Series of Sessions (3-5)







Spot on as usual. I am a new person with the release of these emotions. I respond to things so differently now though I work in the same toxic environment...I am not fearful or as afraid and more alive...can't explain it fully yet! ---- R.I. (Hamilton, New Zealand)

I looked at the notes...I can see the correlation with them in my life. Thank You Thank You! ---- N.H. (Greenwich, Connecticut)

I am doing exceptionally well with the shifts brought by the EMOTIONAL CODING RELEASE. ---- J.K. (Magna Bay, British Columbia, Canada)

Wow!! Thank you so much.. I went over the chart last night and what I can say is YES YES YES! I read and re-read the charts and they were spot-on! My mother and I have NEVER had a relationship good or bad. it’s just kinda there. I’ve always known something was off and figured the problem was that deep at conception..what I’m excited about is NO MORE BACK PAIN!! Amazing! ---- L.A. (Newcastle, Delaware)

I knew you were doing [the client's first Emotion Coding Release session] at that time, I could feel it. I felt my digestion change. (I was doing a session with a client myself at the time. I am a fastereft/ eutaptics practitioner. We use meridian tapping and other defractionation techniques to find and then change unconscious programming.) I am finding today that I am making clearer decisions and I can “see” more. I think I have done much work on myself with my tapping but with your work on me, I feel will be just what I need to get me to where I would like to be. You are exactly spot on with the areas and everything else. Thank you so much, I think the work you do is incredible.
[And after the client's second Emotion Coding Release session]
Thank you Joanna! Again, I felt my stomach tighten and change when you were doing
[the session], though I did not know that at the time. Interesting how a couple of emotions came about at age 9. I had a traumatic accident at that age. I will be booking my 3rd session soon. I am so delighted I found you!! ---- J.M. (Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Thank you so much Joanna. You continue to amaze me with your beautiful work. It was a little tough to read some of my baby's worksheet (especially the part about safety and feeling unwanted) :( I'd love to move forward with the emotional coding for him. ---- D.B. (Encino, California)

Thanks for the session. I Will definitely book another session soon. The one I just had was very helpful. Not felt this calm for a long time. ---- A.K. (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)

Joanna, Thank you. Your work has made it possible for me to do the work I came here to do by releasing me to use my divine gifts to help others. I am deeply grateful. ---- R.S. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Still noticing the energy shift from the release. I am a practicing psychotherapist and I have noticed a freeing up of space in my work (experienced literally on a cellular level) with more of a willingness to take a risk with a new and different approach than previously. I add these thoughts as a way of thanking you for your work. ---- C.F. (Worcester, Massachusetts)

Wow. I am having a really big response to this! I am so grateful. Thank you for offering this, what a talent to have. ---- S.E. (Sacramento, California)

Wonderful...Really grateful!! You are a real wizard of the "Emotion coding release" series. ---- M.M. (Lowell, Massachusetts)

[after this client's 1st session:] Oh my God, that's incredible! It is truly spot on! I am very much looking forward to the healing this will bring! [and . . . after this client's 2nd session:] Many thanks! This certainly explains a lot about my relationship with my parents and why I was sometimes scared of myself! The hidden rage in particular often made me unable to trust myself and I am grateful to know that it is gone... Looking forward to the future sessions and the healing they bring! ---- D.S. (Tamu Nadil, India)

Wow totally cool! I see the pattern and feel it does resonate :-) thank you thank you . Looking forward to the next one. ---- N.H. (Greenwich,Connecticut)

Words cannot explain the amount of wonder that I have at this moment. These five emotions are the exact same emotions, or "issues," that I have been trying to get rid of for years. I'm just astounded at how accurate this is. I am grateful to you for your work. ---- B.J. (West Chester, Pennsylvania)

The first session led to the pain disappearing from my coccyx / sacroiliac area! Thank you for your help. ---- K.S. (Newark, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)

