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with Joanna Neff

EMOTION CODING RELEASE (series of sessions)

I have developed new sessions based on what I learned from reading Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code: Emotion Coding Release and "Heart-Wall" Removal. The purpose of these sessions is to release emotions trapped in people's physical bodies. Trapped emotions create pain and distortion in the tissues, and can continue to "attract" other emotions to the same location(s), causing chronic illness, stress and pain.

I consider Emotion Coding Release to be "the top of the mountain" regarding all the sessions I offer. This modality is proving to be THE best way to give people relief NOW. The release of harmful emotions trapped in one's body is permanent. In addition, if inherited, these emotions are simultaneously released from your ancestors who also had these emotions trapped in their bodies. Very powerful!

 (I provide color coded graphic charts showing which emotions are trapped where: in the energy field, chakras, internal organs, external body parts, and segments of the spine.)

In detailed session notes I graphically track all locations in the body, energy field, chakras, and spinal segments where the harmful emotions are trapped. And so those relating to anger, resentment, menopausal issues, etc., will no doubt show up in other areas of your body as well. I also note WHEN the emotions got trapped, in how many other lifetimes they're also trapped in the body, and (if inherited) from which parent and how many generations this goes back.

 When I first announced that I am doing Emotion Coding Release and Heart-Wall Removal, I did not realize that it would be more beneficial to release emotions trapped in the body before doing Heart-Wall Removal. I found that most clients have more harmful emotions trapped in their body than I could release in the 65 minutes allotted for this session. Usually, this is about 15 emotions--even more, if a person is particularly troubled. Therefore, I recommend that Emotion Coding Release be done before Heart-Wall Removal.


Each person has a unique process of releasing from the Ego/Consciousness what already has been released from the physical body. This is an individual process, and the Soul has its own wisdom for the timing of new consciousness.

In The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson relates how a woman's troubled teenage son had an instant turnaround after release of harmful emotions from his body. But after Dr. Nelson worked with the mother, she was disappointed that the same instant change hadn't taken place for her. Dr. Nelson did not see her for a year, but one day he ran into her and she was totally changed. She was vibrant, "chirpy" and now had a wonderful man in her life instead of the loser husband of before.

The way I do this session goes beyond Dr. Nelson's methods. Since I have been doing all my work remotely (from a distance) without the use of surrogates, there are no Time or Space barriers. Emotions trapped in our entire energy field (where our karma "resides") are read by all those with whom they come in contact--usually subconsiously. This means that others often unconsciously react to what's in our energy field: major negative issues, harmful emotions, and past-life residues.

 Although Dr. Nelson has applied the term "Emotion Code" to the protocols he uses to release these trapped emotions from his patients, I resonate more to the original, primary meanings of "code":

"CODE" (from Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin caudex, codex trunk of a tree, document formed originally from wooden tablets)

"Trunk of a tree" and "document formed originally from wooden tablets" are quite descriptive of ways that emotions get trapped in the body as "stories" and "branches" of our lives. More obvious ways emotions get trapped are because of current-life trauma and injury (physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual). More surprising ways emotions get trapped include pre-natal, inherited, past-life, and even between-life experiences. And so the "history" of one's trapped emotions is like a caudex, documenting one's traumas and injuries in the body tissues themselves.

My usual approach is to ask which trapped emotions are the most harmful for the client--and which can be released "right now." B ecause I must also diagnose when each originally was trapped in the body and where each emotion is trapped, I can release only 5-6 of the most harmful emotions in each session. (I'm finding that most of my clients have from 10-15 harmful emotions trapped in various places in their physical body (including internal organs and spine) and energy field (including chakra centers). Some clients' harmful emotions are trapped in their entire energy field!

Releasing these emotions is rather complex and, as with DNA Reprogram- ming, not everything can be done in one session. The processes for releasing these emotions varies, according to when (chronologically) they "lodged" in one's tissues and how long they've been trapped there. (For example, when dealing with problems in my own foot due to spraining it in three places decades ago--and harmful emotions being attracted there in the years since--I found 8 emotions that needed to be released from various places in that one foot!)

The diagnosis part takes the most time because I have to determine which emotion(s) are trapped there and at what chronological age(s) it happened. How long the release part takes also depends on how long--and how many "layers" of the emotions--there are in the same spot.

For example: It took me 90 minutes to identify which emotions were trapped in my foot, to determine the various chronological ages at which each "layer" of emotions got trapped there, and then to release them. And so I hope my clients can see that they would want to target the most critical areas first and then, perhaps later, work on other areas.




Remote 65-min. Session Fee: $82.00 U.S.


To request an appointment for Emotion Coding Release, please email me at

I do this work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. However, I do send you the worksheets with my notes from your session.

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