, North Carolina)

Thanks so much for today's sessions Joanna. I greatly appreciate your work and am grateful to be able to work with you in these clearing sessions. [initials and location withheld by request of client]

I'm amazed at how much I've changed and evolved over the past few years. I am definitely seeing the world through whole new set of awakened eyes and it's great to have you play a role in my spiritual development. -- M.E. (Rockton, Illinois)

thank you for all your help. without the initial sessions earlier this year, i probably would never have reached where i am today as well. with love and gratitude . . . -- B.A. (Singapore, Singapore)

just a quick note....i have been feeling a lot of spiritual 'pressure' lately and as a consequence wobbly with anxiety and ...well....old issues surfacing. sheesh. so i asked for led to your website and st germaine's [sic] and melora's gracious, lucid help about ascension....hooo....hit the spot. thanks for everything and for making those wonderful conversations available. love and all blessings. -- J.H. (Fairfield, Iowa)

The depth of your work wih Melora is amazing and has benefitted our family in untold ways. I feel my changes at a deep level and I can see the influence [of her Prosperity session] on a new financial venture I am beginning. We truly appreciate all you have done and continue to do! -- S.J. (Milpitas, California)

My First Session with you was amazing. Now I truly feel happy and joyous for the first time ever. My inner strength is returning. I feel again like the older sister in my family and not an outcast. All of my cravings for men, horror, violence, TV, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, even red meat are gone. Somehow I felt encouraged to look on the internet (despite all the mental distractions:voices other than my father's/ancestors, feelings of impending sadness, hopelessness, and being so tired) to find out what these things are. That's how I found your web site. From one of your testimonials in which a woman stated she saw "octopus like attachments being removed from her". I have been reading your website when ever I can focus, to help educate myself so I may help people better and correctly. -- S.J. (Danbury, Connecticut)

[I am . . .] living in Sweden. Last September I had a strange experience, I was in my hotel room surfing the net. I left the room and when I came back your site was on the desk top. I have absolutely no idea how it got there. I bookmarked it and have wanted to contact you for a session ever since. Finally I am actualizing that plan and I hope you do phone sessions which I would be very glad if you do. -- R.B. (Sweden)

Whenever I read what you do, I am in awe and so very moved by the powerful lifework you have been given and the number of lives you touch! -- L.D. (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Blessed am I to have found your magnificent site. It radiates with positive energy. It opens your heart and touches your soul. How wonderful during times like this to come across something that renews ones faith in mankind and seeks to educate and enlighten. I am honored to have the opportunity to avail myself of your teachings. It is not only about ones relationship to the self but ones relationship to that which is divine. Intelligent , informative and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. All those who find their way to you are truly blessed. May all the souls you have touched bring joy and wisdom to all they touch. I am honored to have had the opportunity to experience such insight. -- Michael Teal, "The Ancient One" (Ontario, Canada)

Thank you so much for all those sessions! I feel a shift in my whole self. -- E.H.(Santa Cruz, California)

Thanks for all the great work that you are doing. Your information is clear and of a high quality and has helped me greatly along my path of ascension . . . . You are a channel I truly trust. -- I.H. (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

[Re: new healing modalities I am now offering clients (11/26/08):] Dearest Joanna, your new endeavours look really great, and your passionate dedication shines. I wish you every success in these new areas and for all of your hard work. -- R.W. (Aviemore, Scotland)

Joanna, you and Melora have truly been instrumental in helping me to look at my darkness and self limiting beliefs, to see my areas that need more light, unconditional love and attention, and to give me hope and faith when I felt lost in the darkness. Your work is powerful and effective, with far reaching permanent healing not only energetically, but also mentally, emotionally and physically. You have healed me on such an amazing level as to allow me to reach higher levels of personal empowerment and have allowed me to hold higher frequencies of love and light. I could not have made it this far without you, and I am in deep gratitude for all the amazing sessions you have graciously offered me. Thank you thank you thank you! -- T.B. (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