I think I'm feeling some shifts since the first sessions you did. Subtle, but different. A sort of relaxing around the stress which is not something I'm known for in the past. Please continue. ---- M.J. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Thank you for the amazing and transformational ECR session you did for me. I am so glad I followed my intuition- the time was right to let these emotions go. I didn't realise it at first but I felt light as if trash as been emptied out of my body. My usually heavy shoulders and feet felt free. I use to hobble around after waking up but today I felt light- hearted and light headed not quite sure of what was happening until I read your worksheet. Out of the blue my daughter told me I have lost some weight today and I think my back is singing..I have to touch myself to see if I am there.
And my GOD, I can relate to all those issues. Fear is a big one especially of family members as they have hurt me in unseen ways and I can see my mothers feelings of being inferior because of the experiences she went through and somehow I never felt enough.

[And after the client's final session . . .]
I can't begin to describe the changes as I have changed my view on how I perceive myself and my world. I feel there are subtle changes happening in the background and am pleasantly surprised at my responses to things. The emotion code release is such a powerful modality/ healing and it releases one from an emotional bondage...that's how I feel at the moment.
My heart is filled with gratitude - thank you.
--- R.S.I. (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Thanks so much Joanna! I have already experienced some really sweet openings. I appreciate all your efforts!! Thank you again. :) --- S.E. (Sacramento, California)

I want to let you know that my back is still not hurting me! I believe what you did made all the difference. I sleep without pain there, get up without pain, work without it, and now am up exercising 30 min. per day. I have so needed to do that! It is a miracle to me. ---- C.A. (L.C.S.W., M.F.T., M. Div.--Clinical Social Work/Therapist) (Milwaukie, Oregon)

[Regarding harmful emotions listed in the notes for this session . . .] These are the exact things that have moved me to contact you. The rejection was getting out of control in my relationships with others, could not figure out why I feared it so much. Thank you. Looking forward to next session. --- P.H. (Cody, Wyoming)

Your work is very deep. Beginning yesterday and even more so today I have been noticing that I am feeling much more myself than I have in a long time! -- E.S. (Sarasota, Florida)

Thank you for your great work. The emotions discovered were definitely spot on. I will definitely schedule another session.
[ . . and, after the first session for this client's husband:]Thank you for your emotion code session on my husband. I definitely notice a difference in my husband’s behavior for the better and will be scheduling the next session for him. --- N.S. (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)

I am very happy to do these sessions because it makes sense and I release everything, I am excited to find my real me back after sooo long. You are quite a very powerful psychic healer. I respect what you do. --- J.R. (Maritius Island)

Thank you so very much for this incredible mysterious and miraculous work. I just ordered another session...many thanks and blessings to you! ---- K.H. (West Fulton, New York)

I am grateful for the healing work you do. Today during a lunchtime break, I felt a mix of emotions welling up inside. I asked myself, how did the inner joy I had experienced in the past become hidden from view? Your diagram provided an answer. And the comments and emotions were, as you said, 'spot on'. With gratitude. ---- M.K. (Fairfield, Iowa)

Thank you for the session. I find this modality incredibly exciting, and love seeing your notes. Like you mentioned about other clients, the emotions pinpointed seem to be bang on. I have read Dr. Nelson's book, and . . . it seems like the future of healing.
[and . . . after this client's 2nd session:]
Of course. I have really enjoyed this process, and am noticing subtle changes in thought patterns/feelings. Almost as if the mental thought is searching for a sensation to connect to in order to survive. But since it is no longer there, it doesn’t last in the mind as long. ---- G.K. (Richmond, BC, Canada)

I have to tell you, that I feel different now, it' s kind of getting to know feelings that are inside me but they don't disturb me. They are there, I recognize them, I feel sorrow but I have an idea that they are in my mind but don' t blow me out. It' like to say: yes I can see them, I can feel them but soon I just let them go. I hope I took the right words so that you know what I mean. ---- KH-J. (Korneuburg, Austria)

Thank you!! I have noticed an improvement in [our daughter] over the past few days since her first session. She just seems much more relaxed. I am looking forward to the third!
[and . . . after this client's daughter's 3rd session:]
We have seen a great change in [our daughter] since you did her Ecoding sessions.
[and . . . after this client's husband's completion of the series:]
Thank you for doing [her husband's] last Ecoding. He seems to be doing well with the sessions, and does not really have what seems to be physical or emotional difficulties afterwards which is good. I see changes in him. Thank you so much for doing this! ---- M.T. (The Woodlands, Texas)

I am feeling younger and more vibrant after the 3 sessions . My feelings toward my parents changed. Now I am able to view them from an adult perspective rather than that of a child. I had estranged feelings toward my mother bitterness and resentment now these feelings are gone. I idolized my father I realize in doing so I lost my self, my center he was everything I was a nothing. In hindsight I see how truly painful this was l gave my life force away and was left empty.
My new attitude towards my parents is that I neither glorify nor condem them, they both had their imperfections. However on a positive note they were both very liberal and I appreciate that about them. Also I am feeling less confused more normal in a mental way. For a long time I had been feeling defective and crazy.Its nice to feel normal again.
I am a believer in the work you do. This healing is more effective than years of therapy.P lus it improves one 's health. Thanks Joanna.
---- V.F. (South Richmond Hill, New York)

Thank you again. The emotions you listed describe me accurately. I feel lighter. ---- Y.A. (Oslo, Norway)

Thank you for another right-on session for [the client's daughter].! I have to tell you that I am very impressed with the fact that the emotions that she inherited from me were always very prevalent in me, and the true for emotions inherited from my husband. I would very much like to proceed with the 3rd session. ---- V.N. (Newtown, Pennsylvania))

To be honest, I already sense a stability I never had when I am out and about. I have always had issues being out in public but I feel safer than I normally would. This type of work that you are doing is awesome! Only time will tell what other changes I will be experiencing. ---- A.V. (Kirtland, Ohio)

I'm amazed though not surprised at the level of stuck emotion I had and still need to clear! The pdf you sent was incredible. I was making lunch (around noon) when out of the blue I began to cry, expressing such deep grief. I am SURE it was your healing session that I was feeling. I am definitely feeling the emotional residue you mentioned and will allow it to process out. Aside from that, I feel a deep sense of body/soul relief..its a feeling of grace and serenity that I can't really put into words. I just know something has changed. I knew when I found you that things would change. Thank you, thank you, thank you Joanna! ---- J.P. (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)

Fascinating information that rings true. I'm still in awe of the emotions trapped in so many areas of my energetic and physical body. Truly amazing energy work. ---- J.H. (Irwin, Pennsylvania)

btw - this afternoon - I expressly felt the intensity of the emotions you were working to release. powerful work. ---- T.L. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Good result I feel from the Emotion Coding. I slept through it but had a vivid nightmare at the time it happened. Being betrayed & chased to be killed/ by same person but in a replay over & over fashion - same person different lifetimes /different scenarios . I very rarely ever have nightmares by the way! Had a lot of- emotion/crying surface last night & again this afternoon also. All the info in the attachment is again very accurate, and your effort and attention to detail is much appreciated. ---- D.R. (West Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Thank you for the session and for having it done yesterday. I was asleep during the time period that the session was done and did feel something was different after I woke up. I can't wait to explore this further. I was wondering if this clearing would affect the generations. Its really cool that it does. I feel lighthearted today, joyous and really, really happy - filled with extra energy and enthusiasm. I feel like I'm returning back to my youthful self. ---- S.S. (Brompton, Ontario, Canada)

Okay I've had a minute to wake up and process this work sheet. My jaw is on the floor. So much of this is prebirth from my mother and father. What you did not know about me prior to doing this is that I am the product of a teen pregnancy. I was born the year before Roe vs Wade and trust me I would not be here had that been passed when my mother was pregnant with me. I have never known my birth father and the shame of being pregnant at 17 in the bible belt in Texas in a very small town was TREMENDOUS. How amazing that your healing session picked up on the result of their trapped emotions passed on to me! SO SO glad to have that out. I can't wait to feel the results in the coming mos. I'm just seriously gobsmacked right now. THANK YOU! ---- [client from Castle Rock, Colorado]