You and your Guides are a bright spot in our world. -- D.T. (Maui, Hawaii)

Thank so very much for doing this work and for all the healing you have provided with the help of Melora. We greatly appreciate it. And yes I felt tremendous amounts of energy while you were doing the work. I felt a lot of energetic shifts taking place in my chakras and throughout my physical and energetic bodies. Thank you so very much for these blessings. I felt relieved and light hearted as I felt many cords being removed, and the heavy preassure was removed. I felt afterwards like I did after I had given birth to my children a major shift and release had taken place. I feel different and more like myself and I AM grateful for all you have done. I have to tell you that I was able to sleep last night as well and that certainly was refreshing. -- R.D. (Morrisville, North Carollina)

I have been consuming everything on your website and finding it all very expansive. The best way I can describe all of this, is, between the clearing and the informational content that you provide I am catapulting into expansion as we speak. This is a very exciting time for me now, and I have the reflection of YOU to thank for this next level I am entering into. Know this! Your work is vital and of such great importance that if you ever find yourself waning, KNOW, that you have touched my reality and all up line from me. If that was all it was ever meant to be then it was worth it. Obviously that is not the case, but I just want to reflect back to you the love you have all around you! Many thanks and I look forward to our future involvement together. -- G.P. (Boise, Idaho)

I am coming for another session because I remember that you did a thorough and thoughtful session with my issues. Thanks much. -- L.D. (Lafayette, Colorado)

Thanks much for your all work with me. I'm definitely developing a deeper appreciation for the numerous facets involved with this type of healing. It also gives me a much greater appreciation of the attainment of those who've walked this path successfully. The discipline of being present and releasing, over and over again, is something I need to keep doing on a consistent basis. -- I.S. (Chicago, Illinois)

I discovered your Melora website just a few days ago, and already I feel better! What I read first was the Red Alert message and it made so much sense to me. It explained alot of things which had been confusing and downright disturbing to my "peace of mind". And, most wonderful of all, it felt real and true to me in a way so many [most] other things I've come across recently have not! -- P.E. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

A friend of mine who is a medium said that you are the real deal (which I'm sure you know already) and that you are the one to get this negativity off me and my family. Good! We're ready.
-- R.T. (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Thank you. Your sessions always bring great insight and benefit. -- A.M. (Dublin, Ireland)

Thank you for making the wealth of information on your site available. I came upon your site as I was looking to see if anyone had any information if any etheric crystal configurations could improve pranic color healing work. It is funny how synchronicity works, as I have just begun working with my Power Animal for fragment retrieval. Thank you for offering this service. I am very impressed by the elegance of the soul retrieval method and I believe that this is a perfect time for me to ask for this type of help. You have an extremely reasonable hourly rate, also. -- N.S. (Athens, Georgia)

The info on your website is an eye opener and i understand a lot of things because of it. I Thank Melora for all the information that is shared on the website. I can only imagine the number of people this is helping out. Thank you Joanna. You are indeed a blessing. --S.S. (United Arab Emirates)

Thank you for all the love and light you're bringing to the world through your work. --M.K. (California)

Thank you very much for your compassionate work to help others, in addition to helping my loved ones, friend, and me. With your helping work and having seen a big change, for the better, in my older sister, for she has been happy now rather than being so sad and so drained of her energy, like she was toward the end of last year, helps me to believe in your work. I am grateful to what you have done to help my sister, her immediate family, my other loved ones, friend, and me. May God always bless you, your loved ones, and your kind work to help others.
--M.G. (Manhattan Beach, Ca;ofprmoa)

Arohanui (Maori for "great love to you"). I just wanted to share with you how much I have been reading your channelings...and enjoying them very much so...and with great pleasure. Is just great to read such grounded information..practical for here and now.....grounded...upfront and no space cadet overtones...I have passed along your site to my friends. So thank YOU...blessings. -- V.C. (Queensland, Australia)

It's definitely very sacred and helpful work that you do, and I very much appreciate the help on my path! -- J.M. (Malden, Massachusetts)