Golly! Explains a lot. Thank you Joanna & to your guides! ---- L.C. (Aberdine, Aberdineshire, Scotland)

Thank you so much. Last night I had more luck organizing my finances and even this morning my shoulders felt less tense. I even exercised this morning which I haven't done in the morning in ages. ---- J.N. (Miami, Florida)

Today, when you were doing the session (as indicated by the times), I could feel that changes were taking place. My first response is that the changes will be very beneficial. As time passes and I observe more of what is taking place, I will let you know what is happening. ---- M.G. (Monument, Colorado)

Fascinating, thank you! This was a particularly interesting session for me. I am a very lucid dreamer and my guides usually communicate with me while I sleep. One of my sleeping visions last night was of a healer showing me some different things in my chakras, etc., and clearing them out. I distinctly remember hearing something like, "that's enough for now" - when I woke up, lol! Super neat from my end how much clearer my messages have been getting! ---- D.O. (Pasadena, California)

Thank you for all the work you have been doing for me. Such huge changes and unlocking have occurred in my world since Christmas. Once this work reaches its conclusion I will share with you. I hope that is ok.
[and . . . more than a month later:]
My life has been turned upside down in a good way! ---- K.S. (Newark, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)

[After his Emotion Coding Release session, a client in Colorado said:] Joanna I can't thank you enough. That session is unbelievable. I feel at peace for the first time in 30 years! I want to have you do the same session for my wife. When I read this last night all I could do was sit and look at the moon and say thank you over and over again for a long time....thank you Joanna for your powerful loving work!!

I started to write to you to tell you how blown away and grateful I was after the last session you did - I think it was for my friend, Dave. I got too overwhelmed to finish it so I'm telling you now. Your work is powerful and amazing and I can't wait to do more and more of them. ---- M.E.S. (Boca Raton, FL)

Thank you ever so much for this beautiful powerful work. ---- K.H. (West Fulton, New York)

Dear kind Joanna: Deep thanks for your work on [the client's partner's] behalf. I have seen a lot of change in him since you've been removing his harmful emotions. Yesterday I came home to find that he had worked on my grandson's bike - a generosity that I have not experienced before in him. There are many small blessings, an overall softening, and a stronger sense of himself that I've witnessed recently. I love him deeply, I feel he is a wonderful partner for me in so many ways, but I'm not sure our marriage would have been successful without the work you are doing for him - and for me, I'm sure, although I can't see it as clearly in myself. I do recall that on the evening of my first EC, I came home and was able to respond to challenges in a much gentler way, circumventing and releasing them until a better moment, realizing their small import within the whole. I am so grateful that you are out there doing this work. ---- A.B. (Summit, New York)

Many thanks for all your work on my behalf - I truly feel lighter and freer, and am looking forward to complete integration of the all the hard work that you put in for me. Please find attached my receipt of payment for the Heart Wall Removal, which to my mind, serves an important part in completion of this series of removals/healings. ---- L.D-A. (Pittsboro, North Carolina)

I don't think there are words to thank you...there are none. I love the work you do and go greatly appreciate it. Here is what is interesting: I kind of forgot you were doing this today; I'm sure I would have remembered had I not SO much going on in my life right now, probably later today when I noticed it was the date you gave me. But what I did notice a little while ago is my urgency to "do" something. I was kind of surprised that these emotions weren't coming up and wondered why. It would take a long time to explain this to you, but maybe under obsession...as you had released...I had already noticed something different! Wow. ---- J.K. (Millbury, Massachusetts)

Thank you for your work and the information. I am most grateful to you and that this was made possible. I recognize the information on the work sheet. :) For your information, my mother is a severley troubled person, with a strong, life-long addiction to alcohol and sigarettes [sic] (75+ per day) and several mental issues. I have recovered a great deal from the suffering she caused me though, through lots of work and because I think I am strong and healthy in essence. Your work has helped me greatly over the years. Since the beginning of the ECD sessions, I am feeling increasingly clear-minded and have not had my usual "fogginess" and not been dizzy. Also I am finally starting to feel focus in my thinking about how I can make a difference with my qualities. Kindest regards and many thanks again.
[and after I did an Emotion Coding Release session for this client's brother:]
Wauw [sic] Joanna, these 5 emotions typify my brother! Incredibly accurate. I would greatly appreciate you continue your work with him. With gratitude. ---- K.P. (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

I've booked another emotion coding for [the client's husband]. [The client's daughter] came home from overseas today and she was happy and kinder to us all!! Yay. I'll book her a second emotion coding soon. ---- A-MM (Dayboro, Queensland, Australia)

Thank you for the session on [the client's daughter]. I am so grateful for your work. We three (me and my kids) have gone through a lot in recent years and I am blessed to have found you to help us release and move forward. ---- S.N. (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)

Thank you so much Joanna! Really appreciate your work. Feeling like I have 'more room' energetically, mentally and just generally lighter overall emotional tone! This has all been amazing, and the emotions have been so accurate and time appropriate. I will absolutely keep you posted on how I'm feeling in the coming weeks but since there was a longer gap between the first 4 sessions and this last one, from that time - say 6 weeks - I will say that I am able to move through the painful emotions so much quicker than before. I am so much more aware of them happening and can watch them and not be afraid of them, and something that may have stayed with me a week or many weeks or months may only now be a day, and even then I laugh a bit knowing I probably could have moved on sooner but am so used to the negative emotions lingering. I feel so much more at ease taking actions in my life or handling situations that I otherwise would have stagnated in. Thank you so much!
[re: client's experience after her son's 2nd Emotion Coding Release session]
After your work on my son (who is a beautiful, kind and remarkably self-controlled person!) and seeing the load of distress he has nobly carried in this life, I was moved to ask that whatever I could do to facilitate the smooth clearing of any residual emotional energies that I be allowed help with that (he is a devoted father and an airline pilot…so calm and clarity are essential qualities!!).
What ensued was 24 hours of the most intense anxiety and night of nightmares all centered around him. It was extremely difficult on the level of the mind and emotions, but I kept praying for Divine support for him in his life and to see me through this process. Sometime near dawn it "broke" and a deep heart-base calm flooded my awareness; surrender and profound gratitude.
---- J.H. (Fairfield, Iowa)

My response: When a client's trapped emotions (and/or emotions comprising a Heart-Wall) are inherited, they are also released from that client's ancestors. I feel that what you experienced was your own catharsis, followed by total release (what "broke"). Your word "surrender" meant complete release, you see.

I've already had profound changes. Compulsions that used to plague me are gone. The ability to be open and vulnerable is almost easy now. And I feel lighter. ---- A.E. (Albany, New York)

Joanna I can't thank you enough. That session is unbelievable. I feel at peace for the first time in 30 years! I wanted to have you do the same session for my wife. ---- T.G. (Richmond, Virginia)

I can sense that a lot of stuff has been cleared in the background of my awareness. I woke up feeling inner peace and really clear like I've had a spring clean! Great result! Love it!!! All the info is spot on. Surprising, fascinating and accurate as always. ---- D.R. (West Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Thanks so much for your lovely work for the emotion code release. ---- M.L. (Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Another comment on the sessions: I felt a sort of build up, intense emotions resurgences, sleepless nights, etc before each session. Light like a feather afterward :-) ---- S.F. (Paris, France)

I would absolutely agree with these emotions and time frame [in the session notes]. I did notice changes this afternoon and can feel a pulsing bubbling energy in me - I already feel a lightness. Thank you so much for your work.
[and, after Part 2]
Thank you Joanna. These emotions have been particularly prevalent within in me the last few months, and it is a relief to know they have been released. These particular emotions have felt like a great burden to me. I have also gotten very very tired after both sessions, but also a strange buoyant or floating sensation, and I look forward to the lightness I begin feel after a few days. ---- J.W. (Monterey, California)