I wanted to let you know that [the client's son] gets better and better each day. He is smiling and initiating conversation. Before he would only speak if spoken to. He has so much energy now. Before he would sleep half of the day. Last week when he was returning back to school he gave my husband and I a hug. (We would always hug him but he would not return it). Thank you, Joanna for all of your wonderful healing work. I am so grateful to you. -- J.J. (Oakley, California)

I definitely trust, value, and highly appreciate your work. Being an empath highly sensitive to energies and on a focused spiritual path myself, I can tell when people aren't the real thing. You, are definitely the REAL DEAL. -- S.C. (Poolville, Texas)

My family and I have been 'comparing notes' with what we are noticing as benefits from your work....and our gratitude and appreciation is deep indeed! Thank you again and again for being the agency of this amazing force of grace in the world. We are looking forward to ongoing progress and ever deepening awareness of the reality of our divine natures as time goes on....and beyond! -- J.H. (Escondida, California)

Thank you very much for your wonderful work. The last 3 sessions brought a huge improvement as well in consciousness as wellbeing. You saved me from running crazy. -- H.K. (Vienna, Austria)

I'm sublimely grateful that our paths have crossed. I admire and appreciate your commitment to this line of service to assist and thus nurture others. May a hundred-fold reward come to you in every aspect of this multi-dimensional life. For me, this work may well be seminal in the trajectory of my life and I'm pleased to have this opportunity. Eternal thanks. -- E.A. (New York, New York)

Thank you for a clearer world! -- The Rev. HFB (Fairfield, Iowa)

I have noticed so many changes in my life since you started working on me. Most significantly is the loss of panic/fear when certain relationship situations arise. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin and in my own company and I no longer feel the loneliness that used to occupy my mind before. I feel (am) so much more connected to my Higher Self. Life is becoming effortless. -- V.B. (Redmond, Washington)

The effects from the first two sessions have been wonderful. There feels like there is more space (definitely outside of work, and even while at work) and I finally feel like I have a conscious choice to disengage instead of rote "plowing through". -- N.S. (Chicago, Illinois)

I am so glad and thank you deeply for your love and all the healings--your work is touching my heart and I feel so light, radiant and shining! The clearings have a big impact on how I feel and I want to let you know that I really can FEEL the difference this brings to my life and work. It is a blessing to have such an opportunity and I thank my guides and all higher beings that they have gifted me with knowing you. -- M.E. (Vienna, Austria)

You have the best channeling I have seen in so many years! I am astounded by the quality, integrity, follow-through and detail. I am just delighted. Your writings hold together. There is a clarity in them and a clear line of logic that removes a veil from much corrupted information distorted thru others' fear channeling. -- D.S. (Seattle, Washington)

I just wanted to say thank you for your work. You have really helped me. I always visit you website from time to time to read your articles. I found out about David Icke and Barbara Hand Clow from you. I read the Mayan Code and it is so right and David Icke is right about the reptillians. -- A.V. (St. Petersburg, Florida)

I came across your channeling of Melora on ascension and 5th dimension. They felt true to me. Thank you for straight information amid all the hooplas on ascension. It seems I wasn't let off from ascension process even though I specifically asked that I would like to opt-out because it had been too hard on me physically and to my well-being. (I wonder how many people are above-average telepathic like me as it happened gradually over the past 12 years for me.) I have to admit, though, after my specific asking, physical symptoms almost disappeared. -- L.K. (San Francisco, California)

Love your website. I feel your information has a high degree of accuracy and truth. -- M.V. (Tucson, Arizona)

A deep THANK YOU to you, Joanna, and to the spiritual world! it will take a while until these wonderful fine energies will flow through my body, but i know and i feel that all of this is actually present and it is the most wonderful birthday present that could have been given to me by the spiritual world - "they" always told me that it will happen when i turn 47 ... and "voila!" ... it is permitted to become easier and happier in my life. so i thank you for your great presence and your work - through YOU these fine and high energies could affect me! EIN HERZLICHES DANKESCHOEN! -- U.M. (St. Veit an der Glan, Austria)

Thank you very much for your compassionate work to help others, my loved ones, childhood friend, and me. I am very touched to know how very humble you are for having helped so many people in your life. I feel it is my blessings from the Above to have known you and to be helped by you. . . . . May God, the angels, and the many Buddhas always bless and protect you in your compassionate work to help others. -- M.Y. (Manhattan Beach, California)

[after a soul clearance session and soul retrieval session]: I am feeling fantastic! It feels like I have emerged from this dark tunnel and I did not even know I was there. My meditations work wonderfully well again and I am so grateful for that. Thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing and I have recommended you to clients, family and friends that may benefit from the work you do. -- R.H. (London, United Kingdom)

Back in Dec 2005 I went thru a few sessions with you: Soul Clearance, Negative Soul Programming Clearance, Soul Retrieval. The work we did at that time was very positive. I wish I would have contacted you again sooner, but the changes within were very subtle and gradual. After a while, you realize something has changed. When you look back, then look at the now, you see that the differences are as night and day. Thank you so much Joanna for the gifts you have given to my soul. -- S.B. (British Columbia, Canada)

Thank you for your honesty, you are a very nice lady.... If this world was filled with people like you, i am sure we would not need your services. -- D.G. (Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom)

I enjoy reading your articles. It helps me to understand myself and my purpose here. I am a native Healer, a Kahuna, but i was never formally trained by another kahuna. I tune in and do. My understanding of my service of love to my fellow beings is [on a] totally different plane from the other Kahunas who were trained. Many things have opened up to me with great clairty since i have been reading your articles. Aloha. -- E.L. (Hawaii)

I find your level of work very astounding. One of my dearest friends is a psychic and I visited her last night. We read [my client's] energy and [my psychic friend] said to me that she feels that the person I have asked to help him is especially excellent, as she sees that he is really responding in a very very favorable way. . . . I will close by reiterating my thank you and how utterly impressive your work, assessments and depth of response in knowledge have been. -- T.S. (New York, New York)

I thank you once again for your marvelous work. It makes me so happy to help other people through you and your work. Much Aloha ! -- K.C. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I've done the first 5 of the healing modalities and have had amazing effects in my life. I would love to do the Recovery Session and Release and Clear Session. I would like to book for the Recovery Session at the earliest availability. Cheers! -- R.K. (Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand)

I'm glad that you are here in this now, offering your amazing services to help all those who choose it. You are a blessing! God Bless! -- S.S. (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

All of the worksheets made a lot of sense, I did have childhood abuse and did suffer escapism, and many of the other comments resonated. I really appreciate you doing this work on me, and have felt a little better recently and am sure I will continue to improve. Thank you so much for the work you do Joanna. -- F.S. (North Maleny, Queensland, Australia)

I feel very lucky to have found you and my wish is to provide all my loved ones a spiritual "clean slate" with most of their soul aspects back so they can move forward. The next step will be up to each of them. -- L.J. (St. Paul, Minnesota)

FOR THOSE TAKING HOMEOPATHICS: "I had my question about the homeopaths answered by the healer who gave them to me. Your healings were bringing me such leaps forward and peace and then I would take my bi-weekly dose of the homeopath (I was to take it like that until next August) and everything would derail. Turns out you have changed me so energetically that the homeopath is no longer appropriate. She wants to re-evaluate me (this is for emotional stuff not physical by the way) and get an appropriate remedy. We are changing every time you do a new healing on us so I don't think that I can do it until I'm finished working with you.
SO..if you have anyone else who is doing energetic healing using homeopaths then just file this in the back of your mind or as Melora about it and know that this is what happens. More proof that what you do is SO POWERFUL! So I will continue to proceed in the order you recommend on your website with your healings and then see if I even need that stuff again. Thought you would like to know this for your own practice and hope it helps someone else if they find themselves with similar questions.
-- R.T. (Castle Rock, Colorado)



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