Thanks for the session notes. It must have been energy draining releasing those heavy- duty emotions. Looking at the notes I recognize some issues immediately , memories fom the past came to the surface (particularly the one regarding the mother and shame). Also I had a dream about my father this morning .So l know your hitting the nail on the spot also I am integrating the changes. So yes, I want to continue with part 3 of the emotion coding release work .Thank you so much for doing this work. ---- V.F. (South Richmond Hill, New York)

Your work is amazing and such a miraculous relief - I do want to continue and will order a session. Thank you thank you thank you. ---- K.H. (West Fulton, New York)

As always, thanks so much for today's sessions Joanna. You never cease to amaze me that's for sure. What a powerful new tool for awakening/healing this will be. The chart is pretty amazing to look at and has me excited to process and integrate this. Being able to release trapped emotions is hugely beneficial and I welcome the assistance. And I did notice a nice peaceful feeling around my beach house this afternoon when I got home from work so thank you for the home clearing. Me and my son were actually walking on the beach together during the Emotional Coding release session this afternoon too.
[and, after Part 2:]
Wow, looking over the session notes it's incredible to see what you had listed. I recognized many of them and had mentally worked through them in life but didn't know the energy was still hanging around. It is amazing to see the amount of lifetimes involved and how many generations these have been passed down in the family. I'm super grateful for every session and am very pleased with how the Emotion Coding Sessions turned out. Blessings to you and I'll be looking forward to the Heart Wall sessions. Looks like we have a great start already with what we just completed :) ---- M.E. (Sanibel, Florida)

Thank you for that explanation and for the powerful transformational work you are doing. I felt relief and a subtle change of patterns right away Friday night... and continuing. ---- A.B. (Summit, New York)

I must admit after 3 sessions of Emotion Code Release is a game changer, definitely things have changed for the better. I am feeling more relaxed and less irritable, than 4 weeks ago.
[and, after my completion of the entire series for this client's son:] Thank you very much for doing Heart wall removal session for [his son]. Since the previous session he appears more calmer and easy going, used to get easily upset.
---- R.S. (Port Sorrel, Tasmania, Australia)

I cannot even verbalize my gratitude for you and your work. Thank you. I want to share the sensations I had this afternoon. I had actually forgotten that today was the day for my session. While working at my computer, I kept feeling a tugging at my heart on the left side, all under my ribcage and to the middle. It was not painful, but it made me jump a little each time I felt it. This went on for a few hours. At the last one, I suddenly remembered that you were removing my heart wall this afternoon. I feel such joy to know that the work is completed! ---- R.S. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

THANK you as ever - for your clarity, your professionalism and your directness. . . . before, i wanted to die and SOON! NOW I WANT TO LIVE now AND forever!
[and, weeks later]
I continue to be deeply moved by your work! It is so profound and so deep working. i could tell how powerful the work was with the emotion code - i was blown away by the subtlety and depth, and i can see you work deeply but without ego - which is most refreshing and extremely unusual! It is a wonderful blessing to know there are ones such as your working on earth!
[and, re: work I did for D., a friend of this client's]
Thanks Joanna. it really helps to know which emotions are most deeply trapped and
[D.] already feels a HUGE improvement - so many thanks for this work! I look forward to the ongoing transformations.
[and, re: work I did for yet another friend of this client's]
On friday night T., my builder - who has been working with me on a big project for over a year and become a dear friend - came to have a meeting about the project. In the time i have known him i have seen that he is a man of crippling low self esteem who drives himself too hard and neglects his health and needs in all areas.
On Friday i opened the door to someone i hardly recognised! After the combination of heart wall/emotion code/special healing the impact was there for all to see! He has given up coffee, put limits on his work times, startied juicing (!!!) and embracing spitiuality, life and positivity. I listened with patience and gentleness as he gave me a ‘lecture’ on his new found life philosophy (one of health and self love) and felt real amazement and gratitude for your work.
The last time i saw this man i actually thought he was dying - which is why i set up the healings for him. He was grey and had hardly any life force in him! It is a remarkable turn around. A great learning for me - in that I offered the healing then let go of the outcome/circumstances. And he of his own free will picked up and ran with he new energy!!
Even now it still astounds me - when i see or experience a break through!
---- C.D. (Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom)